If You Were a Quadrilateral

If You Were a Quadrilateral

by Molly Blaisdell

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If you were a quadrilateral, you would have four straight sides. You could be a checkerboard, a kite, or a yoga mat. What else could you be if you were a quadrilateral?


If you were a quadrilateral, you would have four straight sides. You could be a checkerboard, a kite, or a yoga mat. What else could you be if you were a quadrilateral?

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Children's Literature - Carol Raker Collins
In this book, the young child is introduced to the concept of a quadrilateral. Part of the "Math Fun" series, this text describes a quadrilateral as "a flat, closed figure with four straight sides." It is a type of polygon, "a closed figure with three or more straight sides." Within this general category are rectangles, squares, and rhombuses, all of which are parallelograms. A trapezoid is also a type of quadrilateral, with only two parallel sides. As the categories are subdivided, the concept becomes more and more complex. This is quite a lot of information to get across to young learners in one small picture book! The watercolor and gouache illustrations demonstrate the shapes by showing animals painting; playing games like baseball, tennis, and checkers; playing musical instruments; working out on mats; and flying kites. The two-page spread of the Rowdy Rhombuses band does not direct the reader's eye to the rhombus shapes on the animals' outfits, and is thus confusing. Also, the trapezoid spread with animals carrying rhombus-shaped kites confuses the point. A drawing lesson is suggested at the end of the book to test a child's new awareness of quadrilateral shapes. Reviewer: Carol Raker Collins, Ph.D.

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Capstone Press
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Math Fun Series
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11.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.30(d)
470L (what's this?)
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7 - 9 Years

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Molly Blaisdell has an insatiable curiosity that leads to lots of questions. Her favorite one is "Why"? Honestly, she feels the best children’s books are really for everyone. She loves to spin out stories and is the author of 29 children’s books, with nine Picture Window Books titles. Molly inspires writers with her weekly blog, Seize the Day. She likes to laugh out loud until she has to take something for the headache. She enjoys yoga, art, reading books and fruit smoothies. Molly grew up in Texas, is the mom of four wonderful children, and currently lives in the wilds of Woodinville, Washington, with her husband, Tim.

I always thought of books like a treasure chest, and the illustrations, like windows to look inside.
My mother says, I was born with a pencil in hand...my left hand. I drew before I was able to speak.
When I was eight years old, we moved into a new home, a big one. Our hobbies-room in this new home was so white that I had an idea. I decided to make it more colorful and I filled the walls with my characters. The ceiling was the only place that was not touched by my pencils. This was the beginning of my artist's freelance career.
Since then, my funny characters have stayed with me everywhere, at grade school first, then at University in Rome where I studied Art and Literature.
Now, the characters share the attic where I work, with me and my sweet black dog, Luna.

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