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Ice Bears And Kotick

Ice Bears And Kotick

by Peter Webb

Editorial Reviews

California Bookwatch
Fans of sailing and nautical adventuring will relish Ice Bears and Kotick, a true story of a boat journey sailing and rowing through the ice pack. Their many survival challenges and sailing adventures will appeal to any small-boat sailor and to any library catering to true adventure readers, with its 'you are there' high-impact moments of encounters with icebergs and wildlife alike
Latitudes & Attitudes
This is the story of two men's epic journey in an open boat and the first circumnavigation of the Arctic island of Spitsbergen. This is a real adventure for anyone who ever wanted to run away to sea.
The Ensign
Author Peter Webb and his friend, known only as Shaggy, set a record by rowing and sailing around the island of Spitsbergen, Norway. The pair's almost unbelievable 696-mile Arctic circumnavigation makes for an exceptional story. Named after a white seal in Kipling's The Jungle Book, KOTICK is a 17-foot clinker-built Norwegian boat made of wide pine planks and outfitted with two sets of oars, a mast, and a sail. Judging from the men's misadventures, the boat was certainly as seaworthy as a seal. Despite their youth, they planned for contingencies. A packet boat deposited supplies at strategic points around the island. Stops in areas frequented by ice bears included a strong shelter. Weather couldn't be planned for, however. Wind, rain and snow and the movement of ice could make or break the expedition. If this well-written story won t cool you off on a hot summer s day, nothing will.

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