In Control: How to Fly a 747

In Control: How to Fly a 747

by Ian Graham, Robert Holder, Roger Goode

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More than a book, this title is an activity pack. It includes a richly-illustrated book that gives young readers a chance to sit in the pilot's seat and learn how the Boeing 747 aircraft is powered, controlled, safety-checked and much more. For example, did you know that a fully loaded jumbo jet hurtles down the runway at about 195 miles per hour just before it takes off, the same speed as that of a Formula 1 racing car? Or that the total area of a 747's wings is about 5,600 square feet, big enough to allow parking space for 45 cars? Kids will love learning these facts as well as looking at the full-color illustrations, diagrams and reproductions of cockpit control panels. The pack includes a double-sided poster that explores the cockpit in greater detail and gives kids an "inside" view of the 747. There is also a booklet that introduces the 747 crew, a cardboard 747 model to cut out and build, and a colorful page of stickers. Kids can use these to decorate their 747 model and wear others on their clothing to look like a pilot. Licensed and approved by the Boeing Company. Looks like lots of fun. 2000, Candlewick Press, . Ages 7 to 9. Reviewer: Dianne Ochiltree
How to fly a 747 is a clear, cool primer on engines, wings, weather, navigation and so on. It even teaches children how to execute takeoffs and landings.

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Candlewick Press
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8.48(w) x 10.72(h) x 0.28(d)
IG910L (what's this?)
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9 - 13 Years

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Ian Graham is an experienced author of illustrated nonfiction books on a wide range of topics, including aviation and spaceflight. In 25 years, he has written more than 200 books and numerous magazine articles.

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