Immortal: Curse of the Deathless

Immortal: Curse of the Deathless

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by Derek Edgington

Asher Hearst is a college student, and the closest thing he’s got to a superpower is his ability to take a punch. Basically all he has going for him is an edgy sense of humor-- and, of course, that he can't die. 

As a small-time fixer, he's about to field a job request best left to the pros, because once he gets involved with witches and the


Asher Hearst is a college student, and the closest thing he’s got to a superpower is his ability to take a punch. Basically all he has going for him is an edgy sense of humor-- and, of course, that he can't die. 

As a small-time fixer, he's about to field a job request best left to the pros, because once he gets involved with witches and the supernatural, there's no turning back. 

While Asher becomes immersed in the secret world of the supernatural, he makes few allies and some very powerful enemies. At least traveling across space and time will bring him some unexpected romance, right? 

Immortal: Curse of the Deathless is a humorous, action-filled story with gritty, sometimes horror-inspiring elements. Over its three parts, the book spans multiple worlds: a modern, urban city of the 21st Century, as well as Tír na nÓg, a land that's home to the Fae (Sídthe) from classic Celtic Mythology.

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I’m Derek Edgington, and I graduated Magna Cum Laude from LMU in LA on May 7, 2016 with a Bachelors in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship. Sarcasm is my stock and trade; I’m a practitioner of all shades. Pretty much all the way from Fourth Grade onwards, you could find me with a book in hand. Ironically, this was a few years after my parents were told I had a reading disability. In high school I eventually traded in print books for ebooks, mostly because it was sneakier and could be read more easily during class. Although I self-published two books before I went to college (The Seven & Leviathan), I didn’t publish any full-length titles during my time in University. Publishing Immortal: Curse of the Deathless marks my return to the publishing world. For the next few years, I plan to give the starving artist routine a run for its money— and I’m determined to succeed in the marketplace as an indie author. The author photo I’m including this time around is one that I feel is quintessential: with feet hanging over the edge and friends along for the ride, I’m putting myself back out there.

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Immortal: Curse of the Deathless 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous 10 days ago
I didn't know quite what to expect from this book, but certainly didn't expect it to be such fun read. Although it certainly wasn't as fun when situations became more dire, I enjoyed this book a lot. It's worth a try if you like the paranormal, the supernatural, or just heros who tilt at windmills. I did not like the cover, but fortunately it seemed to bear little relation to the story.
TheHungryMonster 4 months ago
This fantasy novel is bursting at the seams with an intricate world waiting to be discovered, not only by the reader, but also by the main character, Asher. He is a college student in a world that appears to be similar to the Earth we know and love, but he is also an immortal. He uses his power to help people with their issues for small fees. This earns him enough money to survive, but it also earns him some powerful enemies and sends him on a trip to learn about his past and parentage. In the Fae Realm, Asher gets caught up between two feuding noble houses, Summer Court and Winter Court. While he is there to meet his mother, the inhabitants of the realm look to exact some favors from Asher before his quest can reach its end. Will his immortality prove to be a blessing, or will he come to think of it more of a “curse of the deathless”? What will he discover about his birth and will the evil organizations of his home planet come for him? This novel is gritty, funny, and entertaining. The narration is mostly in third person, although Asher will interject his thoughts directly to the reader whenever he deems necessary. For example, while trying to survive what would otherwise be a fatal sword blow, he thinks “Note to self: Lungs and swords don’t play nice together”. However, there are some pitfalls that come with a fantasy novel of this scope. The author has created a universe that is seemingly vast and full of magic creatures and objects, of which the reader and the protagonist know very little. Because of this, it gives the reader difficulty when it comes to finding out what is going to happen next. I felt that issues were resolved by seemingly random events which then spawned the next set of events. The plot points come across as if they were written for a video game, as there are checkpoints to be met before the story can progress. For example, Asher has to gain favor with the rest of the family members before his step-sister will let him meet his mother. If you can ignore these minor issues then you will find an entertaining adventure story in a world that is rich and worthwhile. The universe has plenty of depth, lore, and legend for any fantasy fan. The narration is spectacular despite a couple of minor grammatical mistakes. The characters are fun, and the dialogue is original although parts of the story may be a bit cliché. I’m not sure how nearly every woman in the story came to be so attractive, but there it is. Overall, this story is quite the undertaking, and I can’t wait for a sequel, which the author seems ready to deliver.
theaterofthemind 9 months ago
I received an e-version of Immortal: Curse of the Deathless from author Derek Edgington for review. Immortal: Curse of the Deathless is a prime example of why I have come to enjoy reading Indie authors. This book is great, no other way to say it. I'll start with the negatives, actually, there is only one, and it is the most prevalent in self-published indie books: typos. There weren't as many as I often encounter, but more than there should be. Note to indie authors: Get good proofreaders, reviewers like me will rise as one and praise you! So much for the negative. Immortal: Curse of the Deathless is an epic work of fantasy. Many mythic creatures (sorry, I don't know the PC title for such) are intertwined in a thoroughly entertaining adventure. Our hero is a completely irreverent and sarcastic immortal (so that's where he got the title). His immortality is put to the test repeatedly as he deals with witches, were-people, the Fae (Fey?), zealots and regular human folk (emphasis on deals). The case can be made that this story entails three distinct episodes, but they tie together so nicely that the case can also be made that it is just one long quest. Our hero has to incorporate tasks set on him by those who seek to either take advantage of his unique abilities or destroy him. There is all the action, suspense, violence, bloodshed (lots of bloodshed, but not always in a bad way), romance, and sex- very hot sex. Author Edgington has the ability to weave extremely steamy sex scenes without being overly graphic (read pornographic). Edgington does a fabulous job of balancing drama and violence with sarcasm and wry wit. Immortal: Curse of the Deathless is the first installment in a series of Immortal stories. Thankfully, this author knows how to continue a series without using the cliffhanger. For mythic adventure, action, knock-down drag outs, sex, and humor, Immortal: Curse of the Deathless by Derek Edgington has the answer. Enjoy! Mike