Improving Health Service Delivery in Developing Countries: From Evidence to Action

Improving Health Service Delivery in Developing Countries: From Evidence to Action

by Donald Bundy

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coming January 2009

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Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xv

About the Editors xvii

Abbreviations xxi

Overview 1

Health Services and the Challenge of Implementation 2

Common Strategies to Strengthen Health Services 4

Framework 5

How to Gain Knowledge on Strengthening Health Services 8

Overview of the Studies 24

Notes 31

References 31

Chapter 1 Review of Strategies to Strengthen Health Services John Ovretveit Banafsheh Siadat David H. Peters Anil Thota Sameh El-Saharty 35

Reasons for Conducting the Review 36

Objectives of the Review 36

Methods Used 37

Main Findings 37

Main Limitations 47

Implications for Decision Makers 51

References 51

Annex 1.1 Electronic Databases Searched 52

Annex 1.2 Key Search Terms 52

Annex 1.3 Studies Reviewed 54

Chapter 2 Review of Strategies to Strengthen the Performance of Health Organizations Anbrasi Edward David H. Peters Amy Daniels Yong Rang Toru Matsubayashi 69

Reasons for Conducting the Review 70

Objectives of the Review 72

Methods Used 72

Main Findings 75

Main Limitations 77

Implications for Decision Makers 81

References 82

Annex 2.1 Outcome Measures of Selected Health Organization Performance Models 84

Annex 2.2 Key Search Terms 86

Annex 2.3 Studies Reviewed 92

Chapter 3 Review of Strategies to Improve Health Care Provider Performance Alexander K. Rowe Samantha Y. Rowe Marko Vujicic Dennis Ross-Degnan John Chalker Kathleen A. Holloway David H. Peters 101

Reasons for Conducting the Review 102

Objectives of the Review 103

Methods Used 103

Main Findings 104

Main Limitations 108

Implications for Decision Makers 108

Notes 109

References 109

Annex 3.1 Databases Searched 111

Annex 3.2 Key Search Termsin a Medline Search 112

Annex 3.3 Studies Included in the Review 117

Chapter 4 Review of Community Empowerment Strategies for Health Bahie Rassekh Nathanial Segaren 127

Reasons for Conducting the Review 128

Objectives of the Review 128

Methods Used 129

Main Findings 130

Main Limitations 139

Implications for Decision Makers 140

Reference 141

Annex 4.1 Electronic Databases Searched 141

Annex 4.2 Studies Reviewed 142

Chapter 5 Analysis of Cross-country Changes in Health Services Toru Matsubayashi David H. Peters Hafiz Rahman 173

Reasons for Conducting the Study 174

Objectives of the Study 176

Methods Used 177

Main Findings 178

Main Limitations 189

Implications for Decision Makers 191

Note 192

References 192

Chapter 6 Institutional Context of Health Services Gerry Bloom Hilary Standing Anu Joshi 203

Reasons for Conducting the Review 204

Objectives of the Review 204

Methods Used 205

What Are the Main Limitations, Findings, and Implications? 205

Note 213

References 213

Chapter 7 Evaluation of Changes in Health Results in World Bank-assisted Health Projects Savitha Subramanian David H. Peters 217

Reasons for Conducting the Review 218

Objective of the Review 220

Methods Used 221

Main Findings 223

Main Limitations 224

Implications for Decision Makers 226

Notes 227

References 227

Chapter 8 Seven Country Case Studies Sameh El-Saharty Katja Janovsky Banafsheh Siadat Finn Schleimann 233

Introduction 234

Research Questions 235

Methods 236

Limitations 237

Country Findings 238

Key Implementation Factors and Lessons Learned 263

Concluding Thoughts 272

Note 273

References 274

Chapter 9 From Evidence to Learning and Action David H. Peters Sameh El-Saharty Katja Janovsky 277

Findings 277

How to Improve Implementation 281

Notes 294

References 295

Glossary 297

Index 331

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