Images of Africa: Stereotypes and Realities / Edition 1

Images of Africa: Stereotypes and Realities / Edition 1

by Daniel M. Mengara

ISBN-10: 0865439079

ISBN-13: 9780865439078

Pub. Date: 01/28/2000

Publisher: Africa World Press

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Africa World Press
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New Edition
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5.12(w) x 8.27(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: White Eyes, Dark Reflections1
Pt. IAncient European Perceptions of Africa21
European Images of Africa - Tale of Two Names: Ethiop and N---23
Menelaos, the Cyclopes, and Eurybates: a Post-Colonial Reading of Homer47
European Images of Africa from Early Times to the Eighteenth Century61
Pt. IIWestern Imperial Ideology in Theory and Practice83
Strategic Amnesia: Versions of Vasco da Gama on the Kenya Coast85
Literature of Empire and the African Environment105
From Crusades to Colonies: Africa in French Literature127
Pt. IIIAfrica, Orientalism and the West137
The North-African Motif in Early American Fiction139
Mediterranean Waterways, Extended Borders and Colonial Mappings: French Images of North Africa159
Transposing the Political & the Aesthetical: Eugene Fromentin's Contributions to Oriental Stereotypes175
Pt. IVAfrica in the Americas193
In Brightest Africa': Naturalistic Constructions of Africa in the American Museum of Natural History, 1910-1936195
From Race to Class: the African American Literary Response to the Italo-Ethiopian War209
The Herero in the Hartz: Pynchon's Re-presentation of Race Relations in Gravity's Rainbow219
Pt. VMedia-ting Africa235
In the Heart of Sickness: A Life Portrait of Dr. Albert Schweitzer237
Scarred for Life? Representations of Africa and Female Genital Cutting on American Television News Magazines249
US-Centered Afrocentric Imaginations of Africa: L. H. Clegg's When Black Men Ruled the World, and Eddie Murphy's Coming to America261
Pt. VIFeminism and Women in Africa279
Perceptions of African Feminism: A Socio-Historical Perspective281
African Women: Educational Opportunities and the Dynamics of Change307
Pt. VIIAfrican Literatures: Text and Pre-Text325
Once Upon A Time ... Representations, Misrepresentations and Rehabilitations in African Literatures327
'Oxford, Black Oxford': Dambudzo Marechera and the Last Colony in Africa343
Playing Africa: The Fictions of Ferdinand Oyono375

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