I Love Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow

I Love Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow


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  1. I Love  - Patty Griffin
  2. Sneaky Snake  - Buddy Miller
  3. Everybody Loves to Hear a Bird Sing  - Peter Cooper
  4. I Like to Feel Pretty Inside  - Jim Lauderdale
  5. The Mysterious Fox of Fox Hollow  - Eric Brace
  6. I Wish I Had a Million Friends  - Elizabeth Cook
  7. The Barn Dance  - Gary Bennett
  8. The Song of the One-Legged Chicken  -  MIchael Supe Granda
  9. How to Talk to a Little Baby Goat  - Jon Byrd
  10. Ole Lonesome George the Basset  - Tommy Cash
  11. I Care  - Bobby Bare
  12. I Made a Friend of a Flower Today  - Fayssoux Starling McLean

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lloyd Green   Pedal Steel Guitar,Group Member
Mike Bub   Banjo,Acoustic Bass,Group Member
Tim Carroll   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Patty Griffin   Vocal Harmony
Mark Horn   Banjo,Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Gary Bennett   Vocal Harmony
Richard McLaurin   Tambourine
Jim Gray   Electric Bass
Jen Gunderman   Piano,Accordion,Keyboards,Spoons,Group Member
Eric Brace   Acoustic Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Kevin Cordt   Trumpet
Fayssoux Starling McLean   Bird Whistle,Vocal Harmony
Baker Maultsby   Drums
Peter Cooper   Acoustic Guitar,Vocal Harmony
MIchael Supe Granda   Mandolin,Vocals

Technical Credits

Tom T. Hall   Composer
Richard McLaurin   Engineer
Eric Brace   Producer
Troy Engle   Engineer
Alex McCollough   Engineer
Adam Bednarik   Engineer
Peter Cooper   Producer
Dixie Hall   Composer
Mary Ann Werner   Executive Producer
Stacie Huckeba   Videography
Julie Sola   Artwork
Tosha Franklin   Videography

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