by Laura Pausini

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Despite duets with the likes of James Blunt, Michael Bublé, and Ray Charles, songs written by Madonna and Phil Collins, and 2002's crossover attempt From the Inside, Italy's premier pop


Despite duets with the likes of James Blunt, Michael Bublé, and Ray Charles, songs written by Madonna and Phil Collins, and 2002's crossover attempt From the Inside, Italy's premier pop diva, Laura Pausini, has yet to make any impact with English-speaking audiences. Her 11th studio album, Inedito, which like her previous three releases has been recorded in both her native tongue and Spanish, is unlikely to change matters, but there's still plenty here that would quite neatly fit onto the Radio 2 playlist if fans of MOR pop
ock could overcome the language barrier. Lead single "Benvenuto," a number one in her homeland, is one of the most anthemic tracks she's put her name to thanks to its clattering drums and soaring melodic chorus; the pan pipe-led "Non Ho Mai Smesso," the grandiose string-soaked "Come Vivi Senza Me," and the Ivano Fossati collaboration "Troppo Tempo" all fill the Celine Dion-shaped hole that's formed since the Canadian's Vegas residency with aplomb; while the harmonica-driven nostalgic duet with younger sister Silvia on "Nel Primo Sguardo" and the emotive tribute to her mother, "Tutto Non Fa Te," further pursue the personal themes that made predecessor Primavera in Anticipo such a compelling listen. However, despite Pausini's charismatic and impassioned tones, the constant barrage of big-voiced power ballads and drive-time anthems begins to feel a little repetitive well before the sweeping orchestral finale, "Tu Dico Ciao," draws to a close, and with convincing attempts at Evanescence-esque pop-metal ("Inedito") and Snow Patrol-inspired indie rock ("Ognuno Ha la Sua Matita"), you do wish that she'd have the confidence to stray outside her slightly bland comfort zone more often.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Laura Pausini   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Frank Martin   Piano
Ian Thomas   Drums
Nathan East   Bass
Steve Ferrone   Percussion,Drums
Andy Pask   Bass
Corrado Rustici   Keyboards
Michael Urbano   Drums
Celso Valli   Piano,Harmonium,Keyboards,Hammond B3
Dave Arch   Piano
Cesare Chiodo   Bass
Paolo Zampini   Flute
Ivano Fossati   Electric Guitar,Soloist
Everton Nelson   Leader
Edoardo de Angelis   Leader
Massimo Varini   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Luca Chiaravalli   Background Vocals
Paolo Valli   Bass,Drums
Prisca Amori   Leader
Kaveh Rastegar   Bass
Emiliano Bassi   Percussion,Drums
Matteo Bassi   Bass
Andrea Rigonat   Electric Guitar
Niccolò Agliardi   Background Vocals
Valentino Corvino   Leader
Bruno Zucchetti   Piano,Keyboards,Hammond B3
Gianluigi Fazio   Background Vocals
Paolo Carta   Harmonica,Background Vocals
Marzia Gonzo   Background Vocals
Samuele Dessi   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Elvezio Fortunato   Electric Guitar
Simone Bertolotti   Piano,Glockenspiel,Keyboards,fender rhodes
Nicola Oliva   Acoustic Guitar
Tommy Ruggero   Percussion
Rosaria Sindona   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Gianna Nannini   Duet
Nick Ingman   Arranger,Director,Orchestration
Corrado Rustici   Arranger,Director,Producer,Orchestration,beats
Celso Valli   Arranger,Director,Producer,Orchestration
Laura Pausini   Composer,Producer,Artwork,Adaptation
Renato Cantele   Engineer
Ivano Fossati   Composer
Marco Borsatti   Engineer
Massimo Aluzzi   Engineer
Jason Carmer   Engineer
Ignacio Ballesteros   Adaptation
Niccolò Fabi   Composer
Jake Jackson   Engineer
Marco Barusso   Engineer
Luca Chiaravalli   Composer,Programming
Beppe Dati   Composer
Riccardo Benini   Executive Producer,Management
Nicola Fantozzi   Engineer
Cheope   Composer
Jorge Ballesteros   Adaptation
Goffredo Orlandi   Composer
Daniel Vuletic   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Ferdinando Salzano   Booking
Matteo Bassi   Composer
Niccolò Agliardi   Composer
Patrizio Visco   Legal Counsel
Fiona Cruickshank   Pro-Tools
Fabrizio Pausini   Studio Manager
Bruno Zucchetti   Programming
Silvia Pausini   Duet
Paolo Carta   Arranger,Composer,Director,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Orchestration
Marzia Gonzo   Personal Assistant
Samuele Dessi   Programming,Engineer
Paolo De Francesco   Artwork
Simone Bertolotti   Arranger,Composer,Director,Producer,Engineer,Orchestration
Luigi De Maio   Engineer
Massimiliano Pelan   Composer
Marco Nuzzi   Executive Producer

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