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Images of Nature: The Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen

Images of Nature: The Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen

by Charles Craighead (Text by), Margaret E. Murie (Foreword by), Lee Riddell (Designed by), Thomas D. Mangelsen (Photographer)

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this lavish, hefty volume of 200 mostly terrific color photographs of wildlife, Mangelson's careful, inventive composition and expert use of available light make for artistic success, while his portrayal of animals in natural poses and settings assures biological accuracy. We see a spruce tree full of bald eagles, migrating sandhill cranes, a bull moose in a snowstorm, coyotes, sparrows, zebras, owls, elk, woodpeckers, elephants, egrets, starlings, bison and many bears (polar, black, grizzly). A spectacular shot of an Alaskan brown bear, a split second away from chomping down on a flying salmon, decorates the dust jacket. Naturalist Craighead's short chapter introductions set the mood for the illustrations that follow, while Mangelson (whose photos have appeared in National Geographic , Geo and Smithsonian ) provides eloquent, insightful notes from the field to make the pictures even more immediate. (Nov.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
These books make fine presents, but do they belong on a library's bookshelves? They do if your library has an interest in nature photography, wildlife, mountaineering, or the West. Stunningly illustrated, they boast photographers who list National Geographic , Smithsonian, GEO , and similar popular magazines among their credits. Images of Nature is a gallery of 207 stunning photos of landscapes and wildlife from around the world. It is short on text but includes interesting anecdotes (``Notes from the Field'') on nature photography. Magestic Mountains describes Le Bon's experiences climbing 30 of the most famous mountains on six continents, illustrated by 175 photos. Besides considerable technical information, the work includes a climbing history of each peak, an equipment list, and travel tips, making it useful for serious mountaineers as well as armchair enthusiasts. Both groups will enjoy Le Bon's firsthand accounts of his adventures. Rowell's 101 magical photos complement the Sierra Club's edition of Muir's 1912 classic The Yosemite , which celebrates the 100th anniversary of this national park. The combined artistry and shared passion of Muir and of Rowell, well known for his 1986 Sierra Club work, Mountain Light , make this a stunning tribute to one of America's favorite national parks. As expected, the works abound in breathtaking full-color photograhs of dramatic landscapes, mountains, and animals. These are quality books sure to garner an enthusiastic reception from today's increasingly conservation-minded public. For more photography by Rowell, see Galen Rowell: The Art of Adventure , reviewed in this issue, below.--Ed. -- Russell T. Clement, Brigham Young Univ. Lib., Provo, Ut.

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