Imax under the Sea [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Imax under the Sea [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]


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Watertower Music

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  1. Volcano/Opening  - Maribeth Solomon
  2. Sea Snakes  - Micky Erbe
  3. Creatures of the Triangle  - Micky Erbe
  4. Catfish  - Micky Erbe
  5. Squid and Garden Eels  - Micky Erbe
  6. Convicts  - Micky Erbe
  7. Great Barrier Reef  - Micky Erbe
  8. Turtle and the Jellyfish  - Micky Erbe
  9. Chambered Nautilus/Dead Coral  - Micky Erbe
  10. Cuttlefish Stalk  - Micky Erbe
  11. Muck Creatures Dance  - Micky Erbe
  12. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas)  - Doris Day
  13. Sharks and Rays  - Micky Erbe
  14. Flyover/Cuttelfish Goodbye  - Micky Erbe
  15. Leafy Sea Dragon  - Micky Erbe
  16. Octopus's garden  - Leah Erbe
  17. Nautilus Reprise  - Micky Erbe

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doris Day   Vocals
Lenny Solomon   Violin
Rob Piltch   Guitar
Micky Erbe   Conductor
George Gao   Erhu
Brian Barlow   Percussion
Winona Zelenka   Cello
Evergreen Club Gamelan   Ensemble
Leah Erbe   Vocals,Vocoder
Toronto Tabla Ensemble   Ensemble
Winona Zelenko   Cello
Leah Erbe   Vocals
Evergreen Club Camelon Ensemble   Ensemble

Technical Credits

Osvaldo Farrés   Composer,Original Lyrics
Micky Erbe   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Orchestration,Score Producer
Maribeth Solomon   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Score Producer
Scott Boyling   Engineer
Rebecca Pellett   Orchestration
Keith Zajic   Music Business Affairs
Stephen Marsh   Mastering
Jason Linn   Executive Administrator
Sandeep Sriram   Art Direction
Dustin Harris   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Richard Starkey   Composer
Joseph Davis   translation
Dustin Harris   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Paul Talbott   Pro-Tools
Cory Mandel   Engineering
Gary Honness   Engineer
Stephen Marshat   Mastering
Dirk Hebert   Music Business Affairs
Scott Boyling   Engineer
Gary Honness   Engineer
Dustin Harris   Engineer

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