Illumination in the Flatwoods: A Season with the Wild Turkey

Illumination in the Flatwoods: A Season with the Wild Turkey

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by Joe Hutto

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An unforgettable story about the fascinating behavior of the most elusive of wild game birds.See more details below


An unforgettable story about the fascinating behavior of the most elusive of wild game birds.

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"Hutto beautifully chronicles an audacious, inventive experiment in ethology. It is an extraordinary tale of man-animal interaction related with bemusement, wonder, and, ultimately, reverence for the complexity of nature."—Kirkus Reviews "Joe Hutto has with empathy and patience entered the wild turkey's world like no one before. His insight is a revelation and his writing a delight."—George B. Schaller"Beautifully written and observed, Illumination in the Flatwoods is a work of art worthy of its subjects. The book takes us to a place we might never have even dreamed and gives our minds the courage to believe things our hearts have always known."—Rick Bass"This book is all about turkeys, and yet you will come away from it thinking not about poults and jakes but about the overlap of art and science, the difference between love and sentiment, and what fine creatures humans can be when they are at their best."—Bailey White"Hutto's book will join Gavin Maxell's Ring of Bright Water and Joy Adamson's Born Free as a classic work of natural history and human-animal interaction. . . . Hutto's prose flows with lyrical beauty, carried on the respect and deep love he holds for his charges."—Bird Watcher's Digest
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Wildlife artist Hutto embarked on an unusual study of wild turkeys: he obtained two dozen eggs, incubated them and imprinted himself on the hatchlings, with unexpected results. It was, he says, exhausting, enlightening and one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. His account of raising the brood is an engaging story of an unlikely relationship between species. For six months Hutto spent nearly every waking moment with the young turkeys (four males and 10 females reached maturity), accompanying them on walks in the flatlands of northern Florida, roosting with them at night (until they went to sleep) and observing their behavior. By late summer, he felt so much a part of the flock that smooth green grasshoppers began to look appetizing. In October, Hutto's flock met native wild turkeys, and they dispersed. In an epilogue, he tells how they fared. This tale should have wide appeal to hunters and nature- and animal-lovers. Who would have dreamed turkeys could be so interesting? Illustrations not seen by PW. (Nov.)
Library Journal
Naturalist/wildlife artist Hutto describes a summer spent raising a flock of imprinted wild turkeys in the flatwoods of north Florida, trying to understand the biology of this wary and little-known bird. The book consists of excerpts from Hutto's journal and accounts of the natural history of the area. There are some interesting insights into turkey behavior, but, unfortunately, they are separated by far too many repetitive accounts of forays into the old field or the creek near the cabin. Much of the material is highly anthropomorphic, detracting from its value as scientific documentation. Distilled, it would make either several good journal articles or a good popular book, but it is not recommended in its present form for either wildlife biologists or general readers.-Bruce Neville, Univ. of Texas at El Paso Lib.

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