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Iam That Iam: Jesus Christ

Iam That Iam: Jesus Christ

by Robert III Davis

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This is a book- Hey! You need not forsake- IAM THAT IAM-Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is not to be overlooked-Once it's read, you will hear what God Jesus said-Then you are hooked, and at you, you will take a closer look - On every page, God Jesus has something to say, some comes your way, and some just relay's - But in any event, open your heart and listen


This is a book- Hey! You need not forsake- IAM THAT IAM-Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is not to be overlooked-Once it's read, you will hear what God Jesus said-Then you are hooked, and at you, you will take a closer look - On every page, God Jesus has something to say, some comes your way, and some just relay's - But in any event, open your heart and listen, for to you, Gods word is sent - Whether you believe or not, or you sin a little or you sinned a lot, quit doing things Jesus God says to stop - Continue to read and receive the help you need, pray that God take heed - Change - Your life rearrange, and you, God won't blame - And once you read this book in God Jesus name, it's guaranteed, believe, you won't be the same - From the first page, where this book begins, to the last word it say, to this books very end, a message from God has been sent - Then just when you think you are finished, for you have come to the end, that's where you start all over again - For it's a fact, this is the word of God, this is not an act, you can start reading from the back - That's A Fact! WORD! You can read this book BACKWARDS! From chapter to chapter, this book is full of Fun - Facts - And Laughter- IAM THAT IAM everyone should be after.

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Copyright © 2012 Robert Davis III
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-5519-3

Chapter One


John 14:1, LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED—This statement Accepted-JESUS GOD Lord Savior He Doubled, Ye Believe in God Believe also in Me, Jesus Almighty :27, SELECT-LET NOT Your Heart Be Troubled, For a Troubled Heart Means Double Trouble—Whatever has you Troubled, IS Trouble—And from that Trouble, YOU now have a Double-A-Troubled Heart-Now YOU ARE In Trouble; DOUBLE TROUBLE—Neither let it Be Afraid, God JESUS Said—Some things we can Figure Out-NO Doubt, with OUR Head, but the HEART, Has Special PARTS, that Only Certain Things the HEART Can Be Fed—The Word OF-The LOVE-Of The KING, says so Many Things, Concerning the Heart, There Are so many places to Start—Isaiah Says There Stiff Necked and Stouthearted Speaking About-The People-Who have Departed, from the Word Of-The Lord, they Didn't Keep Gods Commandments, they Didn't Receive Their Reward—HEAVEN SENT—I Samuel 16:7b, For Man looketh on the Outward Appearance, but the LORD LOOKETH ON THE HEART-The Heart Separates the full time Christian Apart from the Part time Christian—Exodus 14:4a, I SHALL HARDEN PHARAOH'S HEART-Had Pharaoh Do things Unseemly, He never Dreamed He Wouldn't Be returning from the Red Sea—He fought Against The PRINCE God Almighty, He became a deceased—A Harden Heart has Such-A-Negative Force, it will make you Turn-Off-Course-The right Course-Of Course, with NO Remorse—14:8, The HARDENED HEART FORCED Pharaoh-To Pursue-After The Children Of Israel, the Hardened Heart Got Pharaoh Killed—Deuteronomy 6:5a, And Thou Shall love the Lord thy God with ALL YOUR HEART, For if You Do-You Two-God and You-Will Never Depart-That's a Wonderful place to Start, loving the WONDERFUL Counselor With All YOUR HEART-The Prince LORD Of Peace, Is In For Keeps, and the Words that Lord Jesus Speaks-And-Commands Thee, shall make you Free, When YOU Be-Obedient-Saith The Lord Thy God CHRIST Jesus WHO Is—Heaven Sent-Says The Holy Ghost Deuteronomy 5:29, Oh, That There-Were SUCH AN-HEART-IN-THEM, a good Heart, An Obedient Heart that Shares, a Heart that Cares, that JESUS People will Hear, and Jesus It Fear, Spare Me Grief, that I may give My People Relief, that They May Keep Peace and not Weep-Hold Jesus Close—Oh, if Only There Were such An-Heart-In Them, Instead Of Venom-Within-Them—Say Not in YOUR Heart, God's Commands, I Can't Stand, OR the Word Of-The-Lord has become a Bore—Have An Heart Of An Optimist, And Not a Heart Of a Pessimist—Joshua 2:11a, OUR HEART DID MELT, Because Of fear that was Felt, that's an Heart that's Troubled, an Heart that's Afraid, Double-Trouble Ahead—I am Afraid to Say, that's a price the troubled Heart can't Pay—A troubled Heart will Fail You, a troubled Afraid Heart just won't Do, a troubled Heart that's Afraid, Will Surely Kill You—Dead!! But no longer troubled and no longer Afraid, have an Heart of FRESH-Flesh Instead—See, you can go on Living, When you have a Heart Of-Love And Giving, a Heart OF-Forgiving—A Heart of BLESSED FRESH FLESH—Instead of an Heart Of Stress and Filled With nothing But Mess—Listen don't think Twice, here's some good Advice-To You-The Reader-Yes-YOU, don't You Be Fooled Or have a Heart that's Cruel, For-You-Surely won't Win, You-Surely-Will Lose-When You play the Fool-WHEN-Living-In-Sin—So Keep a Good Heart, a Godly Heart, a Heart of Flesh, Keep a Heart Of-Love JESUS Savior And Surely JESUS will Keep you from Satan and his Test-Be The Best-BLESSED! Don't Forget the Rest, and don't you Ever Struggle, and that will keep Your Heart Out-Of Trouble—And Remember what SAVIOR God CHRIST Jesus Said-Let NOT Your Heart Be Troubled-DOUBLE-Neither let it Be Afraid—Psalm 10:11a, HE HAS SAID IN HIS HEART, God HAS Forgotten, Speaking BAD Concerning God, will make Your Heart ROTTEN—Before-Your Heart Utters-CURSE, PERVERSE-About GOD-STOP! REVERSE THE CURSE and think Before you Speak, that will help you Keep, Your Heart Sweet—Psalm 19:8a, The statues Of The Lord CHRIST JESUS ARE Right, REJOICING THE HEART-When You Do Good and Do as You Should, and Doing what You Could, and Your Part to keep Your Heart Good—Psalm 22:26b, They shall Praise the Lord that seek Him, the next line Is a Gem, YOUR HEART SHALL LIVE FOREVER-With HIM-WITH Jesus Lord Savior—Praising the Lord gives you and Your Heart-FAVOR-JOY, it will Never Spoil, Your Heart will Never POP Nor STOP—NO! Not Ever, For that's a good Heart, a Heart of Praise, Praising JESUS SAVIOR Always—Praise from Your Heart will give you Many, Many Days—Continue Your Praise all the rest of Your Days, so that long life will be Yours, and More will follow Your Ways of Praise-When doing Your-HEARTS-Part of Praise, is a Way into Gods Heart—Psalm 28:30, MISCHIEF IN YOUR HEART will cause Your Heart to Shift-Shift, from Mischief to Wicked, Good too Bad, and a Bad Heart will surely Make Your Heart Sad—Keep Mischief-WICKED out of Your Heart and Far from Thee, so you can Be The Very BLESSED Best You See, and Do Your BEST For LORD JESUS GOD Almighty—Psalm 28:7a, LET YOUR HEART TRUST IN THE LORD-JESUS all The days Of Your Life, and Keep Your Heart Clean For a Life of Christ—You know what I Mean—Just Keep Your Heart Clean—Psalm 31:24, LISTEN, Want YOUR HEART STRENGTHENED? Be of good Courage, that's the place to Start; JESUS will Strengthen Your Heart When you Are Courageous and doing what you Must—MISCHIEF, WICKED, FLESH, WHOLE, CLEAN, PERFECT, Which of These HEARTS Do You Detest? Sin OR Blessing, Which Is IN Your Chest—Confess—Request to Jesus and be Blessed—Don't have a Heart Distorted, use Your Sword, The WORD Of The Lord, Allow God Jesus To Do His Part, by Teaching YOU About Your Heart—Jesus, He won't Miss, Jesus Is Accurate—Just you Listen to This, don't become Stiff, and don't become Disheartened, Listen to The Words Of Jesus Christ ALMIGHTY, and Finally get Your HARDONED Heart Pardoned—Get Your Heart Right-CHRIST LIKE—NO EXCEPTIONS! For The Resurrection and The Life, will examine, take out, and put In, Whatever Your Heart Is Missing, until Your Heart becomes a Gem—For Your Heart is More valuable then Gold could Ever be Sold, For I am talking about an Heart that will SAVE Your Very Precious Soul—Jesus CHRIST said It Like This-By His Spirit, The Holy Ghost-BOLD! Mathew 6:21, Wherever Your Treasure Is, THERE WILL YOUR HEART BE ALSO—We don't want Our Treasure to be Earthly Forever, Or should it Be Ever—We don't want Our Heart to be 100%—In-Money that can Be Spent, We want Our Treasure to BE-IN-HEAVEN, and Heaven Sent—What Does-It Profit-A Man, Listen-And-Understand, to gain the Whole World, and Cherish It as a Precious Pearl, and Lose His Soul—Whole—When Your Heart is good and Whole, You will Listen To Lord Jesus and Do as You Are Told, Then You'll have a Heart of Gold, a Heart Molded After JESUS Pleasure, For that's where we want Our Treasure, and Our Heart Forever-IN-Heaven With Him—IAM—JESUS LORD SAVIOR Is More Valuable than a Precious Gem—IAM! IAM!! We want to honor THAT—THAT I—CHRIST JESUS, Sanctifies, By Seeing in Us Pleasure, Because We have Our Treasure on SAVIOR CHRIST CREATOR-FOREVER, the Right Side, with THAT I, in a Part Of LOVE JESUS Heart, We have now become a Part of His Heart, by Our Heart going After His Heart—That's Smart, To GO After Gods Own Heart—Everyone Should FOLLOW That Part—Have A Heart! GODS Heart!! GET Smart!!!

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Or Afraid


Well shout For Joy! Man, Woman, Girl Or Boy—Everyone will Be able to See, The HEART Of Jesus Almighty—That's Right Christ Like-Their Heart is Upright-Joyful, morning, noon, and Night—For the UPRIGHT HEART Slides and Glides through Life, It's very Smooth, With every Move, every Beat Is Crisp and Ripe, It never Skips a Beat, With Ease, an Upright Heart Is always Right—Never Tight, never Loose, always knowing what To Do, It never Struggles, the Upright Heart never Gets into Trouble—There's Never a Malfunction, the Upright Heart Is always in Conjunction With The Unction-The Upright Heart knows It's Function—The Upright Heart Performs very Well, It never does things to Get YOU Into Hell—That's why it's easy to Tell, an Upright Heart, For it Works extremely Well—The Upright Heart will Say, have your Way—Jesus—With Us—Thy will be Done-Son—The Upright Heart will Cling to Everyone that Claims, Jesus Famous Name—This Begin Upright In Heart—Listen Then—The Upright Heart is not the End—But an Upright Heart is a Good Heart to have Within—That Is, It's not the Ultimate, but It's in The Holy Spirit, and other Hearts Fear It, For they know Another Spirit-The Upright Heart Gets It's Wisdom From the Kingdom, Understanding From the King, Knowledge from the King's Anointing, Instructions From The Son—Discretion and Discerner Of Thought, the Upright Heart Bought—It leaves Out Naught-Not Even Thee Intents—Amen! AMEN!!

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Or Afraid


Broken Heart is not Spoken Of Much, But The Broken Heart has a Double Touch—One Can have a BROKEN HEART Because Of their Sweetheart—Because Of a relationship That Throttled, brought on the Heart that was Troubled—The Relationship Didn't Make It, the Heart Couldn't Take It, The Individual Couldn't Fake It—Any Longer—And the Heart that was Broken Couldn't get Any Stronger—So a Finished Relationship Always leaves a Token, In this Case, a Heart that was Broken—Then there's the Double, this BROKEN HEART that keeps you out Of Trouble—For It's a Broken Heart that heals a Broken Heart, For This Heart Touches JESUS Heart, Then Blends-Which Mends, and brings the-End-Of The Heart that's Broken—That's Part of Gods Art-The Broken Heart Mended Because Of a Broken Heart, because the Heart Touches JESUS Heart—This Heart Is Esteemed, For God has Seen a Heart Humble, Meek, and Keen—For it Keeps the Peace, Between Man And the Prince of Peace—A Broken Heart, a Humble Heart, a Heart that's Meek, you can Keep, for its Meet for the King, the Kingdom is the Kings Domain and a Broken Heart caused the King to Refrain—Keep a humble Heart Before the Lord, and Receive Your due Reward—Your Heart's Desire you can Acquire, When one Delights Thyself In the Lord CHRIST—When one Delights, it take them to Higher Heights, the Lord Sees and He Likes, and After the Heart gave what JESUS Required, Jesus Bless Your Heart With Your HEARTS Desire—Your own Heart you can Kill, when you don't Feed It JESUS Will—For what You Chose will become Your Hearts Foe, which will deliver a death Blow—The Heart becomes a Token, Slow—Pops—Stops—Won't Go—Broken—That's Guaranteed, Because Of what Your Heart YOU chose To Feed—The Heart that has Iniquity, and the Heart that Commits Bigamy, and Trickery Is-In-Sin—That Heart has to End—That Hearts will is Broken, that Heart was Choking, because my Friend, YOU fed that Heart—Sin—Sin and GOD don't Blend—That's-A-Fact—Don't Act As if you Don't know That, and don't Be Ill, just Feed Your Heart God JESUS Will—[Psalm 37:31] The Mouth Of The Righteous Speaks Wisdom, for CHRIST Jesus Is With Him—For THE LAW OF HIS GOD IS IN HIS HEART, the mouth that's Right, Jesus Likes, that Keeps your Relationship With Jesus CHRIST Tight, all the days of Your Life, For CHRIST Jesus Law became Your Hearts Delight, and CHRIST JESUS Law you Did not Fight-Your Heart Didn't Connive, NO! Your Heart Coincide—With JESUS Christ—With JESUS Heart, which Meant you Couldn't Depart-From-The Heart-Of The Matter, which caused Your Heart to go-Pit-Ter Pat-Ter—[Psalm 38:8] DISQUIETNESS OF MY HEART, Or my Heart Disquietness—I must Confess, I am Feeble and Sore Broken—I have Roared by Reason Of The Disquietness Of my Heart—REASON-TREASON—The Token, I am Feeble and Sore Broken—[Psalm 39:3] MY HEART WAS HOT WITHIN ME, GOD JESUS ALMIGHTY—My Heart Was Hot Within Me, Which caused Me to Struggle, Lord I Request, don't Let This Trouble, stay in my Chest—I must Confess, I have not been or done My Very, Very Best-I Set out Quest, to Fetch, The Heart Of The Lord, For I felt in my Heart the Sharp point Of The Sword, the pain could not be Ignored, so I Sought the Lord—Lord, what shall I Do? Christ Replied, RECEIVE JESUS Word And Hide CHRIST Commandments Inside You-Your Heart, that's a very good place To Start, and as You Do, I-CHRIST will heal Your Heart For You, and you'll Feel and Be DISQUIETNESS Free, And Brand New—Just Do—You'll See, what God Almighty, will Do For YOU—DO! [Psalm 28:7] The Lord is my strength and my Shield, MY HEART TRUSTED IN HIM, JESUS and Does Jesus Will—For THAT is the Remedy, to take out The Spirit Of Infirmity, to Keep out the Enemy—Jesus God Almighty-The Remedy-Christ Jesus Almighty, Relieves Broken In Heart


Isaiah 52:4-6, For Thus Saith The Lord JESUS GOD JESUS, My-JESUS People Went down Afore time Into Egypt to Sojourn There; And the Assyrian oppressed Them without cause—:5, Now Therefore, what have I LORD JESUS here, Saith the Lord JESUS, that My-JESUS People Is Taken Away for Naught? They that Rule over them Make them To Howl, Saith the Lord JESUS and My-JESUS NAME JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY Continually Everyday Is Blasphemed—:6, Therefore My-JESUS People SHALL KNOW My-JESUS NAME JESUS CHRIST; Therefore They shall know in that Day THAT-JESUS CHRIST IAM JESUS CHRIST HE JESUS THAT JESUS CHRIST Doeth SPEAK: Behold-BOLD! It Is I JESUS CHRIST! 1:6, And Joseph Died, and all his Brethren and all that Generation 1:7, and The Children Of Israel were Fruitful And Increased Abundantly, and Multiplied, and waxed Exceeding Mighty: And the Land was Filled With Them—1:8, Now there Arose a New King Over Egypt, Which new Not Joseph—The New King, Mistreated the Children Of Israel, The People Of GOD JESUS and Have Set Task Masters Over them to Afflict them With Their Burdens, and to Keep ALMIGHTY God JESUS People in Bondage—King Pharaoh (Satan's Disciple) 1:14, Made Their lives Bitter With Hard Bondage—:14b, All Their Service, Wherein They Made them Serve (Children Of Israel) Was With Rigor—This CHOSEN Of Children Of Israel are not here—LISTEN! NO! Neither Is THIS King Pharaoh—Not Today—NO WAY! Exodus 3:8, IAM come down to deliver Them, out of the Hand of (Satan) the Egyptians-Who is IAM? Because IAM is here today—The Scriptures says, IAM come down to Deliver—Only One Can deliver out Of The Hand Of Satan, and that's GOD SAVIOR—What Is SAVIOR God's Name? Is the Question Moses Ask GOD in Exodus 3:13, and They [Children of Israel] shall Say to me [Moses] what Is His (Gods) Name? What shall I Say unto Them? Exodus 3:14, And GOD Said Unto Moses, IAM THAT IAM: And He (GOD) Said, this Shalt Thou say unto The Children Of Israel IAM hath Sent me Unto You—Exodus 3:15, And GOD Said Moreover unto Moses, this Shalt Thou say unto The children Of Israel, The Lord GOD Of Your Fathers, The-God-Of Abraham, The-God-Of Isaac, and The God Of Jacob, hath sent me Unto You: This Is MY NAME FOREVER, and This IS MY MEMORIAL unto ALL Generations—Now it's Very Important to know The Name Of IAM THAT IAM Because This Is God Almighty-FAME-The NAME He Came-The God that brought The Children Of Israel Out Of The-Bondage-Of The Egyptians—This Is Lord SAVIOR God (Exodus 14:21,22) Caused The Sea to go back by a strong East Wind All that night, and made the Sea dry Land, And The Waters Were a wall Unto Them on their right Hand, And on their left—:23, And the Egyptians pursued, And Went In after Them to The Midst Of-The Sea-Even all Pharaoh's Horses, his Chariots, And his Horsemen IAM THAT IAM—This Is the Same NAME God that Joshua Speaks About in Joshua 3:15-16, And as they that Bare the Ark Were Come Unto Jordan, And The Feet-Of-The Priests that Bare the Ark-Were Dipped-IN-The Brim-Of The-Water, (For Jordan Over Floweth All His banks all The time Of Harvest) :16, That The Waters Which came From Above stood and rose Up-Upon a Heap very Far from the City Adam, That Is Beside Zaretan: And those that Came down Toward The Sea-Of The Plain, Even-The Salt-Sea, failed and were Cut Off; And The People passed Over right against Jericho—3:17, And the Priests that bare the Ark Of The-Covenant-Of the Lord stood firm on dry ground IN The Midst-Of The Jordan, And all the Israelites passed Over on dry ground, until all the People Were passed Clean Over Jordan—IAM THAT IAM, What Is His Name? Then the Same God, "IAM," YOU KNOW brought down the Walls Of JERICHO—Joshua 6:20, So That The People Shouted with a great Shout, That the wall fell down FLAT-THAT The People Went up Into the City, Every Man straight before Him, And they took the City—IAM THAT IAM—IAM!


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