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by K. A. Last

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The night before her fifteenth birthday, Rosaline Clayton uncovers a deep family secret. She receives an amulet from her deranged father, and he tells her she must find the book in order to save him. Rosaline is used to her dad not making any sense, so she dismisses their conversation as another of his crazy rants.

When Rosaline’s brother, Elliot, drags


The night before her fifteenth birthday, Rosaline Clayton uncovers a deep family secret. She receives an amulet from her deranged father, and he tells her she must find the book in order to save him. Rosaline is used to her dad not making any sense, so she dismisses their conversation as another of his crazy rants.

When Rosaline’s brother, Elliot, drags her to their Nana’s attic to explore, they find the old leather-bound book tucked away in a chest. It sucks them into its pages, transporting them to a magical world. Along the way Rosaline and Elliot are separated, and the only thing she wants is to find her brother and go home.

The creatures of Immagica have other ideas. After years of war their land lies in ruin. Using the amulet’s power, they want Rosaline to defeat the dragon and restore Immagica to its former glory. But Rosaline is bound to Immagica in ways she doesn’t understand, and when she discovers the truth about her family, she must follow her heart to save them all.

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K. A. Last
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K. A. Last was born in Subiaco, Western Australia, and moved to Sydney with her parents and older brother when she was eight. Artistic and creative by nature, she studied Graphic Design and graduated with an Advanced Diploma. After marrying her high school sweetheart, she concentrated on her career before settling into family life. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she began writing to let off creative steam, and fell in love with it. She now resides in a peaceful leafy suburb north of Sydney with her husband, their two children, and a rabbit named Twitch.

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Immagica 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by J. Aislynn d'Merricksson for Readers' Favorite Immagica by K.A. Last is a story all of a piece with those such as Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, Inkheart, The Neverending Story, and Labyrinth. It is the story of Rosaline, a young girl whose family houses unimaginable secrets, both dark and light-hearted. On her fifteenth birthday, Rosaline learns she has an uncle she never knew about, she’s not who she thinks she is, and her family is guardian to a wondrous realm known as Immagica. It’s in danger of disappearing, and it's up to Rosaline to set things right. For her birthday, her father gives her an amulet, a family heirloom, and tells her it is her birthright. He also tells her she must find ‘the book’ hidden in her grandmother's attic. She and her brother Elliot find the book and get drawn into Immagica, though at different places. Searching for her brother, Rosaline meets a variety of beings, from unicorns and gryphons to dragons and fairies. The hunt for Elliot becomes the quest to save Immagica itself. More family secrets come to light, and Rosaline is faced with some hard choices. I loved the cover. The artwork was beautiful, and it complemented the story. Nothing is quite as off putting as a book cover that doesn't match the book. The chapter headings were creative as well. Though it may be a play on a familiar theme, Last does a wonderful job of breathing fresh life into it, and in weaving Rosaline’s story. If you like books such as the ones mentioned at the beginning, then you are sure to fall in love with the beauty of Immagica.
Skaiste More than 1 year ago
I've loved books of K. A. Last I've already read, and I was eager to read this new one. From the first page I've found lively characters, who easily became real and alive to me. They made me curious to know more about them and their lives, what led them to this moment and what would happen to them now.  It was very easy to read. Story flowed like a stream of words. I was enjoying it. I enjoyed reading about the adventure of Rosaline, about her meeting new characters, dealing with challenges, getting to know more about the secrets of her family and the world of Immagica. I liked to see how she grows through her journey. As story went on tension builded up, and I was hurrying through the pages anxious to see what's next, what obstacles and dangers characters would have to face, how it would go. And when story got very tense, I was fidgeting in my seat. I liked the world pictured in here. I enjoyed the idea of Immagica and adventures you can have in there. Actually, I would love to have one myself. This world reminded me a bit of The Neverending Story. After reading Immagica I think I should read that book again and all the other books mentioned in here. I'm always fascinated by the author's imagination and ability to create a new world.  Now, when this story is finished, I'm eager to know more about the future of the characters, more about their adventures yet to come. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal).
Emma_Andje More than 1 year ago
I am glad a requested this from the author to review. I quite enjoyed this book. The story was cute and the characters had good development throughout the book, as did the relationships that were formed between them. It was pretty easy to connect to the characters and like all of them, even the evil ones. It was nice to be able to connect with characters so easily. It was also filled with good life lessons, such as love others, ladies shouldn't swear and have an imagination. I would have liked to have had a setting for where the book was set (or even what country it was), other than her grandmother's home and Immagica. The only reason being, they had different terms that what American's use, so I think it was in either Australia or the United Kingdom, but it would be nice to know for sure. The only thing I can really criticize is the fact that that age group that the storyline reaches out to is very different to the character's age (15) and commentary, they do not really connect. It read more like a middle grade/late elementary read, rather than a YA read. Not that I am complaining exactly, I love me some Percy Jackson. Overall, I liked this book. It was well written and a good story. I hope there is a sequel, I want to know how Rosaline's story continues!
shivapastures More than 1 year ago
Immagica I received a free copy, through LoP, in exchange for a review. Birthdays are hard enough, but when it's both your birthday and that of your brother & your family is a little left of center, then it's a whole different experience. Rosaline & her brother Elliot are at a turning point in their lives, not just because it is their birthdays, but they both uncover a deeply, hidden family secret. A secret so huge, that they cannot believe that it true. There is a whole other world, that they are destined to save. When they get transported to this place, they get separated and Rosaline's agenda is to find her brother, not meet the creatures of this universe and help them restore it to it's glory. But, along the way, she starts to understand why she is here and what she needs to do, in order to save Immagica and everything in it. 'Brynn sighed. “Never mind about that now. You may want to find your brother, but your dad is right, you're here for another reason. That amulet goes to the firstborn child on the day they turn fifteen. Immagica is your responsibility. You have magic in your blood, whether you like it or not.”  I got this book, since I thought this would be a fun book to read with my seven year old daughter. Boy was I right on. Adventure, mythical creatures, the ultimate journey is held in this book. My daughter was so excited by it, that I was reading her a few chapters at night, not the one I was planning on. It was well written and obviously had a great story line. Thank you for such a fun experience!