Identificacion: (I.D.)

Identificacion: (I.D.)

by Vicki Grant

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When Chris finds a wallet, he decides to take on someone else's identity.See more details below


When Chris finds a wallet, he decides to take on someone else's identity.

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"Most appropriate for reluctant native Spanish readers, it will appeal to those reluctant male readers. For students learning Spanish, these titles are appropriate for strong second year students and beyond."
Children's Literature - Mandy Cruz
This translation of I.D. is about a seventeen-year-old named Christopher who finds a wallet and is forced to decide what to do with it. Christopher lives with his mom, sister, and stepfather in an unpleasant home. He is unhappy with his home life, though we never really find out why. We do learn that his stepfather believes he is a failure at life and his mother thinks he is unreliable. When Christopher finds the wallet he tries to find the owner and becomes resentful when he finds out that the owner lives in a better neighborhood than he, equating the nice house with a better life. When he examines the license more closely he realizes that with a few superficial changes, he can be the owner of the wallet. Christopher lets his imagination transport him into this man's life and he acts on it little by little. The more of the owner's money Christopher spends, the more nervous he becomes, believing that every police officer he encounters is after him. In a surprising turn of events Christopher learns that appearances are definitely deceiving, but we are left to decide whether or not the new information changes him for the better. Reviewer: Mandy Cruz

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Orca Spanish Soundings Series
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12 - 17 Years

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