I'm a Texan/Battleground

I'm a Texan/Battleground

by Gary Stewart

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Release Date:
Floating World


Disc 1

  1. Come On In
  2. I'm a Texan
  3. Stompin’ Grounds
  4. Hand Me Another of Those
  5. Draggin’ Leather
  6. It's True
  7. Honkey Tonk Hardwood Floor
  8. Dark End of the Street
  9. Make It a Double
  10. One Night
  11. Those Memories
  12. Two More Fools

Disc 2

  1. Nothin’ But a Woman
  2. Bedroom Battleground
  3. Let's Go Jukin’
  4. Nothing Cheap About a Cheap Affair
  5. Ol’ Hank's Lovesick Blues
  6. Woman In Demand
  7. Hey Leona
  8. Your the Reason I'm Living
  9. Delia
  10. Seeing is Believing

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