I'm Your Biggest Fan, Vol. 1

I'm Your Biggest Fan, Vol. 1


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Tooth & Nail Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Crux   Track Performer
John Antoon   Guitar
Steve Davis   Guitar,Background Vocals
Andrew Thomas   Drums
Nelson Matt   Bass
MxPx   Track Performer
Damien Jurado   Bass,Vocals
John ?   Background Vocals
Ghoti Hook   Track Performer
Ninety Pound Wuss   Track Performer
Roadside Monument   Track Performer
Brain   Bass,Background Vocals
Ceasefire   Track Performer
Jeff Bettger   Vocals
Scurvy Bones   Drums,Background Vocals
Toddy Bones   Bass,Background Vocals
Isaiah Coughran   Bass,Background Vocals
George Cowgill   Vocals
Mike R. Cowles   Guitar
Mike Dente   Guitar,Vocals
John Himmelberger   Guitar
Dave Hobson   Bass
Otto Jack   Vocals
Pete Janssen   Guitar
Douglas Lorig   Guitar,Vocals
Mitch Wingate   Drums
Cootees   Track Performer
Tom Wisniewski   Guitar,Drums,Background Vocals
Andy Wiseman   Bass,Vocals
Yuri Ruley   Drums
Johnathon Ford   Bass,Vocals
Eben Haase   Guitar,Vocals
Blah   Track Performer
Andy Husted   Bass
Billy Bones   Guitar,Vocals
Shorthanded   Track Performer
Adam ?   Drums
Andrew ?   Guitar
Exhaust   Track Performer
Mike Herrera   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Brian Yerman   Bass
Keppy Young   Drums
Greg S.   Guitar
Coolidge   Track Performer
Matt Johnson   Drums
Alex   Vocals
Tawd Bell   Vocals
Matt Bonson   Drums
Terry Burton   Guitar,Background Vocals
Ben Cater   Drums
Chad Davis   Drums
Brannon Foster   Bass
Kent Harland   Drums
Marty Martinez   Drums
Mike Niednagel   Guitar,Vocals
Jiles O'Neal   Bass,Vocals
Colette Papillion   Vocals
Daniel Phelan   Vocals
Wayne Rush   Guitar
Ryan Sheely   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Sider   Bass

Technical Credits

Brandon Ebel   Executive Producer
Bill Power   Executive Producer,Artwork,Art Direction

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