Imitation in Animals and Artifacts

Imitation in Animals and Artifacts

by Kerstin Dautenhahn

ISBN-10: 0262042037

ISBN-13: 9780262042031

Pub. Date: 05/21/2002

Publisher: MIT Press

An interdisciplinary overview of current research on imitation in animals and artifacts.  See more details below


An interdisciplinary overview of current research on imitation in animals and artifacts.

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MIT Press
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Complex Adaptive Systems
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18 Years

Table of Contents

1The Agent-Based Perspective on Imitation1
2The Correspondence Problem41
3Vocal, Social, and Self-Imitation by Bottlenosed Dolphins63
4Allospecific Referential Speech Acquisition in Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus): Evidence for Multiple Levels of Avian Vocal Imitation109
5On Avian Imitation: Cognitive and Ethological Perspectives133
6Art Imitates Life: Programming by Example as an Imitation Game157
7Learning to Fly171
8Imitation of Sequential and Hierarchical Structure in Action: Experimental Studies with Children and Chimpanzees191
9Three Sources of Informatics in Social Learning211
10The Mirror System, Imitation, and the Evolution of Language229
11Imitation: A Means to Enhance Learning of a Synthetic Protolanguage in Autonomous Robots281
12Rethinking the Language Bottleneck: Why Don't Animals Learn to Communicate?311
13Imitation as a Dual-Route Process Featuring Predictive and Learning Components: A Biologically Plausible Computational Model327
14Challenges in Building Robots That Imitate People363
15Sensory-Motor Primitives as a Basis for Imitation: Linking Perception to Action and Biology to Robotics391
16Imitation or Something Simpler? Modeling Simple Mechanisms for Social Information Processing423
17Imitation as a Perceptual Process441
18"Do Monkeys Ape?" - Ten Years After471
19Transformational and Associative Theories of Imitation501
20Dimensions of Imitative Perception-Action Mediation525
21Goal Representations in Imitative Actions555
22Information Replication in Culture: Three Modes for the Transmission of Culture Elements through Observed Action573

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