iLife '05: The Missing Manual


The incomparable iLife '05 is the must-have multimedia suite for everyone who owns a Mac—and the envy of everyone who doesn't. iLife '05: The Missing Manual is the definitive iLife '05 book—and what should have come with the suite.There's no better guide to your iLife experience than the #1 bestselling Macintosh author and expert—and Missing Manual series creator—David Pogue. Totally objective and utterly in-the-know, Pogue highlights the newest features, changes, and improvements of iLife '05, covers the ...

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The incomparable iLife '05 is the must-have multimedia suite for everyone who owns a Mac—and the envy of everyone who doesn't. iLife '05: The Missing Manual is the definitive iLife '05 book—and what should have come with the suite.There's no better guide to your iLife experience than the #1 bestselling Macintosh author and expert—and Missing Manual series creator—David Pogue. Totally objective and utterly in-the-know, Pogue highlights the newest features, changes, and improvements of iLife '05, covers the capabilities and limitations of each program within the suite, and delivers countless goodies that you won't find anywhere else: undocumented tips, tricks, and secrets for getting the best performance out of every iLife application.Pogue examines all five programs in iLife '05, including:

  • iTunes 4.7. The digital jukebox software for Mac (and Windows) rips songs from music CDs onto your hard drive, organizes and plays your music collection, lets you buy songs from the iTunes Music Store, and syncs all your music with your iPod.
  • iPhoto 5. With iPhoto 5, you can pull photos from digital cameras and then organize and present them as a slideshow, desktop picture, screen saver, email attachment, web page, DVD, printout, or hardbound photo book.
  • iMovie HD. Now you can easily import and edit video from the newest High Definition camcorders and even little flash media video cams in all the latest formats. You can turn those seemingly endless home movies into short, fun, tightly edited, top-quality highlight reels that friends and family actually beg to watch.
  • iDVD 5. Transform your iMovie productions and digital slideshows into Hollywood-style DVDs that play on everyday DVD players.
  • GarageBand 2. This critically acclaimed program turns a Mac into a digital music-recording studio.
With your authoritative, witty, full color, all-inclusive iLife '05: The Missing Manual at the ready, there's nothing standing between you and professional-caliber music, photos, movies, and more.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780596100360
  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 8/22/2005
  • Series: Missing Manual Series
  • Edition description: 2nd Edition
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 744
  • Product dimensions: 7.00 (w) x 9.16 (h) x 1.50 (d)

Meet the Author

David Pogue, computer columnist for the New York Times and creator of the Missing Manual series, is the #1 bestselling Macintosh author. Period.

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Table of Contents

The Missing Credits;
About the Authors;
About the Creative Team;
The Missing Manual Series;
iLife Integration;
About This Book;
The Very Basics;
Part One: iTunes;
Chapter 1: Getting Music Into iTunes;
1.1 A Quick Tour;
1.2 Music from CDs;
1.3 Importing Other Music Files into iTunes;
Chapter 2: Getting Music Out of iTunes;
2.1 Playing Music;
2.2 Internet Radio;
2.3 Podcasts;
2.4 Burning a CD or DVD;
2.5 CD Covers and Printed Playlists;
2.6 Playing Songs Across a Network;
2.7 AirPort Express and AirTunes;
Chapter 3: Managing Your Music;
3.1 Deleting Songs;
3.2 Searching for Songs;
3.3 Ratings;
3.4 Song Information;
3.5 Converting Between File Formats;
3.6 Joining Tracks;
3.7 Start and Stop Times for Songs;
3.8 Playlists;
Chapter 4: The iTunes Music Store;
4.1 Welcome to the Music Store;
4.2 A Store Tour;
4.3 Searching and Shopping;
4.4 What to Do with Music You've Bought;
4.5 Music Store Billing;
4.6 "Books on Tape" from Audible;
Chapter 5: The iPod Connection;
5.1 Your Very First Sync;
5.2 Variations on the Auto-Transfer Theme;
5.3 The Unspeakable Act: iPod to Mac Copying;
Part Two: iPhoto;
Chapter 6: Camera Meets Mac;
6.1 iPhoto Arrives;
6.2 Getting Your Pictures into iPhoto;
6.3 The Post-Dump Slideshow;
6.4 Where iPhoto Keeps Your Files;
Chapter 7: The Digital Shoebox;
7.1 The Source List;
7.2 More on Film Rolls;
7.3 Working with Your Photos;
7.4 Albums;
7.5 Folders;
7.6 Smart Albums;
7.7 Three Useful Panels;
7.8 Information Panel: Titles, Dates, and Comments;
7.9 The Calendar;
7.10 Keywords;
7.11 Searching for Photos by Text;
7.12 The Photo Info Window;
7.13 Rate Your Photos;
7.14 Deleting Photos;
7.15 Customizing the Shoebox;
Chapter 8: Editing Your Shots;
8.1 One-Click Fixes;
8.2 Advanced Fine-Tuning;
8.3 Using the Editing Tools;
8.4 One-Click Fixups: The Enhance Button;
8.5 Cropping;
8.6 Painting Over Freckles, Scratches, and Hairs;
8.7 Red-Eye;
8.8 B & W, Sepia;
8.9 Rotate;
8.10 The Adjust Panel;
8.11 Introduction to the Histogram;
8.12 Exposure;
8.13 Adjusting the Levels;
8.14 Brightness and Contrast Sliders;
8.15 Color Balance;
8.16 Straightening;
8.17 Sharpening;
8.18 Beyond iPhoto;
8.19 Reverting to the Original;
8.20 Editing RAW Files;
Chapter 9: The iPhoto Slideshow;
9.1 About Slideshows;
9.2 Option-Click Slideshows;
9.3 Instant Slideshows;
9.4 Saved Slideshows;
9.5 Control Over the Show;
9.6 Slideshows and iDVD;
Chapter 10: Prints and Books;
10.1 Making Great Prints;
10.2 Printing from iPhoto;
10.3 Ordering Prints Online;
10.4 Publishing a Photo Book;
Chapter 11: Photos Online— and on Your Network;
11.1 Emailing Photos;
11.2 Publishing Photos on the Web;
11.3 Photo Sharing on the Network;
11.4 The QuickTime Slideshow;
11.5 Building a Custom Screen Saver;
11.6 One-Click Desktop Backdrop;
Chapter 12: iPhoto File Management;
12.1 About iPhoto Discs;
12.2 iPhoto Backups;
12.3 Managing Photo Libraries;
12.4 Merging Photo Libraries;
12.5 Beyond iPhoto;
12.6 Exporting and Converting Pictures;
Part Three: iMovie;
Chapter 13: Camcorder Meets Mac;
13.1 Meet Digital Video;
13.2 Connecting to FireWire;
13.3 Getting into iMovie;
13.4 Importing Camcorder Footage;
13.5 Managing Project Files;
13.6 Converting Older Projects;
13.7 How iMovie Organizes Its Files;
13.8 Magic iMovie;
13.9 Importing Footage from Non-DV Tapes;
Chapter 14: Building the Movie;
14.1 Navigating Your Clips;
14.2 Undo, Revert, and Other Safety Nets;
14.3 The Project Trash;
14.4 Shortening Clips by Dragging;
14.5 Three Ways to Trim a Clip;
14.6 Splitting a Clip;
14.7 The Movie Track: Your Storyboard;
14.8 Tricks of the Timeline Viewer;
14.9 Playing the Movie Track;
14.10 Full-Screen Playback Mode;
Chapter 15: Transitions and Effects;
15.1 About Transitions;
15.2 When Not to Use Transitions;
15.3 Creating a Transition;
15.4 Transitions: The iMovie Catalog;
15.5 The Effects Pane;
15.6 Effects: The iMovie Catalog;
15.7 Installing More Effects;
Chapter 16: Titles, Captions, and Credits;
16.1 Setting Up a Title;
16.2 Inserting and Rendering a Title;
16.3 The iMovie Titles Catalog;
Chapter 17: Narration, Music, and Sound;
17.1 The Two iMovie Soundtracks;
17.2 Audio Clips;
17.3 Recording Narration;
17.4 Importing iTunes Music;
17.5 CD Music;
17.6 Sound Effects;
17.7 Editing Audio Clips;
17.8 Overlaying Video over Sound;
17.9 Extracting Audio from Video;
Chapter 18: Still Pictures and QuickTime Movies;
18.1 Importing Still Images;
18.2 The Dimensions of an iMovie Photo;
18.3 The Ken Burns Effect;
18.4 Still Images as Titles;
18.5 Creating Still Images from Footage;
18.6 Importing QuickTime Movies;
Chapter 19: Finding Your Audience;
19.1 Why Export to Tape;
19.2 Transferring Footage to the Camcorder or VCR;
19.3 Exporting to a QuickTime Movie;
19.4 Posting Movies on the Web;
19.5 Movies on Your Phone;
Part Four: iDVD;
Chapter 20: From iMovie to iDVD;
20.1 Why iDVD?;
20.2 What You're in For;
20.3 Phase 1: Insert Chapter Markers;
20.4 Phase 2: Hand Off to iDVD;
20.5 Phase 3: Design the Menu Screen;
20.6 Phase 4: Burning Your DVD;
20.7 OneStep DVDs;
Chapter 21: iDVD Projects by Hand;
21.1 Building iDVDs;
21.2 Creating a New Project;
21.3 Adding Movies;
21.4 Submenus ("Folders");
21.5 The DVD Map—and Autoplay;
21.6 DVD Slideshows;
Chapter 22: Advanced iDVD;
22.1 Designing Your Own Themes;
22.2 Button Styles;
22.3 Editing and Positioning Text;
22.4 Changing Backgrounds;
22.5 Choosing Menu Audio;
22.6 Saving Favorites;
22.7 Buying Sound and Vision;
22.8 iDVD—The DVD-ROM Maker;
22.9 Archiving Your Project;
22.10 Disk Images and External DVD Burners;
22.11 Professional Duplicating;
Part Five: GarageBand;
Chapter 23: Setting Up the Garage;
23.1 The Two GarageBand Challenges;
23.2 Opening GarageBand;
23.3 Playback;
23.4 Cycling (Looping);
23.5 Navigating the Music;
23.6 Two Kinds of Music;
23.7 Tracks;
23.8 Muting and Soloing Tracks;
Chapter 24: Loops;
24.1 Starting a New GarageBand Project;
24.2 The Loop Browser;
24.3 Placing a Loop;
24.4 More Loops;
Chapter 25: Regions;
25.1 Selecting Regions;
25.2 Renaming Regions;
25.3 Dragging Regions;
25.4 The Grid;
25.5 Looping Regions;
25.6 Shortening Regions I;
25.7 Shortening Regions II;
25.8 Lengthening Regions;
25.9 Splitting Regions;
25.10 Joining Regions;
25.11 Copy and Paste;
25.12 Option-Drag;
25.13 Delete;
25.14 The Time Display;
Chapter 26: Software Instruments (MIDI);
26.1 How to Feed a Hungry GarageBand;
26.2 Your FREE! Onscreen Digital Piano;
26.3 The Mac Keyboard as Piano;
26.4 MIDI Synths and Controllers;
26.5 Recording a MIDI Track;
26.6 Retakes;
26.7 Spot Recording (Punch In/Punch Out);
26.8 Cumulative Recording;
26.9 Mod Wheels and Other MIDI Fun;
26.10 Editing Software Instrument Parts;
26.11 Quantizing ("Align To" Button);
26.12 Velocity, Pedaling, and Other MIDI Data;
Chapter 27: Recording and Editing Live Audio;
27.1 The Setup;
27.2 Recording a Live Audio Track;
27.3 Editing Real Instrument Regions;
27.4 Enhance Timing, Enhance Tuning;
Chapter 28: Effects, Guitar Amps, and Instrument Modules;
28.1 Instrument-Named Presets;
28.2 Save Instrument, Delete Instrument;
28.3 Effect Modules;
Chapter 29: Mixing and Publishing;
29.1 Mixing Tracks;
29.2 The Master Track;
29.3 Publishing the Song;
Part Six: Troubleshooting;
Chapter 30: Troubleshooting iTunes;
30.1 Rule 1: Get the Latest;
30.2 Rule 2: Back Up Your Library;
30.3 Store-Bought Songs Won't Play;
30.4 Playback Problems;
30.5 Files Missing in Action;
Chapter 31: Troubleshooting iPhoto;
31.1 Importing and Opening;
31.2 Exporting;
31.3 Printing;
31.4 Editing;
31.5 General Questions;
Chapter 32: Troubleshooting iMovie and iDVD;
32.1 Two Golden Rules;
32.2 General iMovie Troubleshooting;
32.3 Starting Up and Importing;
32.4 Title Trouble;
32.5 Photo Problems;
32.6 Problems Editing;
32.7 Exporting Troubles;
32.8 DVD Problems;
32.9 Project Corruption;
32.10 Problems with Sound;
32.11 Relinking Missing Files;
32.12 Where to Get Help Online;
Chapter 33: Troubleshooting GarageBand;
33.1 The Speed Problem;
33.2 Set the Stage;
33.3 Trouble with Loops;
33.4 Mixing and Publishing Glitches;

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  • Anonymous

    Posted May 8, 2006


    Do you need to harness cutting-edge technology for your own creative expression and entertainment? If you do, you're in luck! Author David Pogue, has done an outstanding job of writing a book that doesn't require you to be a professional working for a media conglomerate to read it. Pogue, begins by discussing how to use iTunes 4 for managing, playing, buying and sharing digital music. Then, he discusses how to use the iPhoto 5 program for downloading photos from your digital camera, and organizing, sharing, and printing them. The author continues by describing how to use the iMoves HD program for editing footage from a digital camcorder, adding effects, sound, and credits, and then presenting the result. Next, he details how to use GarageBand 2 for composing and recording terrific-sounding songs of your own. Then, the author provides an overview of how to use the iDVD 5 program for burning DVDs containing the movies, music, and photos from iTunes, iPhotos, iMoves, and GarageBand. Finally, he explains how to troubleshoot the preceding programs. This most excellent book packages iDVD 5, iTunes, iPhotos, iMoves, and GarageBand come in a single package called iLife '05. In other words, if you've mastered all of the preceding information, you have all of the technical background you need to enjoy iLife '05: The Missing Manual.

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