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I Only Wrote This Song for You: A Tribute to Johnny Thunders [Diesel Motor]

I Only Wrote This Song for You: A Tribute to Johnny Thunders [Diesel Motor]


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Diesel Motor

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marc Almond   Vocals
David Johansen   Vocals,Background Vocals
Steve Jones   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Background Vocals
Michael Monroe   Background Vocals
Lol Coxhill   Soprano Saxophone
Willy DeVille   Vocals
Sylvain Sylvain   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Hand Clapping
Wayne Kramer   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Berlin   Keyboards
Victor Bisetti   Drums
Larry Campbell   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Electric Guitar
Paul Cook   Drums,Background Vocals
Jayne County   Vocals,Vocal Ad-Libs
Matt Dangerfield   Background Vocals
Terry Edwards   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Seth Farber   Keyboards
Tony Garnier   Bass
David Hidalgo   Guitar,Background Vocals
Chrissie Hynde   Background Vocals
Frank Infante   Guitar,Hand Clapping
Tony James   Electric Bass
Barry Jones   Guitar
Arthur Kane   Vocals
David J. Keyes   Bass,Background Vocals
Freddy Koella   Guitar
Brian Koonin   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,12-string Guitar
Conrad Lozano   Bass,Background Vocals
Walter Lure   Guitar,Vocals
Marco Pirroni   Acoustic Guitar
Glen Matlock   Guitar,Bass Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Dennis McDermott   Drums
Steve New   Guitar
Patti Palladin   Vocals,Vocal Ad-Libs
Joey Pinter   Guitar
Honest John Plain   Background Vocals
Cesar Rosas   Guitar
Andy Sheppard   Soprano Saxophone
Nick Sheppard   Background Vocals
Andy Shernoff   Background Vocals
Jeff West   Drums
Sam Yaffa   Bass
Astrid Young   Background Vocals
Martin Degville   Vocals
Neal   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Josh Roy Brown   Guitar
Nasty Suicide   Guitar
Louie Pérez   Vocals
Steve Schneider   Hammered Dulcimer
Ray Staff   Duplication
John Carlucci   Bass
Steve Dior   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Chris Musto   Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals,drum overdubs
Philip Lewis   Background Vocals
Alison Gordy   Vocals
Mick   Hand Clapping
Andi   Bass
Breiti   Guitar
Campino   Vocals
J.C. Carroll   Accordion
Chris   Hand Clapping
Colbert Hamilton   Background Vocals
Stevie Klasson   Electric Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Ad-Libs,Electric Dobro
Tony Coiro   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
Sasha Kristov   Bass,Hand Clapping
Kuddel   Guitar
Oliver LeBaron   Guitar
Greg Filipe   Bass
Semyon Fridman   Cello
Jamey Heath   Saxophone
Barbara Kane   Background Vocals
Stuart Kennedy   Background Vocals
Brian Kerts   Drums
Screwballs   Background Vocals
Bones   Drums

Technical Credits

David Johansen   Composer
Willy DeVille   Producer,Author
Sylvain Sylvain   Producer
Wayne Kramer   Producer
Steve Boyer   Producer
Albert Caiati   Engineer
Ian Caple   Producer,Engineer
Bryce Goggin   Engineer
Jerry Nolan   Composer
Patti Palladin   Producer
Andy Shernoff   Producer
Johnny Thunders   Composer
Neal   Programming,Producer
Ken Thomas   Producer,Engineer
Daniel Ray   Producer
Mike Wolf   Engineer
Steve Dior   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Chris Musto   Cover Design
T.J.   Author
D.J.   Author
Masahiro Hidaka   Executive Producer
Masanoti Nanjo   Executive Producer
Richard Bignell   Engineer
Campino   Author
Nina Antonia   Liner Notes
Gregg Jackmann   Engineer
Gus Agostinelli   Engineer
Jon Caffery   Producer,Engineer
A.G.   Author
A.K.   Author
Sylvain   Composer
Ray   Composer
Nolan   Composer
Kane   Composer
Dior   Composer
Thunders   Composer
Johansen   Composer

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