I'll Be Seeing You: Love Songs

I'll Be Seeing You: Love Songs

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by Andrea Marcovicci

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  1. The Picture in the Hall  - Andrea Marcovicci
  2. I've Heard That Song Before  - Andrea Marcovicci
  3. Monologue  - Andrea Marcovicci
  4. All of My Life  - Andrea Marcovicci
  5. Monologue  - Andrea Marcovicci
  6. Big Band Medley  - Andrea Marcovicci
  7. Reading from a Lovely Leave  - Andrea Marcovicci
  8. Speak Low  - Andrea Marcovicci
  9. We'll Meet Again/I'll Be Seeing You  - Andrea Marcovicci
  10. I'll Walk Alone  - Andrea Marcovicci
  11. They're Either Too Young or Too Old  - Andrea Marcovicci
  12. Dream Medley  - Andrea Marcovicci
  13. Reading from an Ancient Gesture  - Andrea Marcovicci
  14. You'll Never Know/Lover Man/Skylark  - Andrea Marcovicci
  15. I Said No/You Can't Say No to a Soldier/I'm Doing It for Defense  - Andrea Marcovicci
  16. My Sister and I  - Andrea Marcovicci
  17. The Last Time I Saw Paris/London Pride  - Andrea Marcovicci
  18. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square  - Andrea Marcovicci
  19. White Cliffs of Dover/When the Lights Go on Again All over the W  - Andrea Marcovicci
  20. It's Been a Long, Long Time  - Andrea Marcovicci
  21. My Shining Hour  - Andrea Marcovicci

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