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The labor of giving birth is very comparable to the labor of giving birth to one's dreams. There is great pain. We can experience it as an endurable moment because we know that the dream is being born. But if we think our dream is dying, then the same pain becomes unbearable. Mood management (iWM) is the difference that matters in how we perceive, process and experience the moment. If you are getting what you want in all areas of your life, this is not the book for you. If, however, there is something you always ...
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The labor of giving birth is very comparable to the labor of giving birth to one's dreams. There is great pain. We can experience it as an endurable moment because we know that the dream is being born. But if we think our dream is dying, then the same pain becomes unbearable. Mood management (iWM) is the difference that matters in how we perceive, process and experience the moment. If you are getting what you want in all areas of your life, this is not the book for you. If, however, there is something you always wanted to do, be, have or see and for whatever reason(s) you have not yet manifested your desires; or if you find yourself immobilized by fear, anger, boredom, depression or are unable to direct your energy to take action and get results, then read on. But before you do, there is something you must understand. To achieve the results that have, until now, eluded you, what is required is a willingness to "expand your box", to forego judgment about the material provided, to study and then to use your will to take action. Understand that these requirements are not easy. If they were, you would already be doing, being, having and seeing exactly what you want in your "presence" time. By the end of our time together, you will have a better understanding of concepts that are probably familiar to you. If you apply them, you will build a powerful image that empowers you to take action and create the results you want in your personal and professional life....because iMAGE is Power.
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  • ISBN-13: 9781449049058
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 1/12/2010
  • Pages: 112
  • Product dimensions: 0.44 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 6.00 (d)

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Manage Your Mood; Improve Your Image; Create More Wealth
By Mic Alexander


Copyright © 2010 Mic Alexander
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-4904-1

Chapter One


Studying may well be the single greatest reason we fail to create results in our lives. Most adults, even those who have participated in higher education, have never fully learned - or have forgotten - how to study.

Somewhere in the midst of our experiences, beliefs, precepts and judgments are the facts about a topic. The ability to correctly observe and perceive the who, whats, whens, whys and hows of a situation is an ability that most adults have failed to refine. Once you become more present in an area by increasing your knowledge through the art of study while maintaining a high mood level, you will unlock your power to create the life you want, whenever you want, with freedom and ease.

Yes No Do you own a dictionary? Yes No Do you know where it is? Yes No Have you used it in the past 7 days?

Don't be embarrassed if your answer to any of these questions is no.

It simply means that you have not experienced the effectiveness of the dictionary and the power of words when creating results in your life.

To master this topic (or any topic), you will need a good dictionary. I recommend the American Heritage Dictionary or Webster's Dictionary of the English Language. Although I often use the online dictionary services, I find that holding a book in my hand and feeling the pages has a greater and more lasting impact upon my studies. Spoken as a former player of a rapidly changing industry (printing), there is no substitute for paper!

Researching words in the dictionary, especially the most commonly used words is the first step to reclaiming your power that may have been decreased through multiple upsets and shocks along your journey. Mispronounced, misused and/or misspelled words indicate that further study is in order.

Reclaim your power by researching the definition of words for yourself rather than using someone else's projected definition that you have accepted as true.

You will notice that I have condensed many of the definitions used in this system. I believe that one of my gifts is to make complicated things simple and summarizing the definitions is my way of helping you to have a more precise but accurate definition to work with. But please, research the words yourself before accepting my definitions.

I also strongly recommend reading aloud whenever you are in study mode. Reading aloud forces you to concentrate on each word you read. As you read aloud take note of any physical manifestations such as stuttering or mispronouncing words. This may be an indication that those words need further defining. Don't let your ego fool you. If you notice any of these signs, take a moment to look up the word, no matter how simple or common.

I invite you to use your dictionary to study the definitions on the pages that follow. Don't be afraid to challenge what you are reading. Research the words and find a definition that you can agree with. When you can get a 3D definition of a word, that is - an accurate definition plus a picture in your mind - you will feel the power of that knowledge in the form of confidence when using the word.

For example, if I say the word car to you, you will most likely have an accurate definition of the word: a vehicle used for travel, and a picture will pop up into your mind. It might be a picture of the vehicle you currently own or one that you dream of owning, but I am certain that some picture will appear.

If, however, I say the word celiograph to you, your mind and body will go through a series of short circuits trying to access the correct data. You will notice several physical manifestations that alert you that further research of the word is needed, such as blinking or rolling eyes, frown or smile, hands to temples, or even yawning. Pay attention. Don't let your ego rob you of your power! Take time to look up the words that you may need to further define, no matter how small or familiar the word may seem. I guarantee that you will experience a real sense of excitement as you improve your vocabulary, your spelling skills and reclaim your personal power.

By using a dictionary you will move from awareness to understanding to knowing or knowledge. And knowledge is power.

By the way, don't bother researching celiograph. I made it up!

Note to Students:

At the end of each chapter I have allotted space to record your thoughts and definitions. Thoughts may surface as you read the material. They may be in the form of questions, strong disagreement or "Ah-ha" moments. Record them in the space provided then review them after completing the book. You may notice a shift in your precepts, beliefs, or personal power. Use the space provided marked "definitions" to expand your knowledge of words. Challenge yourself to review a minimum of one word per chapter. You will be amazed at what you might learn about words you frequently use. Over time, your dictionary will become as important to you as your identification - you won't want to leave home without it.

* * *

Thoughts ... _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Definitions ... _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________


When I initially began working on iMAGE Wealth Management in 2006, the system was called Image Risk Management. The word risk created an immediate Red Zone mood for some people, making them resistant to the concept. (It was funny to see that those resistant to the word risk were the very people that had the biggest risk to either their personal or professional image.)

iWM was born out of a desperate need to manage my printing company's image in the marketplace as we expanded our employees, vendors and client base. When the company consisted of just my Dad, Mom and I, it was easy to control what others perceived about our company and product because we all believed in the same code of ethics.

The greatest risk to any company image is its employees, especially those who come in direct contact with clients or the public.

Employees who are unhappy, untrained or uninformed can project a poor self-image, which reflects on the company as a whole.

My solution to the growing problem of managing my company's image was a system I created called THE SHOW ... Because you are always on. The scoring system measures image risks in five specific areas of business.

I also created a version called THE PRIVATE SHOW, which measures an individual's image in the same five areas.

1. The Home Show evaluates your customers' experiences when they visit your facility (The Private show for individuals measures the experience of anyone visiting your home or office). 2. The TalkShow evaluates your customers' experiences when coming in contact with your communications, whether written, verbal or automated (same for individuals). 3. The Stage Show evaluates your customers' experiences when coming in direct contact with your product or service (for individuals: evaluates their roles/identities and vision). 4. The Road Show evaluates your customers' experiences when coming in contact with your sales staff and/or sales materials (for individuals: outward appearance and vocabulary). 5. The Trade Show evaluates your customers' experiences when transacting business (for individuals: code of ethics).

Today, THE SHOW is being used by companies and individuals to mitigate the damages associated with risks to their image.

* * *

While developing THE SHOW, I became totally immersed in the topic of image. What is it and what role does it play in our successes and failures? Here is what I came to understand.

Image can be defined as the sum total of all that is believed about an individual, product or business/organization. Although it may not be accurate or factual, in our society, perception is reality.

The iMAGE you project may not always be an accurate reflection of who YOU really are.

Perhaps you just found out that someone close to you is filing bankruptcy, their home is in foreclosure and they may need to come live with you and your family until they can regroup. You're sitting at your desk at work feeling powerless and frustrated. A co-worker, who also happens to be a friend, interrupts you and without looking up you ask, "What the h- is it now?"

When you do look up, you notice this person is standing there waiting to introduce you to the new manager. Now you will spend the first courting hours of your relationship with your new boss trying to undo that first impression. Yikes!!! It's not really who you are! It was just one moment in time.

When you know who YOU are and can manage your iMAGE, you will improve your communication skills, handle people with finesse - regardless of your mood level and theirs, find yourself in the right places at the right times with the right people, and attract abundance in all the areas of your life that you desire.

I am well aware that the outside image you project is extremely powerful. I have consulted with many people on their wardrobe, hairstyle, choice of eyewear, etc. However, I believe that if you are projecting a powerful image from the inside, you can more easily overcome what people judge about you from the outside because iMAGE is Power!

The most common definition of wealth is perceived to be: a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other extravagant riches. But real wealth is not limited to things. Wealth can be an abundance of time, health, love, laughter and more.

Many people have asked me to explain the difference between wealth and prosperity. Of course, I tell them to look both words up in the dictionary. My personal understanding is that wealth is an abundance of anything you desire and prosperity is the condition of enjoying that abundance. This explains why some very wealthy people are also very miserable. They are lacking prosperity.

One of the most important exercises that anyone can do to help create the life they desire is to define their personal perception of wealth. I have found that it is different things to different people. It may very well be financial abundance, but what else is it? Ask yourself to define wealth in terms of things that money cannot buy. Don't overlook things like sunshine, rain, and clean air. These are things that many of us take for granted. However, if we didn't have them, all the money in the world couldn't stop our eventual demise.

Wealth ... what is it to YOU? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

Need help? The chart on the following page lists some of the answers my students have described as wealth (in no particular order, but I have taken the liberty to combine some of them. My additions are in bold.). Check off the ones that you can accept as a part of your definition.

Quality time with children/ Harmony in personal relationships grands

Rain/forest, thunder, storms Laughter/Crying to release

Sun rise/set, shinny days Sharing/Giving

A garden that bares fruit Clean running water/ Hot Shower

Good Food/Great wine/Great Shoes that don't hurt Friends

Parents/Grands being alive and well A relationship with God

The time to draw (create)/all Effective communication art forms

Clean air Kind neighbors

Job/enjoyable/purposeful Learning/STUDYING

A good relationship with Being an aunt/uncle siblings

No major illnesses/ Healthy The use of all 5 senses/ body all limbs

Wisdom/Intuition/The "little Teaching voice"

Loving foster parents/ Cooking Foster children

The Ocean/sports & activities The Sun/Moon/Stars/4 Seasons associated) sons

Air conditioning/ Access to Health Care Electricity

Fellowship and Socializing A loving church home/spiritual comm.

Clothing Plays/Operas/Movies

Volunteering/Special Olympics Hanging out with active & others seniors




iMAGE Wealth Management (iWM) is a system that focuses on utilizing an individual's Moods, Abilities, Games & Ethics to control and "make more of" what others perceive while attracting wealth.

No matter what game you are playing in life (relationship, business, social, academic, health, sports, etc.), your ability or skill in the area combined with your mood and ethics creates the iMAGE to which others are either attracted or repelled.

iMAGE Wealth Management begins with YOU, the individual. It is a system that teaches YOU how to manage your mood, identify your abilities vs. skill, develop a "game" plan and review your code of ethics. Once your iMAGE is established you can set an intention to use it to create wealth. When YOU can perceive that YOU want something, set an intention to get it, formulate a plan of action and have the power to implement the plan, the result is wealth - an abundance of anything you desire.

* * *

Thoughts ... _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Definitions ... _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________


To get results from the iWM technology, one must have a thorough understanding of several definitions.

What is your definition of YOU? If all of your roles and identities were suddenly removed, who would YOU then be?

Don't be embarrassed if you find yourself without a definitive answer to this question. Most adults I informally interviewed answered this question using descriptive characteristics such as honest, ethical, loving, etc. Some of them described their roles or identities such as mom/dad, teacher, doctor, etc. And they all agreed that both characteristics and roles can change, so YOU must be something greater.

iWM supports the idea that YOU are not just your character, role, identity, mood, mind or body. YOU are the energy that has the ability to control all of the above. To successfully utilize this system in building wealth, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the difference between YOU, Mind, and Body.

YOU can be thought of as the energy that connects your breath to your heart beat; your essence, the life force plus your experiences, Spirit.

The late Alan Walter, author of the book The Secrets to Increasing Your Power, Wealth and Happiness, describes YOU as an acronym for "Your Own Universe". I like his analogy because it is easily recognizable. For example, your home is a reflection of YOU. If you have an office or cubicle at work, it is more than likely adorned with items that represent your knowledge and mastery, such as diplomas and awards, as well as photos of family or friends, and other items that symbolize your viewpoints or pleasures. It is uniquely yours and has distinct differences from the other offices or cubicles. Your car, music collection, home, yard, foods in your refrigerator and cupboards, art, books, furniture, clothing, etc. are all part of your own universe and under your control. You can decide what stays, goes and changes. You can add and delete at any time YOU choose.

It is important to realize that YOU are in control of Your Own Universe and although YOU may have some influence, YOU are NOT in control of anyone else's.

* * *

Spirit can be thought of as the nonmaterial characteristic of beings; the life force, the vital power, YOU.

Many of us are familiar with the term "team spirit". We recognize that it is a non-physical energy that is comprised of each individual's image: their moods, abilities, the game and their code of ethics. Team spirit is the power that moves the team forward in space and time.

The same power exists in individuals. For example, it is easy for us to accept a newborn baby as a spiritual being. Without the skill to communicate its needs to us in words, it takes total command of our own universe by asserting its will in specific mood levels. Its spirit is so powerful that it can command the attention of anyone that crosses its path.

If you are playing the game of parenting, you will find yourself reacting to your baby's every mood. If she is crying, you will check her diaper or try rocking, a bottle, a pacifier, music or anything else your mind presents as a solution to the problem until you and your baby have a win. And how will you recognize a win? You will experience a happy, friendly, relaxed spiritual being that brings YOU joy just to be in its presence.

Let me address the subject that usually surfaces whenever I speak on YOUr spirit and that is the acknowledgement of a "higher source or power", the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha, and a host of other names that are used to represent a universal intelligence greater than we as individuals. I am not the judge of someone else's choice to believe or not believe in a power greater than they are as an individual. My opinion is that whether you choose to believe that YOU walk the path alone or with a force or forces outside of YOU, this technology can be a benefit in creating results on your life journey. And I do believe that we are here to make more of not less of our time here.


Excerpted from iMAGE is POWER by Mic Alexander Copyright © 2010 by Mic Alexander. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


About this book....................x
Chapter 1. Study....................1
Chapter 2. iMAGE....................7
Chapter 3. You....................15
Chapter 4. Processing....................25
Chapter 5. Moods....................33
Chapter 6. Games....................51
Chapter 7. What games are you playing?....................59
Chapter 8. Ethics....................75
About the Author....................90
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