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I Get Wet

I Get Wet

4.9 68
by Andrew W.K.

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It's not really all that difficult to elevate the potential of rock 'n' roll -- add a few spiritual proclamations here, a tastefully borrowed bit of pan-ethnic mufti there, and presto, you've reached enlightenment. Andrew W.K., on the other hand, has taken it upon himself to lower the lowest common denominator to levels not seen since the halcyon days of '70s party


It's not really all that difficult to elevate the potential of rock 'n' roll -- add a few spiritual proclamations here, a tastefully borrowed bit of pan-ethnic mufti there, and presto, you've reached enlightenment. Andrew W.K., on the other hand, has taken it upon himself to lower the lowest common denominator to levels not seen since the halcyon days of '70s party rock -- "party" and "rock" being two of the dozen or so words the shadowy midwesterner grunts out over the course of this hazmat-hauling boogie fest. There's not much for the power-ballad aficionado here, with thudding drums nicked from the back-corners of Slade and guitars set to "ooze" on lover-boy paeans such as "She Is Beautiful" and "Girl's Own Love" (a subtle rewrite of his earlier manifesto "Girl's Own Juice"). Still, the joyful single-mindedness with which W.K. (he insists it stands for "Who Knows?") and his cohorts approach the next party ("It's Time to Party," the glam-slam "Party Hard") and the nonchalance displayed towards the consequences ("Party 'Til You Puke") mark I Get Wet as 2002's pass-out album of the year.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Heather Phares
Obliterating the concept of guilty musical pleasures, I Get Wet turns hair metal hedonism, punk energy, and pop melodies into an instant, insistent blast of fun with all the power of a beer commercial. From the opening anthem, "It's Time to Party," to the excellently named finale, "Don't Stop Living in the Red," the album is all climax -- the blasting guitars, blaring keyboards, and Andrew W.K. himself are all turned up to 11 throughout. W.K. is a one-man manifesto, dedicated to spreading the way of the party with songs like "Party Hard" ("We do what we like and we like what we do!" could be "Dirty deeds done dirt cheap" several generations down the road), "Party Til You Puke," and "I Get Wet," and the fact that he looks like the stoner bully from high school only adds to his cred. Guessing whether or not Andrew W.K. is a big joke or not is almost beside the point; he comes on so strong that he either really means it, maaan, or he's got his tongue stuck firmly in his bloodied cheek. Either way, there's not much fence-sitting with his music -- you'll think the big, dumb, cartoonish "Girls Own Love" and "Ready to Die" are the stupidest songs you've ever heard, or you'll love them because they're the stupidest songs you've ever heard. Even I Get Wet's sensitive "She Is Beautiful," which is about being too shy to talk to a pretty girl, is about as subtle as a high schooler's after-shave -- and just as awkwardly charming. While the album has a certain sameness due to the frenetic beat that drives nearly every track, it's the perfect complement to W.K.'s party-centric vision. Refreshingly simple and cleverly stupid, I Get Wet is a great big bear hug of an album, and resistance to its hard-partying charms is futile.
Rolling Stone - Rob Sheffield
"All thirty-six testosterone-soaked minutes of I Get Wet live up to the gory bravado of his already infamous cover photo: He's got blood on his face, big disgrace, screaming "party hard" all over the place."

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Andrew W.K.   Primary Artist,Vocals
Gary Novak   Drums
Phil X.   Guitar
Mike David   Bass
Chris Chaney   Bass
Frank Vierti   Piano,Keyboards
Tony Allen   Guitar
F.T. Thomas   Guitar
Jimmy Coup   Guitar

Technical Credits

John Fields   Producer
Tom Gordon   Sound Effects
Scott Humphrey   Producer
Bobby Warner   Engineer
Lloyd "Gitsy" Willis   Sound Effects
Frank Gryner   Engineer
Jeff Burns   Engineer
Roger Lian   Programming
K. Williams   Art Direction
Tony Miller   Programming
Cory Churko   Programming
TSD   Producer
Robert C. Thompson   Engineer
Andrew W.K.   Producer
Frank Vierti   Producer

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I Get Wet 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 68 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'I Get Wet' is a musical revelation to me. Before discovering Andrew WK, I thought that legendary bands like AC/DC, Motörhead and KISS were the ultimate in unadulterated, full throttle, visceral, bottom line ROCK 'N' ROLL. But, in the space of 12 sky shattering tracks, Andrew WK has just raised the bar, completely trashing the contemporary rock scene (now overrun with retro grunge plagiarists like Staind, Creed and Nickelback), and even surpassing the bands who have spent decades doing what they do better than anyone else. Andrew WK is more exciting than AC/DC. More in-your-face than Motörhead. More anthemic than KISS. He has taken rock, at its most fundamental level, into a new and higher place of ecstatic, take-on-the-world celebration. What makes 'I Get Wet' a masterpiece? Three things. ONE. The riffs. Damn right, too...every true rock fan (and every true rock band) knows that great riffs are at the heart of all great rock 'n' roll music. AC/DC built their entire, three decade career almost entirely on great riffs, and great riffs alone. When the 90's came along, and Nirvana killed Mötley Crüe, the simple joy of a great riff became unfashionable. Rock stopped going up, into ecstasy, and started back down, into melancholy...and great riffs are much happier being happy than they are being sad. So it has been ever since...there was no happy riffing during the grunge movement, or during the rap-metal movement that followed (which is not to say that those musical trends didn't have important sounds to be heard). In the present, where grunge is now shamelessly repeating itself, fantastic riffs STILL haven't gone back into fashion. So Andrew WK isn't fashionable. But so what? If you care whether the artists you listen to are fashionable or not, then you're a SELL-OUT. What REALLY matters is the music, and, through his riffs, A.W.K. HAS the music. You know the kind of riffs I'm talking about: the kind that insist you play air guitar. The kind that are just complex enough to be fresh and inventive, yet simple enough to jump into your head and stay there, permanently. The kind that you recognise instantly. The kind that make your life worth living. 'Party Hard', 'I Get Wet', 'Ready To Die', 'Got To Do It'...EVERY SINGLE SONG on this album has a great riff. One or two don't stand as strongly as the others ('She Is Beautiful' and 'I Love NYC' bring the simplicity a little too close to formula)...but overrall the quality is so high, and so constant, that the riffage just can't be denied. None of these songs hang around, either...most of them clock in around the three minute mark. These songs love you and leave you, and leave you hungry for more. This only makes you appreciate the guitar work even more. Also, crucially, every riff sounds new. Yes, Andrew WK is about rock 'n' roll on it's simplest level, but he is no plagiarist. While The Strokes or The Hives play riffs that sound like a hundred other riffs you've heard, 'I Get Wet' is stuffed with new meat...and it's delicious. TWO. The production. Garage rock may be fashionable again, but Andrew WK has not used this as an excuse to make an album that...well, sounds like it was made in a garage. The sound of 'I Get Wet' is crisp, crystal clear, and absolutely ENORMOUS. Without a doubt, this is the BIGGEST rock album I have ever heard. Your bedroom is a stadium. The pavement outside the newsagents is a stadium. Never has an album insisted so strongly that I turn my walkman up to maximum volume. It just BEGS to be played really, really loudly, because it sounds loud even if you play it quietly. The guitars layer on top of one another, seemingly in their hundreds, to create a gigantic wall of sound. Between these layers, piano and synthesisers are added, like the creamy coating between blocks of sponge in a gorgeous cake. These gentler sounds have the beautiful effect of adding even more depth to the guitars...the result is so epic, it really has to be
Guest More than 1 year ago
This debut album of Andrew w.k. shows his great ability to make you feel like partying! The fast songs and smashing guitars will provide you with all the energy you need to get your go out evening started!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rock is supposed to be synonymous with rebellion, excessiveness, and making the next door neighbor nervous. A lot of talk has come lately about rock being ''saved'', especially with the successes of the Strokes and the White Stripes. Andrew WK, however, is here to proclaim that rock hasn't gone anywhere. ''I Get Wet'' is non-stop rock at its most arena-worthy, headbanging, testosterone-fueling best, with 'Party Hard' and 'Got To Do It' as stand-out tracks. Listeners expecting the same old racket of loud guitars, pounding drums, and raspy vocals will be satisfied, but the melodies and energy catapult the album to a higher level of enjoyment. This isn't a slickly-produced glam act with synths and big-budget cameos. This is REAL rock, straight from your friend's garage, making the album as a whole a natural anthem for the fiesta that will never end. We who are about to be rocked, salute you, AWK!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Highly Recommended! A melting pot of fast beats, screaming guitar, and energetic vocals. Guaranteed to satisfy the rock-n-roll appetite. A legend in the making!
Guest More than 1 year ago
So you've seen the video and you're wondering if this guys a joke right? Well, thats what i thought. But everytime Party Hard came on i would turn it up and just crack up at this man on my TV kicking and flailing his arms around with a huge Party Hard neon sign behind him. It was great. After i got the Cd, it was a little hard to get used to how huge it was. There are multiple vocals, multiple guitars, multiple chorus on each song - just plain big. But i kept listening, and once i let down my guard and just had fun, i loved it. This guy isnt a joke. Infact, the more and more i learned about him, the more i respected him and his music. He's a classically trained pianist, he can and has played guitars, bass and drums. And his live show is the best i've ever seen. No joke. Yeah, i know. The lyrics arent dark, theyre not about how mom and dad broke up, theyre not about how you hate the kids at school. If you want dark or cerebral, you know where to go - and thats fine. But there comes a time when you just need to let loose and have some fun dammit! And when that time comes, the place to go is Andrew WK's I Get Wet. And go to his website too! www.awkworld.com
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's different from most typical rock artists. It has a heavy side but at the same time it makes you happy. It's definately a cd that makes you want to party hard!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Do you remember being a kid and jumping on the bed, not a care in the world, just trying to jump as high as you can? That is what ''I Get Wet'' is. This album will make you want to pump your fist in the air, this album will makeyou want to sing along, not caring what the people in the car next to you are thinking. This album will change rock and roll. It is not the next big thing, it is not going to start a trend. It will however make you feel good about yourself again. It will make you feel like a kid again. From the first track, ''It's time to party'' to the last ''Don't sop living in the red'' the adrenaline does not stop flowing. Take what you will away from the lyrics, on the surface seeming to be a celebration of good times, but when actually each song is about self-empowerment and just being able to live one's life on one's own terms to the fullest extent and making every minute of every day count. You need this album, not just for something new to listen but improve your outlook on your own life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just got the CD in the mail the other day, and started playing it. All I can say is that Mr. W.K. indeed knows how to have fun, and more importantly, enjoy life! Let's face it, his passion and exuberance is ALL over this record; it'll be hard for you not to miss it! It's as if he's saying: ''Live life and live it to the fullest!'' Even though the material isn't all that original (80's British, glam metal to be honest), it's still enough for this listener to listen to it again and again! So, the next time you feel down, put this CD into your CD player, turn up the volume, and PARTY HARD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This amazing artist really gets your adrenaline going with his awesome beats and great lyrics. This cd will take your breath away and leave you lightheaded, for real. A perfect cd to jam to!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally, theres a rock band out there thats NOT depressing misery rock. This cd redefines the meaning of the word party. They combine heavy metal, 80's pop, punk, and they even have a piano. This is definitly one of my favorite cd's, if not my favorite. Its kinda like a faster Bon Jovi's ''Slippery When Wet''. Its hard fun. Its about being violently happy, and having as much fun as you possibly can, in the process.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have heard lots of ''new'' music, but ''I Get Wet'' I cannot seem to stop telling everyone about this Album. I think this is the best Work-out Album I have ever Had. Period!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this cd is awsum its meant to play loud so dont be afraid to adjust your volume and its slammed pack full of energy if you are tiered of hearing the same stuff over and over again this just might be what you are looking for
Guest More than 1 year ago
I hadn't heard of A.W.K. until I saw them perform on the Carson Daly Show(I can't stand Carson, but I like the bands). They were singing a song about New York City, and I thought it was awsome. So I decided to buy the CD based on that song alone. I was blown away when I heard the record. It's been so long that I've heard a new band that can rock like these guys do and also do it without rapping. It rocks from front to back, but it's not just metal. Although every song has a driving guitar in it, it also has piano, synthes, and so much more. It's not often that you get to hear a band that can combine all those elements and make it sound great. But they manage to do it. It's great party music but it often has positive lyrics too. It's very refreshing to hear a band that doesn't sing about how tortured they are and try to make everyone feel sorry for them. I mean, it's not that i don't feel for them but that's all some band sing about over and over again. You can tell that Andrew workded hard to get his music out there. The music really makes you wanna move. So if you like drivin' rock music that makes you feel good, then this is the album for you. I garuntee you will love it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andrew W.K. deserves to be heard. He has made great music, and you should hear it. Just go to his website and listen to his lastest single, ''She Is Beautiful'', or go out and purchase his CD, it's a great one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Seriously, talk about one of the most innovative albums ever! The drums never stop, the guitar slamming through the beat and the lyrics filled with tons of hooks that keep that song in your head ALL DAY LONG! This busts open the genre of rock and creates its own style, its own feel. This is an album for someone who is looking for energy and feeling in their music. I reccomend it to anyone who can handle it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Every song on this album is good. Buy it. It's 9 million times better than P. O. D.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andrew WK is the ultimate Party Rock band....this band will make you forget about your problems & party very har
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andrew WK. The new guy in town who is causing a roucus by being himself and not being afraid to tell people that its all about having fun. You never hear of perfomers writing music anymore for the love of it. AWK proves from the first track, to the last that he is about doing what he enjoys, playing music and PARTYING HARD! You will want to party to every song. Party Hard and She is beautiful are two of my favorites. Actually they are all great! So, listen, enjoy and feel what having fun to music sounds like!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Many news and entertainment magazines divulge that Andrew is in fact the son of a Law Professor, which not only makes one question the point of ''trailor park'' remarks in regards to his personage -- but whether or not this 23 year old is much, much smarter than many give him credit for.

The first time I saw the video for ''Party Hard'', I thought either this was a joke, or it HAD to be a foreign band that just ''didn't get it'', and was thus very amusing to watch. To my surprise, they were not only American, but as ''serious as a heart-attack'' -- which, one would think, makes it that much more funny (or should that be, ''fun''?).

Andrew's appearance, and the title track reflect his ethos. He views life as an ocean, of which we all just have to dive into and ''Get Wet''. Some view this album as strictly NC-17 from Track 1 until the end. Maybe that's why they love it, or hate it. Andrew himself would never stop you from thinking whatever you want in these regards, but the fact is songs like ''Got To Do It'' and ''I Get Wet'' are some of the most envigorating, uplifting tunes to grace the CD Players of the world in many years.

Uplifting, you say?! Why, didn't Kurt Cobain free us of the terrible bonds of joy and happiness years ago? Please. Nirvana was a welcomed change in light of the musical landscape of the time they arrived.

Now: For rock stars, we have nothing but whiners, downers and ''oh-so-scary-guys''. For happy pop-stars, we have nothing but squeaky clean (until Britney & Justin's stolen tapes get out), oh-so-nice teenybopper wannabes.

Andrew: Doesn't whine. He's totally encouraging and uplifting, and yet tough and masculine. Comes on like a freight train of Metal, Punk and Techno Dance. Some of his band is comprised of ex-death metal and grindcore artists, and yet his lyrics at times remind you of Richard Simmons, Tae Bo and Stuart Smalley. His joyousness sounds like it could devour Marilyn Manson & Trent Reznor's dourness in one swift gulp. The Yin to Slayer's Yang!

Understandably, some ''don't get it''. So, for these, I encourage you to A: Buy the album and B: See Andrew W.K. live. ''What?! I don't like them, moron!'' you might say, but listen up.

I saw Andrew W.K. live, and at this show there was a group of about 5 teenagers there to see the opening and finishing acts -- but NOT Andrew! They cursed him, were disappointed, annoyed and more -- all before even seeing him perform! Three songs into AWK's set, the kids were shouting to each other, ''He's just too nice to hate,'' seeing how Andrew slapped everybody's extended hand in the first few ''rows'' of people, danced everybody's gifts over to the drum-set and back, and let several people in the audience sing along.

By the last song of his gig, ''Party Hard'', Andrew brought dozens and dozens of people up on stage with him, where HE put kids on HIS shoulders, let them get in on the act -- and doused everyone in buckets of water! Soon thereafter those same kids that cursed him before the show had him literally lifted above THEIR heads, declaring him their new rock-king!

He's just too nice to hate.

Guest More than 1 year ago
''I Get Wet'' does one simple thing, that very few rock albums these days even bother to attempt... it f'n rocks! Andrew W.K. unleashes his off-the-wall brand of heavy punk metal via his newest addition to popular music. This album is about rocking and having a good time... no hidden agenda, no bells and whistles... just a longhaired metal head in a white t-shirt with matching jeans. Rock on, Andrew, (sniffles) rock on.
Guest More than 1 year ago
the best album of the year. Nay of the decade! Nah thats goin a little too far but you get my drift. What can I say about I get wet that someone else hasn't already? Oh wait thats right NOTHING! These people know what they're talking about. This album is simply life. Its loud, its happy,mad,sad,in love, out of love and all the rest all balled into one and like life its WAY too short! ;-) It's all out rock that makes you need to change your pants!(??) Unno. . .It sounded good (i think). Anyway BUY THIS CD!!! If you never ever buy another album as long as you life BUY THIS ONE! Don't be afraid of the pic on the front. It adds character. PARTY ON!
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is really nothing that I can say about this album except that it rocks! Every song is awesome. I can't go a day without listening to it all the way through at least once a day. Andrew WK is the next big thing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andrew WK rocks the entire 30 minutes of I Get Wet. The CD is surprisingly upbeat and positive, something you would not expect from the bloody nosed guy on the cd cover. His cd is a high energy joy ride for those of all backgrounds and lifestyles. I would recommend it to all over the age of 10. We could all use a little joy in our lives.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd is a must have for any music fan! The positive vibes and guitars get you up and ready for anything coming your way. ''I Get Wet'' is definitely a great cd, I can't stop telling everyone about it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the 2002 album. and the best one that has came out in awhile. i personally and a music critic. and most of the stuff that just came out i have disliked or hated. but when i first heard party hard i couldn't stop banging my head to the tunes.-Slammer dan aka red