If You Go Away: The RCA Years 1965-1970

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Lindsay Planer
With ears firmly on the pulse of the collector and hardcore enthusiast, the German-based Bear Family Records has gathered seven CDs worth of material from lyricist, vocalist and spoken word artist Rod McKuen's mid- to late-'60s stint on RCA Records. The albums covered on If You Go Away: The RCA Years 1965 -- 1970 2007 are Rod McKuen Sings His Own 1965, The Loner 1966, Other Kids of Songs 1966, Through European Windows 1967, Listen to the Warm 1967, and The Single Man 1968 -- all of which had largely been out of print in North America for decades at the time of this box set's release. However that is a mere fraction of the contents as there is an overwhelming 111 -- of ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Lindsay Planer
With ears firmly on the pulse of the collector and hardcore enthusiast, the German-based Bear Family Records has gathered seven CDs worth of material from lyricist, vocalist and spoken word artist Rod McKuen's mid- to late-'60s stint on RCA Records. The albums covered on If You Go Away: The RCA Years 1965 -- 1970 2007 are Rod McKuen Sings His Own 1965, The Loner 1966, Other Kids of Songs 1966, Through European Windows 1967, Listen to the Warm 1967, and The Single Man 1968 -- all of which had largely been out of print in North America for decades at the time of this box set's release. However that is a mere fraction of the contents as there is an overwhelming 111 -- of the 195 selections -- that have never been available before. That category would include a host of McKuen's demos -- that were meant not only for himself but for other artists -- alternate takes and unissued songs. The package likewise draws upon duets and other similar associations with McKuen's contemporaries Glenn Yarbrough, Don Ho, Anita Kerr, Chet Atkins, Henry Mancini, and Nelson Riddle, many of whom were also on RCA Records' roster. After a variety of careers that embodied the American spirit -- ranging from lumberjack and ranch hand to rodeo cowboy and even Beat poet, McKuen had already become a luminous figure both in his native United States and in France. It was there that the artist began working with Jacques Brel, translating his lyrics into English. When Stateside, McKuen would hold court in a variety of settings, as a narrator, singer, but most of all as a poet. Hardcore enthusiasts are the obvious and primary audience for this mammoth box set. And while they will undoubtedly have their respective favorites, standouts are the author's own interpretations of "If You Go Away," "The World I Used to Know," "A Cat Named Sloopy," "I'm Strong But I Like Roses," and of course "Seasons in the Sun." The over two-dozen selections on the seventh disc -- which is subtitled "I'll Catch the Sun" -- may provide the greatest cache of rarities. Of particular note is the military parody "Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes," an instrumental with Henry Mancini titled "Portuguese Bend," several tracks recorded live at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, namely "Children One and All" and "Things Bright and Beautiful" Live at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, and the Chet Atkins collaborative demos for "I Never Will Marry" and "River, River." Accompanying the CDs is a 12" hardcover book. Inside the 101 pages are essays by producer/compiler Todd Everett, song-by-song annotations from McKuen himself, and in excess of 200 photographs and reproduced pieces of vintage memorabilia -- some of which has never been published before.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 11/30/2006
  • Label: Imports
  • EAN: 4000127161222
  • Catalog Number: 16122
  • Sales rank: 63,079


Disc 1
  1. 1 The Summer's Long (2:48)
  2. 2 Channing Way (2:54)
  3. 3 Each of Us Alone (3:55)
  4. 4 I've Been to Town (3:07)
  5. 5 Yes (3:01)
  6. 6 The Hunters (3:13)
  7. 7 One Day Soon (2:14)
  8. 8 Summer in My Eye (2:43)
  9. 9 Times Gone By (3:11)
  10. 10 Looking Back at Thirty (3:46)
  11. 11 So Many Others (2:32)
  12. 12 The Lovers (5:58)
  13. 13 Rusting in the Rain (2:28)
  14. 14 The Plains on My Country Ballet Suite in 3 Movements (7:40)
  15. 15 Alamo Junction (2:24)
  16. 16 The Summer's Long (2:44)
  17. 17 The House Upon the Hill (2:37)
  18. 18 Stanyan Street Revisited (3:07)
  19. 19 We Have Only Love (2:31)
  20. 20 On My Own (2:01)
  21. 21 The Tamarack Tree (2:37)
  22. 22 Take Me Home Again (4:25)
  23. 23 Sleep Now Love (1:59)
  24. 24 Trashy (2:30)
  25. 25 So Many Others (2:31)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Some Trust in Chariots (2:31)
  2. 2 People Change (2:33)
  3. 3 How Deep Is Down? (1:58)
  4. 4 When Flora Was Mine (2:55)
  5. 5 If You Go Away (4:03)
  6. 6 So Long San Francisco (2:51)
  7. 7 The Loner (2:24)
  8. 8 Solo (2:23)
  9. 9 The Lonely Things (2:41)
  10. 10 She (2:53)
  11. 11 The Good Times Is All Done Now (2:13)
  12. 12 Truck Stop (2:56)
  13. 13 Thank You (2:47)
  14. 14 I Turn to You (2:23)
  15. 15 Church Windows (2:47)
  16. 16 Flowers (2:51)
  17. 17 Me and the Cat (2:09)
  18. 18 For Silence Is Golden (2:18)
  19. 19 Watching You Sleep/Thank You (3:09)
  20. 20 My Old Man (2:47)
  21. 21 Darlin' Don't You Know (1:59)
  22. 22 The Girls of the Summer (2:46)
  23. 23 Happy Birthday Ernie (0:42)
  24. 24 Flowers (2:51)
  25. 25 My Mother's Eyes (2:23)
  26. 26 The World I Used to Know (2:48)
  27. 27 Gee It's Nice to Be Alone (1:49)
  28. 28 If You Go Away (4:06)
  29. 29 So Long San Francisco (2:46)
Disc 3
  1. 1 The Hurtin' (2:15)
  2. 2 You (2:36)
  3. 3 Before the Moneys Came (2:11)
  4. 4 The Summertime of Days (2:27)
  5. 5 The Women (4:04)
  6. 6 Zangra (3:01)
  7. 7 Down at Mary's Old Time Bar (2:19)
  8. 8 Meantime (2:28)
  9. 9 Open the Window and See All the Clowns (1:41)
  10. 10 I'm Strong, But I Like Roses (3:26)
  11. 11 The Statue (3:33)
  12. 12 Ain't You Glad You're Livin', Joe (2:10)
  13. 13 Loneliness in Crowds (2:24)
  14. 14 Nouveau Fleur (2:13)
  15. 15 Me and the Cat (2:44)
  16. 16 Something More (2:09)
  17. 17 Meantime (2:27)
  18. 18 Open the Window and See All the Clowns (1:45)
  19. 19 Don't Forget to Bring Her a Rose (2:31)
  20. 20 Ain't You Glad You're Livin', Joe (2:10)
  21. 21 The Habit (2:00)
  22. 22 The Habit (2:00)
  23. 23 My Old Man (2:47)
  24. 24 You (2:43)
  25. 25 I'm Strong But I Like Roses (3:23)
  26. 26 Meantime (2:03)
  27. 27 Kill the Wind (1:53)
  28. 28 Don't Forget to Bring Her a Rose (2:33)
  29. 29 Open the Window and See All the Clowns (1:49)
  30. 30 Loneliness in Crowds (2:21)
  31. 31 Something More (2:10)
Disc 4
  1. 1 I'll Say Goodbye (2:41)
  2. 2 La Mer Sans Soleil (3:03)
  3. 3 Le Bourgeois (3:16)
  4. 4 Through European Windows (3:52)
  5. 5 Song Without Words (2:54)
  6. 6 Paris (Mon Arbre) (2:34)
  7. 7 Baby Be My Love (2:38)
  8. 8 The Ever Constant Sea (2:34)
  9. 9 Like a Child (2:49)
  10. 10 On the Road Again (2:38)
  11. 11 Nathalie (3:21)
  12. 12 The Far West (3:06)
  13. 13 Pushing the Clouds Away (1:57)
  14. 14 Do You Like the Rain (2:41)
  15. 15 Gifts from the Sea (2:45)
  16. 16 Some Day We'll See Spains (Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra) [Extract fr (7:46)
  17. 17 Seasons in the Sun (2:58)
  18. 18 Capri in July (2:08)
  19. 19 Je Vien de Loin (3:03)
  20. 20 A Kind of Loving (2:49)
  21. 21 I'm Only Me (3:49)
  22. 22 Chasin' the Sun (3:34)
  23. 23 The Money Boys of Cannes (2:37)
  24. 24 Bon Soir Mademoiselle (3:03)
  25. 25 Through European Windows (4:12)
Disc 5
  1. 1 Prologue: A Cat Named Sloopy (4:14)
  2. 2 To Share the Summer Sun (2:27)
  3. 3 Round, Round, Round (2:57)
  4. 4 I'll Never Be Alone (1:53)
  5. 5 The Ducks on the Millpond (2:45)
  6. 6 Midnight Walk (2:08)
  7. 7 Listen to the Warm (2:11)
  8. 8 It's Raining (3:41)
  9. 9 Weekend (1:23)
  10. 10 Brown October (2:39)
  11. 11 Where Are We Now? (4:09)
  12. 12 The Singing of the Wind (1:27)
  13. 13 Dandelion Days (2:16)
  14. 14 I Live Alone (2:20)
  15. 15 Epilogue: One Day I'll Follow the Birds (1:23)
  16. 16 Entre Act: Listen to the Warm (4:51)
  17. 17 Listen to the Warm (2:08)
  18. 18 I Have Loved You in So Many Ways (1:59)
  19. 19 We Touch Shoulder to Shoulder (1:56)
  20. 20 Sunday in November (1:26)
  21. 21 Beyond This Wall (2:25)
  22. 22 The Warm and Gentle Girls (2:42)
  23. 23 Be Gentle, Please (0:58)
  24. 24 Hurry (1:47)
  25. 25 Round, Round, Round (Reprise) (2:38)
  26. 26 Conversation After 1: Am (2:52)
  27. 27 I Have Loved You in So Many Ways (3:05)
  28. 28 Me and the Cat (2:25)
  29. 29 After the Toll Beach (0:35)
  30. 30 Listen to the Warm (2:08)
  31. 31 Twenty-Nine (1:20)
  32. 32 Midsummer (2:28)
Disc 6
  1. 1 The Single Man (3:13)
  2. 2 Leave Me Something (2:50)
  3. 3 I Never Go There Anymore (3:08)
  4. 4 The Phoenix (2:25)
  5. 5 The Last of the Wine (4:31)
  6. 6 Elegy #1 (1:34)
  7. 7 The Girls of the Summer (3:06)
  8. 8 Where Would I Be? (2:32)
  9. 9 Elegy #2 (1:38)
  10. 10 I've Saved the Summer (2:04)
  11. 11 In Passing (1:51)
  12. 12 Some of Them Fall (2:21)
  13. 13 Elegy #3 (1:38)
  14. 14 The Importance of the Rose (2:25)
  15. 15 The Ivy That Clings to the Wall (2:24)
  16. 16 Inside of Me (5:24)
  17. 17 The Voyeur (2:42)
  18. 18 Home to See Maria (2:29)
  19. 19 The Lovers of December (3:35)
  20. 20 Things Have Come (Gymnopedes #1) (3:52)
  21. 21 Home by Water (Gymnopedes #3) (2:52)
  22. 22 Sometimes (2:48)
  23. 23 And to Each Season (5:29)
  24. 24 The Wind of Change (5:03)
  25. 25 The Girls of the Summer (3:05)
  26. 26 The Ivy That Clings to the Wall (2:56)
Disc 7
  1. 1 Up (2:07)
  2. 2 I'll Catch the Sun (2:12)
  3. 3 Glad Rag Doll (2:21)
  4. 4 The Women (4:49)
  5. 5 We Have Only Love (2:57)
  6. 6 Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes (Parody) (2:15)
  7. 7 The Waltz Goes On (2:15)
  8. 8 To Die in Summertime (2:33)
  9. 9 Seasons in the Sun (2:57)
  10. 10 So Many Others (4:04)
  11. 11 Ain't You Glad You're Livin, Joe (2:33)
  12. 12 Simple Gifts (2:00)
  13. 13 If You Go Away (4:04)
  14. 14 Love and Let Love (1:40)
  15. 15 Don't Forget to Bring Her a Rose (2:30)
  16. 16 Some of Them Fall (2:27)
  17. 17 When the Green Berets Come Home (1:50)
  18. 18 The New Words (2:29)
  19. 19 Portuguese Band (2:39)
  20. 20 El Monte (1:57)
  21. 21 Children One and All (3:01)
  22. 22 We (3:09)
  23. 23 I Never Will Marry (1:42)
  24. 24 River, River (2:20)
  25. 25 Things Bright and Beautiful (4:42)
  26. 26 One by One (3:08)
  27. 27 All of Me Is Mine (1:54)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Rod McKuen Primary Artist, Leader, Vocals
Chet Atkins Guitar
Lincoln Mayorga Piano, Leader
Chet Baker Trumpet
Frank Capp Percussion, Drums, Vibes
Jack Wilson Bassoon
Pete Jolly Piano, Harp, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Electric Piano
Al Viola Viola
Don Lusher Trombone
Lyle Ritz Bass, Guitar
Julius Wechter Percussion, Timpani
Don Ho Vocals
David Gates Leader
Jim Sullivan Banjo, Guitar
Glenn Yarbrough Vocals
Anita Kerr Leader
Billy Strange Guitar
Barry Young Choir, Chorus
Paul Lloyd Warner Viola
Sue Allen Choir, Chorus
Victor Arno Violin
Israel Baker Violin
Hal Blaine Percussion, Drums, Latin Percussion
Robert Barene Violin
Benjamin Barrett Conductor
Arnold Belnick Violin
Peter Benson Violin
Lionel Bently Violin
Paul Bergstrom Cello
Louise Blackburn Trombone
Eddie Blair Trumpet
Harry Bluestone Violin
Perry Botkin Jr. Leader
David Breinenthal Bassoon
Lennie Bush Bassoon
Red Callender Bass
Evangeline Carmichael Choir, Chorus
Roy Caton Trumpet
Gene Cipriano Clarinet, Flute, Alto Flute, French Horn, Oboe, Saxophone
Peggy Clark Choir, Chorus
Gary Coleman Percussion
Alan Cooper Violin
Brian Cooper Violin
Morty Corb Bass
Al DeLory Piano
Alvin Dinkin Viola
Bonnie Douglas Violin, Viola
Wayne Dunstan Choir, Chorus
Jesse Ehrlich Cello
Gene Estes Percussion, Chimes, Vibes
Virgil Evans Trumpet
Elliott Fisher Violin
Eric Ford Guitar
Ernie Freeman Leader
Mort Garson Leader
Bill Geldard Trombone
Nathan Gershman Cello
James Getzoff Violin
Benny Gill Violin
Anne Goodman Cello
William Green Saxophone
Chris Green Cello
Arthur Greenslade Conductor
Allan Harshman Viola
Howard Roberts Guitar
Butch Hudson Trumpet
Harry Hyams Viola
William Hymanson Violin
Kathyrine Julye Harp
Anatol Kaminsky Violin
Eddie Karam Leader
Carol Kaye Guitar
Reginald Kilbey Cello
Lou Klass Violin
Bernard Kundell Violin
Carl LaMagna Violin
Ronald Langinger Flute, Alto Flute
Jim Lawless Percussion
Marvin Limonick Violin
Edgar Lustgarten Cello
Arthur Maebe French Horn
Leonard Malarsky Violin
Anthony Mason Bassoon
Lew McCreary Trombone
Gerry McElhone Trombone
Peter Mercurio Bass
Gene Merlino Choir, Chorus
Tommy Morgan Harmonica, Celeste, Harpsichord, Leader, Maracas, Penny Whistle, Clavietta
Henry Myerscough Viola
Dick Nash Trombone
Erno Neufeld Violin
John Neufeld Bass Clarinet, Electric Clarinet
Loulie Jean Norman Choir, Chorus
Earl Palmer Drums, Bells, Timpani
Richard Perissi Horn, French Horn
Stanley Plummer Violin
Maurice Pratt Trombone
George Price French Horn
Thurl Ravenscroft Choir, Chorus
Skip Redwine Conductor
Henry Roth Violin
Vern Rowe Choir, Chorus
Paul Ruhland Bass
Myron Sandler Viola
Paul Scherman Violin
Wilbur Schwartz Clarinet, Flute
Jack Shulman Violin
Paul Shure Violin
Henry Sigismonti French Horn
Marshall Sosson Violin
Robert Sushel Violin
Robert Tebow Choir, Chorus
David Thompson Trumpet
Eddie Tripp Bassoon
Terry Trotter Organ, Piano, Calliope, Keyboards
Vivian Williams Cello
Carolyn Willis Choir, Chorus
Michael Winfield Oboe
Tibor Zelig Violin
Vincent DeRosa Horn, French Horn
Joseph DiFiore Viola
Joseph Saxon Cello
Eleanor Slatkin Cello
John Coulling Viola
Ian Freebairn-Smith Choir, Chorus
Gene Garf Organ, Piano
Bert Gassman oberheim
Michael Malvoin Organ
John Ronayne Violin
Esther Roth Conductor
Joseph Livoti Violin
Thomas J. Tedesco Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Steel Guitar, Bazouki
Stanley Woods Trumpet
Arthur Gleghorn Flute
Howard Terry Bassoon
Sidney Sharp Violin
Ronnie Price Keyboards
Eric Bowie Violin
Howard Heitmeyer Guitar
Donald McVay Viola
Eugene Page Leader
Colin Staveley Violin
Dougie Wright Drums
Jack Richards Violin
Martha Ross Violin
Ada Beth Lee Choir, Chorus
Barbara Dixon Viola
Wilma Kennedy Viola
George Becker Choir, Chorus
David Winston Violin
Michael Anthony Guitar
Sylvette Allart Bassoon
Lloyd "Butch" Phillips Violin
Ervan F. "Bud" Colman Guitar
Alan Saunders Saxophone
Charles Flores Drums
William K. "Bill" Pitman Guitar
William M. "Buddy" Collette Flute
Neil Kenneth Levang Guitar
Jason Willis Guitar, Bassoon
Seymour Kramer Violin
Leroy Collins Viola
Donald R. "Ritchie" Frost Mallets
Emil "Richards" Radocchia Percussion, Bongos, Timpani, Mallets
George Clinton Smith Cello
Sherlie Matthews Choir, Chorus
David Anderson Cello
Ron Anger Bassoon
Jimmy Archer Violin
Sheila Armstrong Harp
Don Bandi Piano
Betty Jane Barker Choir, Chorus
Jamison Barker Bassoon
Alice Benson Cello
Joseph Bernstein Viola
Harold Bohniger Cello
William Boren Choir, Chorus
Jack Brenton Harp
Clifford Bryant Piano
Ryan Wolcott Leader
Eirc Winston Violin
Caren Wingate Violin
Olive Williamson Choir, Chorus
Jay Weyer Choir, Chorus
Warren C. "Champ" Webb Flute, Oboe
Kenneth Watson Percussion, Timpani
Tyrone Walters Oboe
Richard Castle Trumpet
Jeremy Cave Choir, Chorus
Raymond Clark Cello
William R. "Bill" Cole Choir, Chorus
Leonard Davis Oboe
Warren Devon Viola
Gerri Eagermann Choir, Chorus
Margaret Eamon Cello
Sam Eastgate Trombone
Gerri Engermann Choir, Chorus
Jeanne W. Ervics Choir, Chorus
Helen Ewen Viola
Timothy Fallman Flute
Loren Stanley Farber Choir, Chorus
Joseph Fryer Choir, Chorus
Alanzo Garabaldi Drums
Thomas Gillen Drums
Philip Haig Bassoon
Oliver Head Cello
Desmond Heath Violin
Alton R. "Al" Hendrickson Guitar, Electric Guitar, 12-string Guitar
Roy Huchridge Trombone
Michael James Cello
Benjamin Justice Cello
Skalia Kanga Harp
Armand Kaproff Cello
Wolfgang Kellerman Violin
Alexander Koltuns Violin
William Kurasch Violin
Norman Lederman Violin
William A. "Bill" Lee Choir, Chorus
Carmen Levin Viola
Henry "Hank" Levine Leader
Maurice Lindon Violin
William Lockerman Bassoon
Beverly Lough Viola
John Thomas "Vidor" Vidusich Violin
Thomas MacMasters Timpani
Virginia Mancini Choir, Chorus
Benjamin Mander Choir, Chorus
Edmund Mander Choir, Chorus
John Russell Mann Choir, Chorus
Ondes Martenot Bassoon
Ian McCloud Viola
Ivor McMahon Violin
Rory McWilliams Bassoon
Bill Monro Violin
Warren Murray Flute
Jack Nietszche Bassoon
Gracia A. Nitzschke Choir, Chorus
Clive Owen Viola
Alvin W. "Al" Vasey Guitar
Goerge Turnlund Viola
James M. Trexel Drums
Curry B. Tjader Timpani, Vibes
John Tenson Violin
Oscar Temple Cello
Neville Tawell Violin
George Tannon Violin
Sara Jane Tallman Choir, Chorus
Marriane Stanley Viola
Louis Sofler Violin
William Shanklon Viola
Frank Segal Horn, English Horn
Louis A. Secco Choir, Chorus
Louis "Lou" Raderman Violin
Owen Register Timpani
George Martimore Roberts Trombone
Harold Schneider Cello
Arthur Romer Horn
Margaret Rosterman Harp
Lillian Samson Violin
Anna Wilson Violin
Helen Williams Viola
David Duke Tuba, French Horn
Louis Morell Guitar
Technical Credits
Johann Pachelbel Composer
Henry Mancini Composer
Lincoln Mayorga Arranger, Composer
Jacques Brel Composer
Gilbert Bécaud Composer
David Gates Arranger
Barry McGuire Composer
Anita Kerr Arranger, Composer
Rod McKuen Composer, Producer, Reissue Producer
John Addison Composer
Milton Ager Composer
Perry Botkin Jr. Arranger
Pierre Delanoé Composer
Todd Everett Biographical Information
Mort Garson Arranger, Composer
Arthur Greenslade Arranger
Eddie Habib Producer
Eddie Karam Arranger
Marty Paich Composer
Tommy Morgan Arranger
Nelson Riddle Arranger
Neely Plumb Producer
Skip Redwine Arranger, Composer
Jack Yellen Composer
Esther Roth Construction
Jim Pierson Reissue Producer
François Rauber Composer
Gérard Jouannest Composer
Eugene Page Arranger
Holger Von Bargen Art Direction
L. Wolfe Gilbert Composer
Abel Baer Composer
Dan Dougherty Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer Artwork
Erich Hülsenbeck Photo Restoration
Andreas Merck Photo Scanning
Louis Amade Composer
Henry "Hank" Levine Arranger
Michael McDonald Mastering
Edward Habib McKuen Producer
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