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by Will Robbins

What happens when you get too caught up in hustling? Beautiful Taj Jenson spends her evenings performing lesbian sex shows for an all-male audience and earns big bills while doing it. But her nonstop lifestyle full of cash, partying and drugs all comes crashing down when she meets San, a sweet girl with a tender soul who Taj develops deep feelings for. Taj tries to…  See more details below


What happens when you get too caught up in hustling? Beautiful Taj Jenson spends her evenings performing lesbian sex shows for an all-male audience and earns big bills while doing it. But her nonstop lifestyle full of cash, partying and drugs all comes crashing down when she meets San, a sweet girl with a tender soul who Taj develops deep feelings for. Taj tries to escape the hustling life in order to live normally with San, but breaking out of the game is harder than it seems. Taj's world quickly spirals out of control as she heads on a dizzying journey through life-or-death situations, extreme wealth and extreme poverty, love, danger, and betrayal, all in a desperate quest to survive. It's play or be played, and Taj will do whatever it takes to come out on top.

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Triple Crown Productions
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5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)
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17 Years

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ICE 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Book_Addict_CC More than 1 year ago
As a new reader of Urban Fiction, I am really glad I started out with Ice! The characters definitely drive this one for me. There are a lot of them, but with nicknames like Ice, Woo and Booga, they grow on you fast. I knew I was hooked when I started reading faster to make sure my favorite characters made it out of the fight scenes intact (not always the case, but I am an optimist). The action in this book is crazy! You got the Eastwick Hustlers going up against Ice, one hell-bent detective against them both, and all sorts of vendettas going around. And to add to the mix, you got a little love story with Black - the main Eastwick Hustler. I also found myself laughing at odd parts of this book. All in all, it was a great read. If you want to follow some of the most original characters in a story that will make you laugh and keep you turning pages, Ice is for you!
token787 More than 1 year ago
A life of crime and drugs is the way of Black, and his brother E-Double. Being conservative in his mannerisms, compassionate, and if times call to be ruthless, Black still has a vision to bring down a heartless druglord name Ice, that's now ruling the city of Elizabeth, NJ. Black recruits his cousin name Woo, and his childhood friends whom they soon become the Eastwick Hustlers. Ice being heartless and ruthless rules the Port Au Posse Prince and the drug game with an iron fist. A bloody war is about to break out while the Eastwick Hustlers and the Port Au Posse fight for territory. Crooked cops and politicians hold the court to who will reign, but also holds the key to who will get the final downfall. The book of Ice is a tale of power, greed, lust, loyalty, and even family values. This book moved fast, the plot was good, and the characters stood out. The story has been told before about the struggle between two druglords, but I think what makes this story unique is the message some of the characters portray about education, doing what's right, and forgiveness makes this book a lasting impression. The final showdown between Black and Ice could have been more thought out, but the author did try to step out the box and make some of his characters unique, although the author did go over the top with the religious voodoo. I would caution the author that there's a fine line to draw on how to write the believable and unbelievable and on that note the ending for some may leave somewhat of an unbelievable impression. This book offers a great deal of violence, but it is balanced out with humor. For it to be the author's first read I commend him on trying to step out of the box and keeping his readers intrigued. If you like to read shocking action, druglords, and shady cops and politicians, the book of Ice will make it a worthwhile read. *4.5 Stars on a job well done.*
kimmy23 More than 1 year ago
Will Robbins has done his thing with his new book ICE. This book was a page turner. I didn't want to put it down. This book takes you in the lives of Ice, Black, Double E, Port Au Prince Posse and the Eastwick Hustlers. Ice the notorious king pin in Elizabeth, NJ., will he remain on top or will the Eastwick Hustlers take over his dynasty. He will kill and blackmail to get what he wants to remain on top. The Eastwick Hustlers are led by brothers Black and Double E, they are trying to move out of the shadow of ICE and build their own empire. ICE is not making it easy for them. They will have to lie, steal and take some lives in order to be ahead of the game. Black, the leader of the Eastwick Hustlers is hiding a secret from everyone; he leaves the team each day at the same time and doesn't tell anyone where he is going. While on his secret journey he meets a woman, is she the woman of his dreams or his worst nightmare. Double E he loves the game the money, the fast lifestyle and women, will the women be his downfall or will he guide the Eastwick Hustlers to victory over the Port Au Prince Posse.
teresaraebutler More than 1 year ago
Ice by Will, "Half & Half, "Robbins was a story about an Elizabeth NJ drug lord's spiraling fall to the bottom. The whole community seems to hate this guy, ICE. Ice has crossed many people from his young, high school workers, to his girl, to his worker's mommas and daddies. He's a self made man from the bowels of Haiti and he's a ruthless brut. He storms through the hood with his Port Au Prince Posse toting his main bro, '6 Ten', making deals breaking deals and running the dirtiest drug operation that the crooked cops of the Elizabeth NJ force will allow. In the meantime, another crew is being formed for the takeover by the name of The Eastwick Hustlers, who some of its members have ulterior motives, and blackmailing tapes to not only close shop for Ice, but also in some form or fashion, bring down the crooked cops and expose much political scandal. The host of characters can be a bit overwhelming, but the story seems to be centered on Ice of course, a foe by the name of Black, and a girl named Nadeem-aka Ice's baby momma. There is a great deal of action, murder and blood-spill in this book but there is also crazy weaponry like Ninja Stars used in some of the fight scenes. Although I enjoyed the story on an average, I thought that it had enough characters in it to possibly be an audience for a Michael Jackson concert, which almost made it hard to follow. With so many questions, you just have to know what happens next. Character by character the mystery unfolds like a fresh rose in a greenhouse surrounded by wintertime. But thankfully, Will Robbins wraps it up towards the end and gives you a glimpse of a possible sequel. Congratulations to Will Half & Half Robbins! ****4 stars"-Teresa Rae Butler Reviews- a positive but honest review in 30 days or less. Teresa Rae Butler is also author of "DON'T EVEN TRIP," "HO-9," "GLITTER GUNS n BUTTER" and "GOD I RESPECT YA GANGSTA