Imaginary Companions

Imaginary Companions

by Andrew Hawcroft

A collection of fantasy novella and short stories based on the titular theme.


A collection of fantasy novella and short stories based on the titular theme.

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Andrew Hawcroft
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First, a deep heartfelt thanks to those who have already bought my books, be it on Smashwords, Kindle, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc. I hope very much you enjoyed them.I invite all my readers to stay up-to-date with my writing work, be it fiction, stageplay or screenplay, or simply to get in touch with feedback, on my blog at; me:I was born in England, 1974. I'm a former gym instructor and in-house personal trainer, and I write, amongst other things, Young Adult fiction, specialising in a style I'd call gritty, 'reality-based fantasy.' My hobbies are fitness training, singing, amateur theatre and songwriting. (See Youtube under my name.)I also write stageplays, and made my pro debut in November 2011 when my stage adaptation of four M.R. James ghost stories, which I called AN UNSETTLING EVENING, ran at the Palace Theatre, Southend, London.I have written a musical based on THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, and purely for my own pleasure, since it hasn't a hope of getting made, a fan-fiction stageplay based on DOCTOR WHO. I invite all Whovian theatre fans to send me an email, and I will happily send them a copy for their valued feedback. Some have kindly done so already. For their opinions, and opinions of my other work,please see the REVIEWS section of my blog.I also write film screenplays, and sold the option to one, INGRID's BEACH in 2009 to a Dublin production company before the recession bit and funding was pulled. The option has been returned to me.I also write TV drama pilots, pantomimes (some produced) and music.I can be contacted on andrewhawcroft1@gmail.comFavourite books:THE KRAKEN WAKES by John WyndhamCHOCKY by John WyndhamWAR OF THE WORLDS by HG Wells.THE BOX OF DELIGHTS by John Masefield

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