I Love a Piano

I Love a Piano

by Ian Whitcomb

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  1. I Love a Piano  - Danny Coots
  2. Ragtime Soldier Man  - Danny Coots
  3. If I Had My Way, I'd Live Among the Gypsies  - Danny Coots
  4. Who Was King Solomon's Favorite Wife?  - Danny Coots
  5. In Tennessee  - Danny Coots
  6. He'd Push It Along  - Danny Coots
  7. I Wish You Were Jealous of Me  - Danny Coots
  8. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee  - Danny Coots
  9. Huckleberry Finn  - Danny Coots
  10. That High-Handed Mama of Mine  - Danny Coots
  11. March Cantalini  - Danny Coots
  12. Nobody Dies  - Danny Coots
  13. Here Comes My Ball and Chain  - Danny Coots
  14. Red Slipper Rag  - Danny Coots
  15. Sandcastle (A Day By The Sea)  - Danny Coots
  16. Cottage By the Sea  - Danny Coots
  17. War Bride Blues  - Danny Coots
  18. The War In Snider's Grocery Store  - Danny Coots
  19. Underneath Hawaiian Skies  - Danny Coots

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ian Whitcomb   Primary Artist,Piano,Ukulele,Vocals
Adam Swanson   Piano
Danny Coots   Drums

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer
Ian Whitcomb   Composer,Liner Notes
Johnny Maddox   Composer,Cover Photo
J. Fred Coots   Composer
Ballard MacDonald   Composer
Fred Rose   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Glen Rowell   Composer
Edgar Leslie   Composer
Grant Clarke   Composer
L. Wolfe Gilbert   Composer
Maurice Abrahams   Composer
Harry Carroll   Composer
Ernie Erdman   Composer
Lewis F. Muir   Composer
Lou Davis   Composer
Bryan Wright   Mastering,Cover Design,Layout
Adam Swanson   Composer,Engineer,Liner Notes
Gordon Hammond   Engineer,Mastering
Cliff Hess   Composer
Janice Cleary   Sheet Music
Hank Hancock   Composer
Earl Haubrich   Composer
Mitch LeBlanc   Composer
Jon Hersey   Engineer
Jimmie Marten   Composer

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