If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss?: Minding Your Body's Business

If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss?: Minding Your Body's Business

by Elaine Smitha

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Would you like to be boss of your life?

If you answered "Yes!" then you will profit from this ground-breaking book. Elaine Smitha introduces amazing discoveries that empower you to take charge of your life in a faster, surer way than previously known. You'll learn the secrets of how your body communicates, what to do to strengthen your immune system, and when

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Would you like to be boss of your life?

If you answered "Yes!" then you will profit from this ground-breaking book. Elaine Smitha introduces amazing discoveries that empower you to take charge of your life in a faster, surer way than previously known. You'll learn the secrets of how your body communicates, what to do to strengthen your immune system, and when you're most at risk. You'll learn tools to deal with the loss of loved ones, to recover from divorce, and to get your life back when you're stuck on the treadmill of convention. The popular TV talk show producer and host Elaine Smitha has researched multiple avenues of self-powered techniques geared to the progressive track of personal growth. Millions of people have been helped by this knowledge. You will be too. In this easy-to-understand book, you'll learn how one decision will change your life. You'll also learn:

  • Why you're a radio-controlled robot.
  • How the body eavesdrops on your conversations.
  • How sickness is an investment in a belief.
  • Five stress-inducing agents.
  • How your body can heal in a moment.
  • How beliefs affect your ability to deal with life.
  • How others have succeeded in reclaiming their lives.
  • The secrets of your hidden power.
  • And much, much more.

If You Make The Rules . . . How Come You're Not Boss? is the result of a lifetime of research and experience in teaching millions of people how to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs. Now it's your turn to own the truth. Realize your dreams--Right Now!

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If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss?

Minding Your Body's Business


Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2003 Elaine Smitha
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61283-258-6


Journey to Awareness: Reality Check

I rode my bike northward to the coastal cliffs of Huntington Beach, California, where surf crashed in irregular beats, after a particularly stressful day in June of 1983. Life at home was increasingly difficult as I grew into new understandings. I attempted to discuss them with my husband, paul, who resisted. Looking out over the waves for solace, I thought how hard I'd been on myself setting unreasonable expectations that, more often than not, thwarted my progress and caused me to fall back and reorganize.

positioning myself on a rocky boulder, I propped my feet on another for balance. A mild breeze wafted over my body to soothe my aching heart and cool the afternoon sun. Sailboats graced the horizon in leisurely pace, bobbing white on gentler waters, while clouds drifted by as if on cue. A hundred feet below, children squealed as ocean waves and wet foam caught them off guard. Approaching tides enveloped picnic sites only recently abandoned. Dogs barked, anticipating the retrieval of tossed driftwood from the dancing surf.

What is it about bodies of water that invite romance, yet clarify dreams? perhaps our transient moment with the hypnogogic temptress is in rhythm with the flow of possibilities. Perhaps the opportunity to view a huge expanse without any blocks unleashes freedom to create anew. My thoughts pierced the ocean depths looking for answers and inspiration as had so many others before me.

Paul and I swung together on punctuated moments of joint interest, only to split off again as we swung back, out of phase. Shouting solved nothing, and the dreaded inevitable silence that pockmarked our marriage plagued attempts at reconciliation. Nagging uncertainties tolled the bells of change.

But there were contributing factors to our out-of-sync relationship. I knew that my earlier ulcerated duodenum was indicative of an inability to stomach my misery and discontent. Unexpressed emotions ate away at me, though, at the time, I had no awareness of possible cause. Any romance Paul and I had left was ground to dust by frustration and blown into oblivion through misunderstanding. The youthful ideal of finding fulfillment in marriage was now all but dead.

Making the decision to separate after a lengthy marriage was not an easy one, but the consequences of staying in a relationship that wasn't working made it imperative. Our children were treasures of happier moments, and we purposely avoided dragging them into the fray. Finding resolution to our relationship dilemma met with fear-based excuses. Confronting the issue head-on would take more courage than I'd been able to muster so far.

I thought about my parents, who had their own relationship issues, about mother's multiple surgeries being the result of her unhappiness. As my health problems were also triggered by emotions, it made me realize that if I didn't do something soon to change my life for the better, I could easily duplicate her conditions. I recognized that I had given away control of my life—to my husband, the medical establishment, and self-defeating thoughts as my mother had done.

The pain of a lengthy divorce left both Paul and me devastated, and the children torn in allegiance. Now, I had only to trust "self" and my intuition to tell me when I was on the right path. I closed my jewelry business and moved to Washington State to begin life as a single woman.

As I had stared at the ocean that summer day, looking for answers to life's difficult questions, I never realized the journey would increase my understanding of how my body and reality really worked. Nor could I have predicted the direction or extent of my personal growth.

Like rhythmic waves of an active ocean, life carried me into another world much different than I'd known. I rode the wave of each experience, as would a bobbing cork on the sea of change, adapting as I went to the ebb and flow of life's events. I tangled with choice, met death head on, and achieved a healthier, more fulfilling life. Everything I did made a difference.

And everything you do makes a difference. As with the cells in your body, all you need to grow is more information. With more information, you make better choices, ones that focus on enriching your life with health and happiness, and take you off the radar screens of medical professionals. The journey's worth beginning.


Genetics Aren't All You Are: Mistaken Assumptions

Yes, you can make a difference. An out-of-ease system is ripe for disease. Drug companies aren't dummies. They're convinced you need them, and, because you bought the bait hook, line, and sinker, you've come to depend on their products as a cure-all.

Sadly, you live and work in a disease-oriented medical system, not one that's health oriented. I'm convinced that most of the time you know what's wrong with your body, even before you go to a doctor.

I remember being asked by the doctor, "What's wrong with you?" or "What's your problem?" I had an inkling, an inner knowing, and told the doctor so. When I thought about being sick, manifestations began to appear. Boy, did I learn the hard way. You don't have to do that when you know the secret to healing is within you.

Just think about all those 50-70 trillion cells in your body going berserk because you can't deal with some uncomfortable situation in your life. You're hanging onto a belief that doesn't serve your best interests; or you've gotten caught up in some advertisement that says, "It's the cold or flu season," or "The incidence of cancer is rising. These are the symptoms...."

As you examine yourself for the slightest mal-alignment, thoughts that you might get the disease or have it already, can actually produce the result you're expecting. That's right. You actually create the condition yourself. Isn't that a disturbing thought?

It is. But consider this: if you decide that you aren't going to get that cold, or that cancer, your body will fulfill that decree as well, depending on the strength of your focus and the strength of your belief. It's as simple as that. No hard lessons here to learn except knowing that you control your health with your thoughts.

Disease acts like a mirror that reflects when your life is out of step with your beliefs. Right now, you've got a dysfunctional system tormenting you.

So, what's the foundation for this dysfunction?

• Something enters the body and interferes with the machinery.

• The machinery itself is affected or mechanically altered so it doesn't function well.

The question is, how can something come into your system when pathogens (germs) are already running around inside? Your body depends upon them to digest the waste. It's a symbiotic relationship designed into the system. The problem is, you become vulnerable when your defenses are down, or if they're shut down, or if disease-causing agents have circumvented what defenses you do have.

Let's say you accidentally cut your skin. You've just invaded your body. Perhaps something enters your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth because they're in direct contact with the outside environment, or something mechanical like an object gets caught in your throat. Now you must also look at the possibility that you let the gates down yourself.

Your system, the cells, the whole biological organism itself has two positions of control—one is autopilot, one is manual control. Have you noticed that your physical system runs perfectly if you're unconscious or asleep? You can thank the innate intelligence of your body for doing such a great job.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. You haven't been trained to understand how to maintain the machinery, so you sell out to the medical profession. I did, until I learned that the secret to healing was within me.

Mainly, you've got a belief that says you're a victim of the environment and that everything in the environment is out to get you. You're afraid of every germ and contamination. That mind-set actually weakens your defenses and can, in itself, shut off the body's protective barriers. That's pretty interesting, because you're dealing with any kind of information, including your thoughts. Your perceptions become reality.

The beautiful part of your human physiology is that when cells come together in community they create a powerful community voice, which can be good. It can also override a central command that says, "You're not strong." When the voice of the whole system says you're not strong, even if your cells are strong, they will take commands from the central voice and weaken your system, all because of your belief. That's how you're compromised.

The same principle is true if, heaven forbid, you're knocked out. Your physiology will probably run better when you're unconscious. When you're conscious, you can actually override the body's automatic control.

Earlier, I mentioned that your body is considered to be a genetic machine with behavioral traits determined by hereditary elements called genes—DNA. But that belief is not valid. When Watson and Crick revealed the DNA's code in 1953, they later assumed that DNA controlled life. What they did was create untested dogma from their hypothesis about the code and how it would work once the genetic code was expressed. Here's what they presumed to be true: the genes are self-regulatory, controlling themselves and the expression of the organism. If this were true, you would be a victim of your genetics, your family heritage.

Inside the cell almost all of DNA is contained within a structure called the nucleus (see figure I.1). The nucleus is an organelle (diminutive organ) that contains all the genes, except a small number that are within the mitochondria. The scientists who studied DNA killed the cell and threw away parts they didn't want until all they had left was the nucleus. When the nucleus was opened, they cleaned away the protein to have test-tube-pure DNA, hoping by isolating it, they'd learn the secrets of heredity.

However, half the nucleus is protein, not pure DNA. Eventually it was learned that it's the protein that regulates the genes and reads environmental signals.

So for forty years, experiments were set up to confirm how DNA controls things. Determining the outcome before the experiments isn't good science. In assuming this truth, scientists misled everyone, including themselves.

It was in the last years of the twentieth century that they decided to put DNA back into the cell to see what would happen. That's when they discovered that now experiments worked differently than in the test tube. They found that it was regulatory proteins that were actually controlling the DNA. That's when they learned that genes don't turn themselves on or off, either. This came as a big surprise, and it means that you're not a victim of your genetics, after all.

You ought to feel better when your disgruntled relatives complain, "You're just like Uncle Harry," because it's not true. You can tell them to take a jump in the lake.

This revelatory research frees everyone from the stigma of the past. Just because Uncle Harry was an alcoholic, doesn't mean you have to be one. Or, just because Aunt Harriet was diabetic, doesn't mean you have to develop that condition. Or, just because you live on one side of the tracks isn't any reason that you can't live on the other side. You're in control of your behavior, because

there's no behavior in the genes.

Bruce Lipton proved in 1985 that genes respond to environmental signals from the outside and inside, not from your family's genetic history. This liberating news means that you no longer need to play the victim. The legacy of being held captive to your genes in the slave quarters of your body's vulnerable ship with no possible escape is a myth. You're free to rise to the top, unfettered by the past.

What's so great is that those chains of limited thinking weren't even locked. You just thought they were. Your powerful mind actually created your life patterned after a hypothetical idea. That's how powerful your thoughts are.

Just look around and see how nature adapts to the changing environment. You do the same. All living forms must do this to stay alive. We don't have to go into the lab to study nature. It's everywhere. Your genes are malleable. Your genes are never too old to change their ways. You've got genes in your body right now that are changing, reorganizing, and creating different configurations to accommodate stresses you've put on your body.

Let's talk about cancer genes, as if there's such a thing. If you had genetic problems in your family, then you'd expect to have the problem passed on to you, right? That's been the accepted belief. But that's a fallacy too. No matter what genes are passed down, genes don't activate themselves. If that were true, any organism that had that cancer gene should have cancer. Logic says that if the gene causes cancer, any baby born with that gene should be born with cancer. How come they don't have cancer?

The truth is—it isn't the genes that cause cancer, it's something inside the individual that causes the so-called cancer gene to express itself. Self-generated thought sets up the situation. It could be unexpressed anger, a not-good-enough attitude, some quirk of desired perfection that can never be attained, or wondering why things aren't working out very well after all your work. Who knows what the scenario is? It could be most anything that eats away at your psyche. Emotions get intense and are often hidden (or so you think) from those around you, until suddenly, you're sick. Everything's out of control. Since cancer is an eating-away process, there's a correlation to an emotional issue that's eating away at you, sort of like the miserable ulcer condition that I created for myself. That having ulcers could be a relationship issue was not considered then.

During this period of my life, I was ignorant that mind over body had any effect—or that the human body reflected emotions. It wasn't in my consciousness—so I can understand those of you who may also question the validity. When health insurance covers most every affliction, there's no motivation to think you have any control. Yet, somewhere deep inside me I knew an unhappy marriage must be the source of my discontent. I was miserable, and my body felt the same way. Being drugged senseless on 75mg of Librium three times a day was enough to turn me into a vegetable. I knew I could die if I didn't do something drastic about this chaotic situation.

Perhaps this kind of chaotic condition is what propagates cancer, ulcers, and other unnamed physical malfunctions, and perhaps finding another expression to vent emotional release from stagnating conditions is what the doctor should have ordered. Maybe, redirecting energy into new areas of exploration is what it takes to change debilitating conditions to those of expanded awareness. A shift in focus begs a change in perception toward one's abilities to contribute further to life. This edge of chaos is similar to a transition area where assessing one's capabilities stimulates the mind/brain neural synapses to develop new pathways of communication. Overcome the stability in boredom, and evolution occurs to increase intelligence and extend life and mental clarity.

No matter the condition, whether continued frustration or boredom, equilibrium is a static state. To grow you must engage change, and that naturally leads to a new condition. Harmony is equilibrium, but the resonance is life-giving. Negative reinforcement through drug advertising and aging propaganda sets up a series of doubt factors about your ability to function without a product or service. Advertisers play with your imagination, hoping you will be convinced to adopt their model of behavior for their financial gain. To counteract this negative programming, positive inputs must be strong and frequent. Otherwise, the human body will adapt to make the condition a reality. Wise counsel says that whatever the mind can conceive, the body can create. The brain learns to match the focus, whether good or bad.


Excerpted from If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss? by ELAINE SMITHA. Copyright © 2003 Elaine Smitha. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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