Imperial Footprints: Henry Morton Stanleyy

Imperial Footprints: Henry Morton Stanleyy

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by James L. Newman

Reevaluates the extraordinary exploits of one of history’s most controversial figuresSee more details below


Reevaluates the extraordinary exploits of one of history’s most controversial figures

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"Ripping . . . Gives us a hard-eyed look at Stanley."

"The blend of history, biography, and travelogue makes for an exciting blend of researched fact and drama which reads like fiction, giving Imperial Footprints an edge over other coverages on Stanley.

"A most interesting book . . . Newman successfully integrates the historic and the geographic. . . . Maps, illustrations, and notes help reveal one of the epic undertakings in African exploration. Recommended."

"The most complete and rigorous biography of this controversial person . . . As well as shining light on the most obscure aspects of the person, Newman sums up in magisterial fashion the great journeys of Stanley in Africa . . . with maps of each of them of singular quality."

"Imperial Footprints is a fine and impeccably researched book. For a record of Stanley’s career and achievements, I doubt this account can be bettered."

"Imperial Footprints is a comprehensive and balanced evaluation of the journeys of the most provocative, and most successfully heroic, imperial explorer of the later nineteenth century, Henry Morton Stanley. . . . Enhanced by numerous maps, it will surely establish a benchmark in imperial historiography for many years to come."

"A fascinating and engaging portrait of Henry Morton Stanley . . . Imperial Footprints is sure to be enjoyed by general readers and to be tremendously useful to historians, geographers, and professional Africanists.

"Newman provides not only a more sympathetic (and nonjudgmental) portrait of the diminutive adventurer whose affinity with Africa was unparalleled, but also, through extensive research in enormously valuable hitherto untapped sources of Stanley's writings, we now learn about his innermost thoughts. . . . His utilization of Stanley's private notebooks and revised journals . . . is both remarkable and meritorious. . . . Newman's narrative provides a dimension not seen in earlier biographies. . . . Newman's study is a tour de force. . . . Not only is Imperial Footprints instructive, it is a delightful and exciting read."

"Allows the reader to gain an understanding of Stanley's relationship to Africa, an aspect largely overlooked in other Stanley biographies that tend to take more of a psychological approach to understanding the man. . . . Landscapes and people encountered are described in vivid detail. . . . Comprehensive and well-researched, Imperial Footprints is also enjoyable reading. The book is filled with interesting insights. . . . This is a welcome addition to the relatively few Africa-focused biographies. Newman presents a nuanced portrait of Stanley that does not gloss over or make excuses for his disagreeable thoughts or acts. General audiences will appreciate Imperial Footprintsalong with Africanists, historians, and geographers."

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Meet the Author

James L. Newman is a professor emeritus of geography at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. His books include Imperial Footprints: Henry Morton Stanley’s African Journeys (Potomac Books, Inc., 2006), The Peopling of Africa, Eliminating Hunger in Africa with Daniel Griffith, and Contemporary Africa with C. Gregory Knight. He lives in Syracuse, New York.

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