If You Were Onomatopoeia

If You Were Onomatopoeia

by Trisha Speed Shaskan, Sara Gray

If you were onomatopoeia, you would be a word that sounds like the action it describes. You could CRASH, BOOM, or BANG! What else could you do if you were onomatopoeia?


If you were onomatopoeia, you would be a word that sounds like the action it describes. You could CRASH, BOOM, or BANG! What else could you do if you were onomatopoeia?

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Peg Glisson
If you were onomatopoeia, you would be a word that sounds like the action it describes. So the title pages states, and so the book demonstrates in lively text and pictures. You could "DRIP, DROP like a leaky faucet . . . WHIR like a blender. . . WHISPER likes the wind . . . [or] TSST-TUT-TAH . . . like a brush on a cymbal." Onomatopoeia imitates sounds indoors or out, made by animals, machines, or humans. Youngsters can explore the world of sounds and the richness they can bring to speaking or writing. Brightly colored illustrations fill the pages and suggest excitement and playfulness, both of which are needed as children learn the power of language. Onomatopoeic examples are highlighted in the big, colorful words throughout. The last page suggests readers go outside with a notebook, pencil, and friend to listen, record, and compare the sounds that surround us everywhere. Teachers will welcome this title as well as others in the "Word Fun" series, using it for large group instruction or centers work. Back matter includes a glossary, an index, and print and online resources. Reviewer: Peg Glisson
School Library Journal

K-Gr 4- If you were an attractive and concise introduction to parts of speech, you might be a title in this series. Through a repeating refrain of "If you were," each volume defines its topic, refines the definition further, and provides numerous examples that will be easily recognizable to lower elementary listeners. "If you were alliteration, you could create tongue twisters.... She sells seashells by the seashore." "If you were onomatopoeia, you would need to be an attentive listener.... You could imitate the sounds you hear indoors. You could CLANG like a pot or POP like corn." Short text segments and colorful textured paintings carry students gently through these linguistic introductions. Both titles close with an easy activity to build a deeper understanding of the topic. Primary definitions are easy to find in large, colorful print on the title page. Solid purchases for classrooms and libraries.-Jayne Damron, Farmington Community Library, MI

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Word Fun Series
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Meet the Author

When Trisha Speed Shaskan was a girl, she wanted to become a superhero. Her mother gave her a Wonder Woman costume. Her dad crafted her a tiara and bracelets out of metal to match. Trisha imagined she could fight evil, fly an invisible airplane, and get anyone to tell the truth. While she didn’t grow up to be Wonder Woman, she still uses her imagination to write stories and to teach creative writing.
Trisha has taught creative writing to children and adults for thirteen years. She has published 26 books for children, and more are forthcoming. She has an MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Trisha currently lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Stephen, and their cat, Eartha, named after Eartha Kitt, famous for her role as Catwoman.

Sara Gray graduated with a BFA in illustration and design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has worked as a freelance illustrator for Picture Window Books, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, and Minnesota Parent Magazine.

The Word Fun series that Sara worked on with Picture Window Books won the AEP Distinguished Achievement Award and the American Graphic Design Award.

Sara currently works at Manhattan Toy Company as a product designer for Manhattan Toy's doll, plush, and puppet lines. Her illustrations also appear on Manhattan Toy's packaging for their Cirque du Soleil product line.

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