I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

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by Amy Sedaris

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Are you lacking direction in how to whip up a swanky soiree for lumberjacks? A dinner party for white-collar workers? A festive gathering for the grieving? Don't despair. Take a cue from entertaining expert Amy Sedaris and host an unforgettable fete that will have your guests raving. No matter the style or size of the gathering-from the straightforward to the

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Are you lacking direction in how to whip up a swanky soiree for lumberjacks? A dinner party for white-collar workers? A festive gathering for the grieving? Don't despair. Take a cue from entertaining expert Amy Sedaris and host an unforgettable fete that will have your guests raving. No matter the style or size of the gathering-from the straightforward to the bizarre-I LIKE YOU provides jackpot recipes and solid advice laced with Amy's blisteringly funny take on entertaining. You don't even need to be a host or hostess to benefit-Amy offers tips for guests, too! (Number one: don't be fifteen minutes early.) Listeners will discover unique dishes to serve alcoholics (Broiled Frozen Chicken Wings with Applesauce), the secret to a successful children's party (a half-hour time limit, games included), and much, much more!

Editorial Reviews

Henry Alford
"Clinically simple" may not be the mots justes here — "preposterously resourceful" is more like it. After all, we’re talking about a hostess who, for 25 cents, will laminate her party guests’ baby pictures or customize their cigarette lighters by wrapping them insticky shelf paper. She suggests using both an espresso spoon to curl eyelashes and Milk of Magnesia as a face mask. She offers four ideas for repurposing pantyhose, including a plant hanger, a bath sachet and a somewhatterrifying beauty aid she calls an "eye burrito." In short, I’m not sure what this author needs more — a round of applause or a fully licensed professional to sit her down and tell her all about lithium.
— The New York Times
Publishers Weekly

There's no way around it: Sedaris fans are going to have to buy both her lavishly illustrated book and her audiobook adaptation. No one should be forced to decide between enjoying the visual delights of her kitschy photo-filled book or the aural pleasures of Sedaris's wonderfully exuberant narration. The rubber-faced comedienne proves equally limber vocally with her quicksilver changes from perfect deadpan to goofy dialects. The jaunty musical score and quirky sound effects enhance the production and complement her narration. Sedaris sounds like she's throwing a party in the studio and listeners would be foolish not to RSVP. The fourth disc contains a PDF file with all 76 recipes for her "15-minute meals in 20 minutes," which were read aloud on the previous discs, in addition to 70 more "Jackpot Recipes." A truly delightful audiobook. Simultaneous release with the Warner hardcover (Reviews, July 17). (Nov.)

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Library Journal
In this first solo publishing effort, playwright and comedic actress Sedaris (coauthor, The Book of Liz) shares with readers her collection of quirky, idiosyncratic tips on entertaining garnered from her mom, Girl Scouts, waiting tables, bartending school, and other eclectic sources. Though the lion's share of the book is devoted to what she calls her "personal jackpot recipes" (for such colorfully named dishes as "Brenda's Vulgar Barbeque Sauce"), Sedaris also includes creative ideas for themed parties, instructions for wacky craft projects (mostly made out of retired pantyhose), and advice on gift-giving for everyone from nuns, priests, and children to the divorced man in the office and women in early menopause. Bearing in mind that the book's subtitle refers to substances the author euphemistically calls "party enhancers," public libraries will no doubt find an audience for this wild and irreverent guide. [See Prepub Alert, LJ 6/15/06.] Deborah Ebster, Univ. of Central Florida Libs., Orlando Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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I Like You

By Amy Sedaris

Warner Books

Copyright © 2006

Amy Sedaris

All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-446-57884-3

Chapter One

Dear [your name here],

Whether you live in a basement with the income of a ten-year-old
girl or on a saffron farm in the south of Spain, the spirit of
hospitality is the same. It's the giving of yourself, a present of
you to them from me for us.

"Hello, and I like you." This is what you're saying when you invite
somebody into your home, without having to hear yourself say it out
loud. This colorfully illustrated book (see pictures) is my attempt
to share with you something I take very seriously: entertaining in
my home, my style. It may not be the proper way, or the most
traditional, or even legal, but it works for me. I can't write good,
but I can cook even better and I am willing to share with you my
sackful of personal jackpot recipes that, because of their proven
success, I continue to make, over and over again. I will also show
you ways to plan, present, and participate in self-award-winning

Even though the word "entertainment" is commonly used today, to me
it sounds charmingly old-fashioned, like courtship or back-alley
abortion. I like the traditional idea of entertaining, which for me
means lively guests, good food, cocktails, and bubbly conversation.
I'd like to bring entertaining back to these essentials. I'm not
concerned with proper table settings, seatingarrangements, or
formal etiquette. Who can have a good time with all those rules? How
can you enjoy yourself if you're worried whether you're using the
right fork, or wondering whether the pumpkin is the bowl or part of
the meal? I'm not trying to discourage you from being creative or
encouraging you to neglect the details, but know that the nuts of
any good party are the simple basics provided in a warm environment.

I tend to live my life like a deaf person. I communicate with my
actions: the way I dress, the way my home is decorated, and the
gifts I give all speak for me. I take this to heart when I
entertain. My food, my party decorations, the games I create, and
the music I play are all personal expressions. This is what will
make your party special, sharing a piece of you, a feeling. It's not
a competition. You don't have to be the perfect host, just the

This is not a joke cookbook. I don't like joke cookbooks because I
can't take them seriously. This book is full of real information.
Most of the little I know, I learned from my mom, as well as Girl
Scouts and Junior Achievements, my second first grade teacher, my
family, Aunt Joyce, the backs of boxes, the lady who works at the
post office, encyclopedias, the beach, bartending school, grocery
stores, airports, waiting on tables, Mrs. Enchandi, nurses, sitcoms,
Hugh, listening to the radio, babysitting, rock concerts, summer
school, and the House Rabbit Society. I was also fascinated by two
local hospitality shows: At Home with Peggy Mann and The Betty
Elliot Show
. I wanted to be both those women and now here's my
chance, and hopefully, with the help of my book, it will be your
chance as well.


Amy Sedaris


Dear [your name here),

It occurred to me that I neglected to acknowledge in my first letter
that not everyone is interested in hospitality. There is nothing
wrong with not wanting to be a hospitable person and have groups of
people in your home touching your personables. Luckily, this sturdy
book will also inform you on how to be the perfect guest. From the
minute you say "Yes I'll be there," until the moment you say "I'm
sorry, I should go," you have an important role in making a party a
hit. Remember, one cannot throw a successful party without
successful guests.


Amy Sedaris


Dear [your name here],

I hate to be a pest, but I was concerned that perhaps in my first
two letters I failed to completely convey my passion for
entertaining. I go bananas for entertaining! Sometimes though, I
feel entertaining is a dying art. My goal is to encourage you, [your
name here], to entertain in your home, your style. Having a party is
one of the most creative and generous activities that every person
can enjoy and indulge in, if you're on the list. Remember, by
inviting someone into your home, you're saying "I like you".


Amy Sedaris


Excerpted from I Like You
by Amy Sedaris
Copyright © 2006 by Amy Sedaris.
Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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