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I Love You, Blue Kangaroo!

I Love You, Blue Kangaroo!

5.0 3
by Emma Chichester Clark

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Blue Kangaroo is used to being Lily’s favorite toy, but then Wild Brown Bear comes along, and then Yellow Cotton Rabbit, and then more and more new toys. Soon Blue Kangaroo feels there just isn’t room for him any longer . . .


Blue Kangaroo is used to being Lily’s favorite toy, but then Wild Brown Bear comes along, and then Yellow Cotton Rabbit, and then more and more new toys. Soon Blue Kangaroo feels there just isn’t room for him any longer . . .

Editorial Reviews

Horn Book Guide
After Lily's belored blue Kangaroo gets displaced by new plush animals, he sadly walks down the hall to the baby's crib. But Lily then realized Blue Kangaroo is the one she loves best, and a happy compromise is found. Watercolors in cheerful lollipop tones show pleasantly cluttered domestic scenes in a tale of loyalty that also subtly explores sibling relations.
Riverbank Review
Emma Chichester Clark's fresh and inviting picture book humorously explores the intensity of the child-toy relationship, seen from the toy's point of view.
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this warmhearted story of a faithful toy, a girl acquires a menagerie of stuffed animals but declares the first her favorite. Blue Kangaroo, who belongs to Lily, is an aquamarine-hued plaything with a faint smile on his long, pointy face. "Every night, Lily said, `I love you, Blue Kangaroo!' And Blue Kangaroo fell fast asleep in Lily's arms." This special, one-to-one relationship changes when family and friends begin to bring gifts for Lily, including Wild Brown Bear and Yellow Cotton Rabbit. Lily's good-night list expands to include each arrival, but readers will notice that Lily subtly distinguishes her blue pal from the rest. Even though he still hears the title phrase, Blue Kangaroo worries that he's been replaced. Clark (Little Miss Muffet's Count-Along Surprise) uses authoritative colored-pencil outlines and summertime-bright watercolors to evoke sympathy for the kangaroo in busy family scenes. As Lily cuddles her presents (none of which displays her kangaroo's attentiveness), her baby brother grabs for the lonely toy. In the end, though, Lily would rather donate all her other toys to her brother than part with Blue Kangaroo. Clark considers jealousy from several angles, exploring Blue Kangaroo's feelings and Lily's possessiveness. The reassuring message is that newcomers don't have to displace best friends, but sometimes even buddies need to be reminded that they matter. Ages 4-8. (Jan.)
Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
The story is not a new one--a young girl's favorite stuffed animal suddenly becomes displaced by all of the new arrivals and begins to feel unappreciated. Lily loves her little Blue Kangaroo and takes it to bed with her every night, where she proclaims her love for Blue Kangaroo who then falls into a contented sleep. Then friends and family start giving Lily new stuffed animals who join her in bed. Each night she proclaims her love for each with Blue Kangaroo moving to the end of the litany and further away from his beloved Lily where he finds it difficult to sleep. One night he falls out of bed and heads for the baby's room and baby is thrilled. The pictures provide another story as sharp-eyed kids will no doubt notice. Baby has been coveting Blue Kangaroo and playing with him whenever Lily is distracted by the arrival of another stuffed animal. When Mother suggests that Lily give up Blue Kangaroo, she makes a decision that won't surprise any kid who has had a favorite stuffed animal. The playful illustrations and warm story of enduring love are a delight.
School Library Journal
PreS-A heartwarming story of a little girl and her beloved stuffed animal. As Lily begins to accumulate an assortment of stuffed toys from relatives and friends, Blue Kangaroo begins to feel rejected. When at last the child's bed becomes too crowded, Blue Kangaroo rolls out and hops down the hall and into the baby's crib. When the baby delightedly claims him the next day, Lily offers her brother all of her other animals in return for Blue Kangaroo. A wholly satisfying story of the bond between a child and her favorite animal, enhanced by large, expressive watercolors.-Sally R. Dow, Ossining Public Library, NY
Kirkus Reviews
Blue Kangaroo is Lily's favorite stuffed animal. They play all day and sleep entwined at night. Then a gathering swarm of stuffed animal gifts invades their perfect world and cuts into Blue Kangaroo's quality time. Indeed, in bed the young marsupial is shuttled further and further from Lily as new beasts-a tiny teddy, a green crocodile, a yellow rabbit, and more-are added, until he finds himself on the floor, having been squeezed right out. Blue Kangaroo wanders off and discovers the baby's room, and his two waiting arms. When Lily finds Blue Kangaroo with the baby the next day, she snatches him back. The baby wails. Lily hands over all the other stuff animals: "He can have these, but nobody can have Blue Kangaroo!" Such a sudden case of protectiveness looks suspect; it's nice to think that Lily's rekindled desire for Blue Kangaroo is the product of undying love, but less noble motivations are more obviously applicable. Young readers will enjoy debating the source of Lily's actions-to outdo the baby, or to remind them all that she loves Blue Kangaroo first, and best. (Picture book. 4-8) .

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9.00(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.40(d)
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3 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

Author Emma Chichester Clark has written and illustrated numerous acclaimed picture books, including Little Miss Muffet's' Count-Along Surprise, published by Doubleday Books for Young Readers in October 1997.

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I Love You Blue Kangaroo 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of my daughters favorite books. She has most of it memorized, word for word. We have all of the Blue Kanagroo titles. A definite winner!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Blue Kangaroo doesn't want to share Lilly's bed with the other animals that her family were giving her. So he goes to sleep with the baby. To get Blue Kangaroo back, Lily gives all her animals to the baby. I liked it when she gave the Teddy Bear away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a charmingly simple but emotionally wise tale of a little girl's very real attachment to her stuffed animal. A warm and funny story that young children will easily relate to. Also intelligently addresses several important themes--the consequences to children of having too much materially, as well as the value of loyalty and maintaining friendships. I don't agree with the Kirkus review regarding the girl's suspect motives in wanting kangaroo back. To me, it is clear that in losing her best toy friend, she fully realizes her love for him.