I Eat Kids (& Other Songs for Rebellious Children)

I Eat Kids (& Other Songs for Rebellious Children)

by Barry Louis Polisar

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Cd Baby

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  1. He Eats Asparagus
  2. I'm a 3-Toed Triple Eyed Double-Jointed Dinosaur
  3. I Don't Brush My Teeth
  4. My Dentist Is an Awfully Nice Man
  5. I Eat Kids
  6. I Need You Like a Donut Needs a Hole
  7. I Never Did Like You Anyhow
  8. To Mommy
  9. Shut up in the Library
  10. I Don't Believe You're Going to the Bathroom
  11. I Sneaked Into the Kitchen in the Middle of the Night
  12. Fred
  13. I've Got a Teacher, She's So Mean
  14. Me and You
  15. Giggle Tickle Fiddle Little Wiggle Around
  16. When Suzie Sneezed
  17. My Friend Jake
  18. Early Sunday Morning
  19. Louder

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