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Imaginary Lines

Imaginary Lines

4.4 14
by Allison Parr

Tamar Rosenfeld has been in love with New York Leopards linebacker Abraham Krasner since they were twelve years old. She'd always considered it destiny that they'd end up together…until Abe was drafted and she professed her feelings in a moment of blind excitement. The sting of his rejection was like nothing she'd ever felt before, and it's nothing she'll ever


Tamar Rosenfeld has been in love with New York Leopards linebacker Abraham Krasner since they were twelve years old. She'd always considered it destiny that they'd end up together…until Abe was drafted and she professed her feelings in a moment of blind excitement. The sting of his rejection was like nothing she'd ever felt before, and it's nothing she'll ever forget.

Older and wiser, Tamar has landed a dream job as a reporter for one of New York's premier athletic websites. Determined to stop being the safe, boring girl she's felt like for most of her life, Tamar makes a list of all the things she wants to do and see in her new city, and Getting Over Abraham is priority number one.

But destiny has finally chosen to interfere. Just as Tamar's decided to move on, Abe's realized she's the only woman for him. When he confides the truth, Tamar has to decide if she can put her crush behind her, or take a chance on the very man who's been holding her back all these years.

Read more about the New York Leopards in Rush Me and Running Back, available now!

82,000 words

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Imaginary Lines 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AliCrean More than 1 year ago
Tamar Rosenfeld has one guy for her and it is Abraham Krasner. The two have grown up with one another and not only has she know that he is it for her but she has watched him grow into the NFL quality football player that she had every faith he would one day become and that has landed him a place on the New York Leopards. What happens between him leaving for the big leagues and her own step into the real world is a time of no contact and bad feelings is a big black hole of resentment stemming from an ill-timed comment from Abe’s mouth which Tamar overhears when he friendzones her for a sleazy-time girl whom he can never take home to mom and doesn’t have to respect in the morning. Sometime a guy wants a cheap, greasy, burger that won’t satisfy for long rather than a steak dinner and young Abe Krasner wants the entire burger menu after he finds he’s been drafted. Tamar is his steak; you don’t waste steak for the thrill, you savor it. Abe has every intention to savor his steak, even if he is blinded by his own self importance during his mad five minutes of initial fame. Imaginary Lines is based on the theory that men are dumb and since I agree I thoroughly enjoyed it. Abe reconnects with Tamar after his years of Tamar draught and wants to drown in her and basically finds that he’s on Tamar rations. She is a spectacularly feisty character and although I am not a fan of that shifty, What-I-am-doing-will-bite-me-in-the-duppa-later plot line I still really dig-dug the way this story works this out. You have Tamar’s villainous boss, the villainous doings of the NFL endorsement politics, Tamar’s treacherous heart and it’s jenky villainy when it wants to give in and she wishes to stay mad at Abe the Babe! Allison does a great job of handling a huge cast of book characters and cameoing players and couples from past books. I didn’t catch that this was the third book in the series when I picked it up, sometimes these things sneak by me. This book is a great stand alone so it doesn’t need to be read in order with the rest of the series, there is no issue at all picking it up as is. I do have to say that I did immediately fall in love with Rachael from the first book, Rush Me. She is an awesome character and I think she added to Imaginary Lines and really pulled it into the series. I have not read the previous books but Rachael was enough to pique my interest in going back. This is a fantabulous book! I recommend this and if you like it but you want to go in another sports direction please try Collette West’s Kings Series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
Tamar Rosenfeld has been in love with Abraham Krasner for nearly half her life. A friend when she needed one, a crush that seemingly went unrequited, Tamar saved herself for years, hoping Abe would see that she was in love with him, and realize he felt the same way. One reckless confession four years ago crossed an imaginary line in their friendship, and Tamar vowed to move on, to finally put Abe behind her and move on. BUT, four years have passed and now Tamar is moving to New York to work as a sports writer. Her assigned team is the New York Leopards (fictional, which kinda threw me, but okay!) and guess who's the team's star linebacker...yep, Abe! Tamar wants to be close with Abe again. At the heart of it, they were dear friends and she misses him. And yet, she must be careful with her heart. At nineteen and twenty, Abe didn't want her love. He was moving cross-country and joining the NFL. He didn't know who he was yet, knew Tamar needed time to find herself, and the timing was just so wrong. Now though, Abe wants Tamar in his life. He's solid, and happy with his friends and his team, but it's clear he's missed her, that Tamar represents a comfort he craves. And what's so neat about this whole relationship is, Tamar believes Abe holds all the power, he will break her heart eventually. Throughout the story, though, Abe gives these small cues, a lot of which Tamar misses or misunderstands (oh, but I did not!) that let us know that he's really in this. And when he finally begins to tell Tamar want he wants, how he feels, and how he has hoped and planned over the years? Guys, my heart started thumping so hard. I love a strong hero, an honorable one, but when that strong man lets the heroine see how vulnerable she makes him, how she could bring him to his knees and tear his world apart with one word? THAT is what makes me go weak for a romantic lead. Nothing shows strength like exposing what could destroy you. And that is what had me reeling over a Imaginary Lines. Okay. So I did not mean to go on and on, recapping the story and what I thought, but I just really want to talk about why I loved Imaginary Lines. And to be general and vague was not going to cut it for me. I needed to thoroughly explain why I found T and A's (Hee! Nailed it.) relationship to be special among the millions of romances out there. I also need to point out that I genuinely enjoy Allison Parr's voice. She gave the story a lot of passion and emotion but avoided being too flowery. Librarian Cousin (as she will forevermore be known) assures me that Parr is a completely solid writer and she does not hesitate to buy her books. Also, you might pick up that Tamar and Abe are Jewish. I loved seeing the tidbits about the food they ate, their family histories and customs. This is another reason I am happy with the series. I love to find more diverse backgrounds/religion/ethnicities in my books. The book world sadly tends to reflect the small town I grew up in in the rural south, almost all white Protestants. Imaginary Lines was an excellent story, even better than I'd hoped for. I'm excited to find a new-to-me author and series I can whole-heartedly recommend. And I look forward to reading the rest of the New York Leopards series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
A very sweet, thoroughly enjoyable read, Imaginary Lines was a wonderful New Adult romance. I really liked this fantastic book. From the sweet and hot romance, to the lovely story, this book was great. Tamar was a wonderful heroine. She was a genuinely kind and likable character, but one who also wouldn't let others run all over her. She was tougher than it would appear at first glance and just an overall great character. I really liked her. Abe was also amazing. He was very sweet and determined to prove to Tamar that he was all in. I loved how he was so devoted to her and would stand by her, no matter what. He was perfect and I adored him. The romance was lovely. Tamar and Abe were so perfect together. I liked how they already had a deep bond that was expanded throughout the book. And, I liked how they both knew, even when they were young, that they were meant for each other (though Abe didn't give in to that as fast as Tamar did). And, the chemistry between them was hot, with some steaminess going on between them. I thought they were a lovely couple. The plot was well paced and I was kept interested the entire way through. The plot was a bit slow to start up. But, after about the first quarter of the book, things picked up and I was fully drawn into the book. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was perfect. Imaginary Lines was a wonderful New Adult romance. I really liked this lovely book. Romance lovers, this book is one you'll definitely want to check out. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
EMAReads More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars I was thrilled to see that Abe got his own story- I fell in love with him in Rush Me.  With Tamar he has truly met his match. Friends that become more is a favorite story line of mine. The fact that Tamar was ready to finally move on when Abe got a clue was fantastic.  He had to work for her! Tamar’s inner monologue is hilarious.  Her family, as well as Abe’s, were amazing- the matchmaking sweet.  The way that Tamar and Abe found their way was real and beautiful. Well- written, engaging and addictive.  I root for the New York Leopards- and love their family and friends.  This story is a perfect addition to the series.  Funny, sweet, sexy with some real life complications and issues.
sbridgeway More than 1 year ago
Pretty good story. Allison Parr writes well and I enjoyed her two previous novels. A little over halfway through and something has really irked me. The main character's last name KRASNER is misspelled several times as KRAMER. I read a lot of self-published books and am used to seeing typos, but this book was actually done by a publishing company! It was probably more of spell check/auto correct mishap, but the editor should have caught it. I almost rated as 3 stars but decided not to punish the author too much. I really do like her work.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Parr is a truly gifted writer that knows how to balance humor and heart masterfully. She develops characters with depth. Tamar and Abe's love story does not disappoint. I loved this book.
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
I have been in literary love with Abraham Krasner since he and Rachael became friends in Rush Me. He always seemed like a good guy who didn't fall into any of the pro-football player stereotypes. I was so excited to learn he was getting his own book. I wanted/needed to know his full story immediately. I could have done cartwheels when I had the opportunity to read and review it before release. I finished the book with a big, goofy grin on my face and and all the warm fuzzies you can imagine. It wouldn't be a stretch to say this is my favorite book in the New York Leopards series so far.  Tamar was fantastic. Anyone who has ever had a crush on a close guy friend will relate to her immediately. Ah, unrequited love. Or, is it? Tamar is the kind of girl I'd be friends with in real life. She was sweet, strong and smart. She didn't have the best luck in love, but she had been pining away for her best friend for most of her life. A journalist and sports fan, she's thrilled to get an offer to work for one of the biggest sports blogs/magazines in the country. The job will take her from her home in California all the way to New York City. It's the perfect time to start over. There's just one little problem: Abraham Kraser, her childhood best friend and object of her unrequited love, is a professional football player for a team in New York. The same one she'll be covering. It's going to be difficult to move on while she's near him, but she's determined to try.  I've already said how much I love Abe. I'm not exaggerating. Each of the guys in Parr's New York Leopards series has been fantastic and swoony (especially to a lady like me who loves football - both the sport and the players), but there's just something special about Abe. It was wonderful to learn some of his backstory. My only complaint about this book is that I wish part of it had been told from his POV. I would *love* to get inside Abe's head.  Despite Tamar's best efforts to get over Abe, as they spend more time together and he begins to open up about his feelings, she's fighting a losing battle. These two are so obviously meant to be together. I love-love-love friends to lovers stories. They're risky. There's the fear of losing the friendship if the relationship doesn't work out, but the understanding that the feelings are real and can't be easily dismissed. The author did a fantastic job of making this story come to life. It felt so real. Tamar and Abe were fantastic together. Their second chance at love wasn't all hearts and flowers, though. There's some drama that threatens to hurt both of their careers, and possibly their relationship. Thankfully it wasn't all that scandalous and it didn't make me want to throw my iPad at the wall.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. The characters were easy to love and completely relatable. I love a good, driven female lead character. Tamar blossomed in this book. The friendships between the other players and their significant others is one of the things I love most about this series. I enjoy getting a peek into the lives of favorite pairs from previous novels with each new one that's released. It hasn't taken me long to become a huge fan of this fictional football team or Allison Parr's work. If you like romance (with a hint of steam), sports and strong characters, I can't recommend this book – or the others in the series – highly enough.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
twimom101 More than 1 year ago
Regret filled his face and he moved his arms as though to pull me into a hug. "Tammy-" But that was all I needed, to be comforted by Abraham Krasner for being idiot enough to fall in love with him at first sight, and stay that way for close to a decade. He was too perfect, and I clearly was not, and I was in no shape to handle that. So instead of collapsing against him, I stumbled back, unable to take his soulful, tragic eyes, I ran. ** A few years back Tamar confessed her love to her best friend right before he took off to New York to play pro football. Unfortunately he didn't feel the same. Fast forward to the present and Tamar finds herself running in the same circles as Abe thanks to her new job. Abe is still with the Leopards and Tamar is a reporter that covers his team. Abe wants another chance with her but Tamar thinks it is too risky and will only be left brokenhearted. Again. Will Abe be able to prove himself to Tamar? Will her job jeopardize this new relationship with Abe? I had no idea this was book 3 of a series. At least I don't recall knowing. It may have been mentioned and I just forgot. Point being? After seeing who the first two books were about and seeing those characters in this story, it is safe to say that it is ok to read them out of order. And now I definitely want to go back and read these other 2 books. Because this author is one heck of an author. ** "I am afraid that loving you is like riding a bike. That if I let myself remember how to do it, I'll fall so hard and fast that I'll never be able to recover." He kissed me hard and swift, like a branding. "I don't want you to be able to recover." ** I was a little taken aback with Abe. I went into this story thinking he was going to be a womanizing, arrogant jerk. Finding out he wasn't was like being doused with cold water. He was actually a really great guy and a decent one. Tamar really is going to have a hard time rejecting him. I can see where Tamar is coming from though. It was enough to have your heart broken at 19, you sure don't want it done again when starting over all alone in a new city with a new job. But seeing Abe slowly chip away her defenses had me smiling. I rooted hard for this guy. They needed to find their way back to each other. ** We would never give each other up. But that didn't necessarily mean that we would get to keep each other, either. ** Great storyline, amazing characters...this book was absolutely fabulous. I didn't want to put it down once I started. And it was so easy to fall back into once I started it again. I quickly read through this book and was a little sad once it was over. I am soon going to pick up those other two books just so I can hang on to this world the author created a little bit longer. 5 Adoring stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Abe breaks her heart, plays the wide open field of football groupies and when she finally ends up in same city, he decides to close the deal? And she LETS him?? Disappointing