The Idea of Democracy / Edition 1

The Idea of Democracy / Edition 1

by David Copp

The essays in this book address a variety of foundational questions about democracy.See more details below


The essays in this book address a variety of foundational questions about democracy.

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Introduction; Part I. The Point of Democracy: 1. Tocqueville and democracy Stephen Holmes; 1a. Tocqueville, commerce and democracy Debra Satz; 2. Making truth safe for democracy David Estlund; 2a. Could political truth be a hazard for democracy? David Copp; 3. Democratic rights at national and workplace levels Richard J. Arneson; 3a. Justified to whom? Robert Sugden; Part II. Democracy and Preferences: 4. Public choice versus democracy Russell Hardin; 4a. Social choice and democracy Thomas Christiano; 5. Democracy and shifting preferences Cass R. Sunstein; 5a. Must preferences be respected in a democracy? John Ferejohn; Part III. Democracy and Public Reason: 6. The domain of the political and overlapping consensus John Rawls; 6a. Moral pluralism and political consensus Joshua Cohen; 6b. The moral commitments of liberalism Jean Hampton; 7. Constituting democracy David Gauthier; 7a. On contractarian constitutional democracy Christopher W. Morris; Part IV. Democracy and Economics: 8. The possibility of market socialism John E. Roemer; 8a. Alternative conceptions of feasibility Michael S. McPherson; 9. A political and economic case for the democratic enterprise Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis; 9a. Contested power Karl Ove Moene; Part V. Democracy: Case Studies: 10. Capitalist development and democracy: empirical research on the social origins of democracy John D. Stephens; 10a. Comments on John D. Stephens 'Capitalist development and democracy' Pranab Bardhan.

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