In Bed with Space, Vol. 8

In Bed with Space, Vol. 8


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Clubstar Germany

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Disc 1

  1. Take No Shhh  -  Flamingo
  2. Reach for Me
  3. So in Love with You  -  Duke
  4. New Day  -  Shapeshifters
  5. Hands Up
  6. This Is Your Life  -  DJ Six
  7. Raise the Alarm  -  Glitchy
  8. Up & Down  -  Brane
  9. Space  - Micha Moor
  10. Roadkill
  11. Perculate It  -  S & H Project
  12. Marathon  -  Factory
  13. You Ain't All That  -  9 Lives
  14. Not Exactly  -  Deadmau5
  15. Echo 2007

Disc 2

  1. Irresistible
  2. Seasons of Jack
  3. Love Is Everywhere  -  Love Committee
  4. Lotta Lovin'
  5. Disco Volante
  6. The Riddle  -  Angel Anx
  7. Fruity Loops, Pt. 1
  8. The Whisper
  9. The Others
  10. Beautiful  -  Cicada
  11. The Remote
  12. Let the Beats Roll  - Simon Franks
  13. The Whisper
  14. Colombian Soul  -  D Ramirez
  15. Bank  -  David Sense
  16. Back into the Funk
  17. Kinda New  -  Spektrum

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Knight   Keyboards
Marcella Woods   Vocals
Jack Weaving   Vocals

Technical Credits

Max Romeo   Composer
Oscar G.   Composer,Producer
Ralph Falcon   Composer,Producer
Mark Knight   Composer,Producer
Matt Schwartz   Composer,Programming,Producer
Roger Swallow   Composer
Grant Nelson   Producer
Max Reich   Composer
Dubfire   Composer,Producer
Michael Mixx'in Moor   Producer
Sandy Rivera   Remixing
A. Gilbert   Producer
A. Payne   Producer
Per QX   Composer
Cedric Gervais   Remixing
Matt Nordstrom   Engineer
Stephan Endemann   Producer
Jonathan Ulysses   Composer,Producer
Michel Pollen   Composer,Producer
René Amesz   Composer,Producer
Manuel Schleis   Composer
Jens Gimborn   Producer
Fedde Le Grand   Composer
Gabriel Olegavich   Producer
Cosmo Klein   Composer
Luke Dzierzek   Composer,Producer
James Talk   Composer,Producer
Dan Welton   Composer,Producer
Jeremy K.   Contributor
Cory Blight   Composer
Scott Targett   Composer
Jack Weaving   Composer
Massimo Nocito   Composer
T. Liken   Producer
Sven Kirschner   Composer
Enrico DiTroy   Producer
Simon Marlin   Composer
David Sense   Composer,Producer
Joel Zimmerman   Composer
Jenna Gibbons   Composer
Bastian Heerhorst   Composer,Producer
Giuseppe Cottone   Composer
Enzo Dicaprio   Composer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer
Michael Woods   Composer,Producer

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