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I Romanced The Stone

I Romanced The Stone

4.5 2
by Marvin Wilson

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I Romanced The Stone 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Helen_Ginger More than 1 year ago
I started I Romanced the Stone by Marvin D. Wilson, then put it down. This book was not for me. Chapter One is a How-to on crack cocaine. Chapter Two is a condemnation of my generation, those of us who grew up in the "hippie" era, except I knew no one Marvin described. It made me angry that he lumped all of that generation into drugs, free love, and tuning out. Then a couple of weeks later, I started over from the beginning. I still felt the same after those first two chapters. But I kept reading. Marvin is very open about his failures and the spiral downward his life took because of drugs. He not only hit bottom, he began to dig a hole and just kept digging. Deeper. Until he lost everything. His home, his job, his family. And yet his family did not abandon him. When he was not willing or able to save himself, his family saved him. And he began to see that his life was worth saving. That he could come back from devastation and drugs, with the help of his wife and family, a spiritual recovery program, and God. Lest you think Marvin had never been taught to turn to God, he says in his bio that he is the son of a Christian minister. But crack cocaine was more powerful than what he'd been taught, more powerful than his love for his wife, more powerful than Marvin himself. Marvin writes his life. Not mine. I came to see that this is his memoir, his experiences, his words. They are powerful words. He went into the depths of Hell and came out with hope and a future. Marvin D. Wilson stood up and told his story, a dark tale of drugs and a bright hope of redemption. I admire Marvin for writing this book and sharing his story with others. It's a dark story, but it has a bright ending, one which others may find inspiring and life changing. There is not rating system for books like there is for movies, but I recommend it for adults, not children or teenagers, unless you feel they are sinking and need a rope to grab hold of, a true story of someone who survived.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Little did I know when I sat down to read Marvin Wilson's I Romanced The Stone, I would be reading about myself and my addictions. Different drugs of choice, of course 'computer, television and procrastination', but addictions nonetheless. Anything that keeps you from being your true and total self and anything that keeps one from finding their true inner peace is a drug. And just when I had 'serious doubts about my ever being whole again', here comes a book so poignant, so deep, and so apropos I now know that healing is possible. To experience the joy of being healed, delivered and set free has to be an awesome feeling. A must read for everyone who is addicted or not! Rosa Ferguson author of LOVED TO DEATH: A Different Kind of Love Story