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by Lynn Levin
Imaginarium was a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's 2005 Book of the Year Award.


Imaginarium was a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's 2005 Book of the Year Award.

Editorial Reviews

Per Contra
"Lynn Levin's second book of poems is an "in-" book. But don't call it merely interesting-that would be an insult. The work in Imaginarium is incisive, insightful, intelligent, intriguing, inspired, intellectual, introspective, inviting, instructive and ingenious. These are congenial poems, deceptively accessible."
Poems Niederngasse
"An exuberant acrobatics of the imagination, Lynn Levin's second poetry collection delights, surprises and deeply moves with its questions, often unvoiced, regarding life, happiness and justice - at times light-hearted and faintly ironic, at times introspective and poignant. "
"The poems in Lynn Levin's second book, Imaginarium, reveal a mature heart smitten by the elusive promise of happiness in a blemished world. Her poems juxtapose hope and cynicism, beauty and tragedy, and loss and fulfillment with such finesse that the seamless twists and turns of logic invite multiple readings. "
The Comstock Review
"Imaginarium dances confidently from the pen of Lynn Levin in its blend of comedy and tragedy, ecstasy and grief. One of the best and most original books to come out in 2005, each poem heads the reader toward one emotional shore then lands him/her on another one entirely in smooth and seductively lively writing."
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"..With seeming ease, Levin practices one of Robert Frost's golden rules for poetry, which speaks to the inextricable bond between form and content: Like a piece of ice on a hot stove, said Frost, a poem should ride on its own melting."
Valparaiso Poetry Review
"Lynn Levin consecrates the ordinary, transporting us to a place where her imagination makes sense out of disappointment, where her voice clarifies common experience with compassion and maturity."

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Imaginarium 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Who could imagine a book that begins with 'How to do it' and ends with 'Sundry blessings'? Indeed, these are the bookend poem titles in Lynn Levin's smart, sexy collection, 'Imaginarium.' In the poem, 'How to Do It,' Levin offers her own conflicted version of carpe diem: 'Moderation in all things,/ sighed the wise. All the sweetness you can seize, laughed the thief.' The conflict between thoughts and feelings, and also a passionate quest for everything sweet, are just two of a number of recurring themes. Others are sexual violence, social injustice, the trials of love, and the struggle to discover one's own truth. The book's epigraph draws a distintion between 'exactitude' and 'truth,' stating that exactitude is often mistaken for truth. Levin's poems are imbued with language where image, sound, and sense are crafted with an exactitude that can be nothing but truth. Not the Truth with a capital 'T,' rather, thuths which sound the bell of mindfulness. I found myself discarding a few of my old truths and acquiring a few new ones - no small feat for a book of poetry. Seldom is the unity of sound and sense so deftly presented as in the following line, 'O life of elemental purpose. O unexamined life.' These are ambitious poems that lay life open and attempt to make bearable what Levin calls the 'unbearable vigilance of living.' Levin has her own answer to Rilke's admonition that 'You must change your life.' She discovers and bravely writes in the poem, 'North,' 'that I did not have to change my life,/ that I could go on perfectly well as I was:/ gaveling the air for justice, forcing my heart/ toward mercy, bending before all branches/ so as to walk humbly: for I have heard/ that is all that is required of me.' A personal and poetic manifesto to be admired. 'Industry in spite of sorrow!' writes Levin. Industry, indeed! 'Imaginarium' is the compelling and intelligent work of a talented and noteworthy poet. Discover for yourself its 'Sundry Blessings.'