Impact of the Holocaust

Impact of the Holocaust

by Linda Jacobs Jacobs Altman

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Trauma, once experienced, changes a person. How to cope with loss, pain, and suffering is a subject that has been touched upon in many fields of study. For the survivor of a traumatic event questions and memories remain that are difficult if not impossible to process. Why did I live while others perhaps more worthy died? In a world where religion is widespread how can such terrible things happen to civil and innocent people? How could people allow such things to happen? In this context it is both interesting and saddening to consider the plight of Holocaust survivors who carried with them some of Trauma the starkest memories imaginable. Indeed, it is improbable that even the most learned scholar of the Holocaust could understand even a small percentage of what a survivor of the death camps could possesses within their memory. In Altman's Impact of the Holocaust readers are challenged to take into account not only the monumentally dreadful aspects of Hitler's Final Solution, but also the way in which the Holocaust's existence changed those who survived it. Yet, as the author of this touching and well-written book relates, how can the individual who withstood this terror cope with it? In studying that question readers are challenged to not only see the evil that can exist external to themselves, but also how they would cope with its perpetration and their own potential actions. 2004, Enslow, Ages 10 up.
—Greg M. Romaneck

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