ICBM: The Making of the Weapon That Changed the World

ICBM: The Making of the Weapon That Changed the World

by G. Harry Stine

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Stine, aerospace historian and engineer, has written the first comprehensive history of the ICBM. Uneven in coverage (too much data on the V-2 program and too little on the latest missile systems), the book still manages to present a fairly complete account of the development of most U.S. and Soviet ICBMs. The author has the ability to make technical material interesting and understandable. The text reads like a diary, with Stine offering vivid portrayals of the scientists and generals in the U.S. program, as well as personal insights into ways of avoiding future research and development problems. Previously unpublished material on the early Soviet ICBM program adds spice to the text. Did you know that early Soviet nose cones were made from such exotic materials as plywood? This clearly written volume provides the most complete, unclassified history of the ICBM in print. Recommended for public and high school libraries.-- Richard Nowicki, Emerson Vocational High Sch., Buffalo, N.Y.

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