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Illustrated Bald Eagle

Illustrated Bald Eagle

by Denny Rogers
A visual study offering the most comprehensive reference drawings on the majestic bald eagle-down to each feather-that can be infused into your carving creations.


A visual study offering the most comprehensive reference drawings on the majestic bald eagle-down to each feather-that can be infused into your carving creations.

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Fox Chapel Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date:
The Denny Rogers Visual Reference Series
Product dimensions:
8.30(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.40(d)

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Rogers' book gives the reader information on the diet, habitat, population, nesting and flight of the bald eagle.
There are detailed drawings of bone structure fron side, front, and back angles as well as in flight. Detailed drawing of feathers of the bird include body, wings, legs, tail and individual feathers. These drawings are great for patterns. Every different shape of feather is drawn so that one can see what size and shape each feather is in that particular feather group. Detailed drawings with measurements are given for the feet, legs, bill and wings from several angles.
The reader will become very familiar with the bald eagle as though the bird was alive in hand. Every dimension of the eagle is given. Not only does Roger give dimensions of the actual bird but he breaks down the dimensions from full scale, 9/10 scale, 4/5 scale, 7/10 scale, 3/5 scale, 1/2 scale, 2/5 scale, 3.10 scale, 1/5 scale and 1/10 scale. These dimensions are given for every body part of the bald eagle.
Rogers also gives color definitions and illustrations of each feather group as well as every part of the eagle. Detailed color mixing is given so that the artist will be able to get the very same color that Rogers uses. Each feather is detailed and each feather group is detailed. The artist can surely get a great painting, carving, bronze or view of how the bald eagle looks from the many details that the author gives in bone, feathers, color and size of the bird.
Finally, the book contains pictures of live bald eagles in flight, perching and capturing prey. This is absolutely the ultimate reference guide.

Meet the Author

Raised in Abraham Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois, Denny Rogers holds a bachelor's degree in visual communications (with a double major in graphic design and illustration) and a master's degree in product design/ manufacturing from Illinois State University. He has done doctoral work in bronze sculpture and foundry technology and has taught design and illustration courses at ISU.

Denny has crafted numerous limited-edition bronze sculptures of animal, religious, and presidential subjects in cooperation with The White House and Presidential archives. His life-size bronze statue of an American Bald Eagle in dramatic flight, Winged Magnificence, was chosen by President Ronald Reagan for his second inaugural and by Vice President Bush's committee for the Texas Sesquicentennial.

Additionally, Denny has done graphic design/illustration work for officeholders, businesses, national figures, and entertainers, including singer/songwriter Willie Nelson, and has assisted police, coroners, and prosecutors in reconstructing crime scenes and human anatomy in homicide cases. His woodcarvings have been featured in national woodcarving and art publications, and his animal physiology illustrated reference books have been used by woodcarvers around the world to secure contracts, win blue ribbons, best of show, state, national, and world championships, and earn induction into the White House permanent collection and other prestigious world collections.

He has worked as a museum exhibits artist and has used his design, sculpture, and construction skills as a special effects artist in the movie industry.

A lifelong outdoorsman and wilderness enthusiast, Denny lives with his wife, Carol, in rural Bloomington, Illinois. They have two adult sons, Darren and Scott. Denny is currently working on a book for artists titled An Eagle, an Artist and Other Critters: The Life, Times, and Misadventures of Denny Rogers.

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