Identity Theft Handbook: Detection, Prevention, and Security / Edition 1

Identity Theft Handbook: Detection, Prevention, and Security / Edition 1

by Martin T. Biegelman, Biegelman

ISBN-10: 0470179996

ISBN-13: 9780470179994

Pub. Date: 02/09/2009

Publisher: Wiley

Identity theft is an evil with a life of its own. It has grown from just an American problem into a worldwide epidemic that shows no signs of ending. If you want to learn about the past, present, and future of identity theft, as well as how best to protect your organization and yourself from this global plague, Identity Theft Handbook: Detection, Prevention,

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Identity theft is an evil with a life of its own. It has grown from just an American problem into a worldwide epidemic that shows no signs of ending. If you want to learn about the past, present, and future of identity theft, as well as how best to protect your organization and yourself from this global plague, Identity Theft Handbook: Detection, Prevention, and Security is a must-read.

This is the first authoritative book on identity theft written by a career professional with a lifetime investigating and preventing identity theft in both the public and private sectors. Informative, comprehensive, and insightful, Identity Theft Handbook covers:

  • The history and explosive growth of identity theft

  • Data breaches and the assault on privacy

  • Life and death consequences of medical identity theft

  • Case studies of criminals ignominiously admitted to the "Identity Theft Hall of Infamy"

  • Phishing, pharming, botnets, wireless, and P2P risk

  • Violent side of identity theft

  • The rich, the famous, and the deceased as targets

  • Child ID theft

  • Insights from thought leaders in identity theft investigation, research, and prevention

  • Methamphetamine connection to mail theft, check washing, and identity theft

  • Impact of international organized crime

  • Terrorism and identity theft

  • Victim rights and how to fight back

  • The twenty-one prevention rules you must use to stop identity theft

  • Compliance requirements for the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) Identity Theft Red Flags Rule

With rich, real-world content cut from today's headlines as well as the personal experiences of the author, this timely book provides a thorough understanding of identity theft, from its birth in credit card and student loan fraud through its current worldwide reach. Identity Theft Handbook is filled with coverage of cutting edge research, trends, the role of technology, prevention strategies, and the future growth and challenges of this crime.

Understanding the enormity of this problem is essential in fighting back. Whether you're a CEO, CFO, compliance officer, auditor, risk management professional, fraud examiner, law enforcement officer, student, or consumer, Identity Theft Handbook is your best source for understanding and protecting against identity theft.

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Table of Contents

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1. The Identity Theft Explosion.

What is Identity Theft?

It Is Not Rocket Science.

Early Days of Credit Cards.

Limiting Losses.

Jail Order Fraud.

Identity Theft was Not a High Priority.

2. Game of The Name: How It All Began.

First Identity Theft Victim.

Identity Fraud Connection.

History of Credit Cards.

Growth of Credit Card Fraud.

Even Postal Employees Will Steal.

Recidivism is Common.

Mail Theft and Phony ID.

The Circulation: A Southern California Crime Syndicate.

3. How Identity Theft Occurs.

Criminal Roles of Identity Thieves.

How Identity Thieves Steal Your Good Name.

4. Student Loan Fraud and the Theft of Identity.

Growth and Impact of Student Loan Fraud.

Financial Fleecing 101: The Case of John Edward Christensen.

A Family Affair of Fraud.

Trying to Make Amends.

Compromise of Student Loan Data.

Admission to the Ivy League Through ID Theft.

More Cases.

It Is Not Just an American Problem.

Department of Education's Outreach Prevention Program.

5. Nigerian Criminal Enterprises.

FBI Recognizes the Growing Identity Theft Threat.

Genesis of the Problem.

Credit Card and Identity Fraud.

Highly Confidential Identity Theft “Training Manual”.

Check Fraud.

Advance Fee or “419” Fraud.

Senate Hearings.

Nigerian Criminal Enterprises.

Ongoing Threat of Fraud.

6. Methamphetamine, The Mails, and Check Washing.

Mail Theft Problem.

Check Washing: A New Spin on Mail Theft.

All “Methed” Up: The Drug Connection.

Origin of the Problem.

Changing Face of Check Forgery.

Prevention Efforts.

The Problem Continues Today.

7. The Violent Side of Identity Theft.

Chicago Parcel Bomb Murder Case.

Mail Theft Turned Violent.

An Identity Thief Turns His Brutality on Law Enforcement.

8. Medical Identity Theft.

It Is Often an Insider.

Unprotected Medical Files.

Being Your Own Detective.

Snooping Eyes.

Theft and Fraudulent Use of Physician Names and Licenses.

Life-and-Death Consequences.

It Started with an Innocent Advertisement.

Arizona's Identity Theft Problem.

Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Healthcare Records on the Web.

National Health Information Network.

Prevention and Security.

And So It Continues.

9. Fake IDs.

Fake IDs on the Web.

Senate Hearing on Phony IDs.

Justice Served.

Interstate Identity Theft and Fake ID Ring.

Operation Catchnet.

Major Fraudulent Document Manufacturing Ring.

Using Identities of the Dead.

10. Legislation and Criminal Statutes.

Criminal Statutes.

Legislative Acts.

Impact of Legislation.

11. Law Enforcement Efforts.

Metro Richmond Identity Theft Task Force.

Operation Reconcile.

Felony Lane Gang.

Law Enforcement Efforts to Enact Antifraud Legislation.

M.I.A.M.I. Program.

Financial Industry Mail Security Initiative.

12. Teens And Young Adults as Victims And Perpetrators.

Teenage Hackers.

Teen Déjà Vu.

It's So Easy, Even a Child Can Do It.

Evil Mentor.

Child ID Theft.

Prevention and Security for Teenagers and Young Adults.

13. Victims and Victimization.

An Identity Theft Nightmare.

Getting a New SSN If All Else Fails.

Operation Gaffle.

Victim and Witness Rights.

Victim Notification System.

Recent Milestones in 'Victims' Rights.

“The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry”.

Forever Vigilant.

14. The San Diego Experience.

Destination of Choice.

Rise of the NDCBU.

Unforeseen Achilles' Heel.

Thefts and Frauds of the 1980s and 1990s.

Impact of Meth in San Diego.

Emergence of Organized Gangs.

The Way It Is Today.

15. The Rich, The Famous, and The Dead Get No Peace.

Dumpster Diving Hits a Home Run.

No Rest for the Dead.

Genealogy and the Risk of Identity Theft.

Who is John Doe?

What's a Genealogist to Do?

Identity Thieves are Equal Opportunity Abusers.

16. Identity Theft Goes Global.



United Kingdom.






Global Phishing Scheme.

Terrorism And Identity Theft.

Global Identity Theft and Money-Laundering Ring.

17. Privacy and Data Breaches.

Loss of Privacy.

Defining "Privacy".

Data Breaches.

Insider Threats.

Your Home is Their Castle.

Carelessness as a Contributing Factor.

Wireless (In)Fidelity.

T.J. Maxx Attack.

P2P Networks.

Botnets: Zombie Armies of the Internet.

Plunder Down Under.

Protecting PII.

18. Identity Theft Research.

Saint Xavier University Study of Identity Theft Incidents.

The President's Identity Theft Task Force.

Federal Trade Commission's 2006 Survey Report.

19. The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection.


CIMIP and Utica College.

Identity Fraud Trends and Patterns: Building A Data-Based Foundation for Proactive Enforcement.

Executive Summary.

Implications for Law Enforcement.

20. Preventing Identity Theft: The 21 Rules You Must Use.

21. The Future of Identity Theft.

Predicting the Future.

Making Money From Identity Theft.

Proactive Approach and Education Outreach.

No Country for Identity Thieves.

Appendix: Designing an Effective Identity Theft Red Flags Rule Compliance Program.


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