I Only Play R&R for Kids to Dance: Tribute to Johnny Thunders

I Only Play R&R for Kids to Dance: Tribute to Johnny Thunders


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Skydog France


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jeff Dahl   Guitar,Vocals
Sylvain Sylvain   Guitar
Lizzie Avondet   Bass
Daniel Darc   Harp,Vocals,Group Member
John Duffy   Bass
Vic Emerson   Synthesizer
Xavier Geronimi   Guitar
Jean Lou Kalonowski   Drums,Group Member
Elli Medeiros   Percussion,Vocals
Henri Padovani   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Jannick Top   Bass
Coyote Shivers   Guitar
Bebe Buell   Vocals
George B.   Bass,Guitar,Group Member
Steve Dior   Guitar,Vocals
Axel Bauer   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Jean Claude   Drums,Group Member
Laurent Griffon   Bass
Jean Pierre   Guitar,Group Member
Bertrand Couloume   Background Vocals,Double Bass
Chris "Poet" Wilson   Electric Guitar,12-string Guitar,Slide Guitar,Group Member
Marc Zermati   Background Vocals,Group Member
Ratboy   Guitar
Olivier Durand   Guitar,Background Vocals
Freddy Lynxx   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Slide Guitar,Group Member
Dimitri Tikovoi   Drums,Group Member
Phil Roland   Drums
Georges Betzouni   Guitar,Group Member
Mickey Blow   Harp,Group Member
Jangil Callas   Vocals,Background Vocals,Group Member
Philippe Chaléon   Keyboards,Group Member
Nicolas Chante   Drums,Group Member
Denis Charolles   Drums,Background Vocals
Oliver Depreux   Drums
Jöel Drouin   Organ,Background Vocals
Rotringo   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Little Bob   Vocals
Mathieu   Background Vocals,Group Member
Vincent Rousseau   Bass,Group Member
Chris Heillman   Bass
Benjamin Henault   Acoustic Guitar,Group Member
Daniel Jeanrenaud   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Patricia Jeanrenaud   Background Vocals,Group Member
Krichou   Drums,Group Member
Sasha Kriztsoff   Bass
Dominique Laboubée   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Dominique Larnoy   Guitar,Group Member
Guillaume Ledoux   Accordion,Vocals,Group Member
Bruno Lefaivre   Drums,Group Member
Jean Lelièvre   Bass,Group Member
Little Birdman   Guitar,Group Member
Barry Jack Jones   Guitar,Vocals
Hiroshi Kasuga   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Tai Luc   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Rollo MacJenek   Drums
Gilles Mallet   Guitar,Background Vocals
Marco   Vocals,Group Member
Antoine Massy Perrier   Guitar,Group Member
Bernard Meyre   Background Vocals,Group Member
Christian Rosset   Bass,Group Member
Muzo   Background Vocals,Group Member
Nathalie Neuvic   Background Vocals
Niktub   Bass,Group Member
Alex Nivet   Bass,Group Member
Ryota Ogawara   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Franck Ory   Bass,Group Member
Charlie Poggio   Drums,Group Member
Jahpinpin Prof   Saxophone,Group Member
Olivier Pujol   Piano,Group Member
Matthieu Rabatté   Drums
Philippe Ribaudeaux   Flute,Group Member
Rikko   Bass,Group Member
Gilles Riot   Guitar
Dominic Sonic   Violin,Vocals
June Tsukamoto   Drums,Background Vocals,Group Member
Ken Tsukamoto   Bass,Background Vocals,Group Member
Mike Z.   Drums

Technical Credits

Richard Hell   Composer
David Johansen   Composer
Sylvain Sylvain   Producer
Daniel Darc   Composer
Barry Jones   Producer
Jerry Nolan   Composer
Joey Ramone   Composer
Johnny Thunders   Composer
Keith George Yon   Composer
Coyote Shivers   Producer
Bernard Natier   Engineer
Marc Zermati   Producer
Ratboy   Producer
Cyril Labesse   Engineer
Freddy Lynxx   Executive Producer
Chris Heillman   Producer
Dominique Knaeppe   Engineer
Tai Luc   Composer
Ze Watchmain   Producer

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