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In Firm Pursuit
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In Firm Pursuit

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by Pamela Samuels-Young

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Vernetta Henderson once again tackles life's most challenging battles—in and out of the courtroom. The top-notch L.A. attorney juggles marriage, love, career and ambition—only to become enmeshed in an explosive case that puts everything she cherishes most at risk….

After winning a multimillion-dollar verdict in a race-discrimination case,


Vernetta Henderson once again tackles life's most challenging battles—in and out of the courtroom. The top-notch L.A. attorney juggles marriage, love, career and ambition—only to become enmeshed in an explosive case that puts everything she cherishes most at risk….

After winning a multimillion-dollar verdict in a race-discrimination case, Vernetta Henderson's legal career is definitely on the upswing. Just weeks away from a coveted partnership at her prominent law firm, the African-American attorney takes on the defense of a major corporation in what appears to be an open-and-shut case of sexual harassment. But Vernetta soon discovers that the case is not what it seems. After passing up a chance to settle the lawsuit for a minimal amount of money, a string of unforeseen events places the entire case—and her own promising future—in jeopardy.

It's bad enough having to work with a pretentious second-year associate who has her own agenda. Now Vernetta finds herself going up against the smooth-talking litigator she once beat at trial. And just when she needs her husband, Jefferson, most, he finds himself in a compromising position that could destroy their marriage. As more troubling revelations about the case emerge, Vernetta uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy of corporate greed, deceit and violence that will touch many lives, including that of her closest friend. With both her private and professional lives spiraling dangerously out of control, Vernetta is about to discover what really matters—and how far she'll go to protect the people she loves….

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In Firm Pursuit

By Pamela Samuels-Young


Copyright © 2007 Pamela Samuels-Young
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0373830408

Karen Carruthers had never thought much of women who filed sexual harassment claims. A woman who couldn't hold her own with a man--any man--simply didn't have balls. But now, Karen was one of them.

Gripping the gearshift of her convertible Mustang Cobra, Karen pressed down hard on the gas and didn't let up until the speedometer hovered near eighty-five. At this time of the day--only minutes before sunrise--L.A.'s 405 Freeway resembled the flatlands of some Midwestern highway. The road was all hers, so she took it.

Whenever trouble loomed, Karen did the one thing that soothed her. She drove. For the past few weeks, anxiety had crept into her every thought and buried itself there. But during her freedom drives, as she liked to call them, she felt fearless. Invigorated. Fulfilled. All those empowering words her therapist insisted that she embrace.

As the Mustang glided past ninety, the crisp air fanned Karen's face and she inhaled a healthy gulp that a New Yorker would have considered warm for a February. Despite the cool temperature, she felt a hot exhilarating rush. Not all that different from what she experienced during sex. Really great sex.

Zooming past the Santa Monica interchange in a nearly drunken state of euphoria now, Karen almost missed the Mulholland exit. Imitating a stunt she'd seen in a Bruce Willis movie, she laterally zipped across three lanes, just in time to makeit to the off-ramp. As Karen ascended the short incline to the traffic light ahead, she combed her fingers through her thick mass of strawberry-blond hair, then rubbed her emerald-green eyes.

When Karen first reported her allegations of sexual harassment against Henry Randle, she had expected that the man would be fired. But she had not anticipated that Randle would turn around and sue Micronics Corporation. Now Karen was her company's star witness in his wrongful termination case. A case she wanted nothing to do with.

Leaning forward, Karen pressed the CD button and began singing along with Faith Hill. Not until she had made a left onto Skirball Center Drive and a right onto Mulholland, did she notice the black sedan a couple of car lengths behind. A longer glimpse in her rearview mirror told her that the car was a BMW with a lone occupant inside. Karen punched off Faith mid-chorus and picked up speed. Her pulse did the same. She passed the University of Judaism at close to seventy. The sedan sped up as well.

And then it hit her. The documents! Karen snatched her purse from the passenger's seat, fished out an envelope and stuffed it down her sweater and into her bra. She had known all along that they would eventually come looking for the documents. Feeling them against her skin sent an icy chill through her body.

Karen inhaled and tried to think clearly as trepidation gradually sucked the air from her lungs. The two-mile stretch of Mulholland that lay ahead was interspersed on both sides with outrageously expensive homes and cliffs with made-for-Hollywood views. A sharp turn down one of the long driveways would leave her trapped, making her an easy target for her pursuer. A wrong turn in the opposite direction could send her into a nosedive off one of the cliffs, finishing the job for them.

Though fear now coursed through every vein in Karen's body, an odd smile graced her lips. There was no way the BMW would be able to keep up. Her breathing slowed ever so slightly after another glance in the mirror confirmed that her pursuer was losing ground. Karen had cruised Mulholland so many times she could almost drive it blindfolded. She only had to make it down the hill to Beverly Glen. Somebody was bound to be walking a dog or taking an early morning jog. They would not want witnesses.

Karen patted her breast, confirming that the envelope was still there. Still safe. Just then another car shot out of a driveway several hundred yards ahead and Karen's heart slammed against her chest. Instinct told her the BMW to her rear was not working alone. She anxiously felt for the envelope again and concentrated on her next move.

She took another quick glance in the rearview mirror. The BMW wasn't there. When she looked to her left, her eyes bore across the empty passenger seat of the BMW and directly into the barrel of a gun.

Time froze for a second, then a piercing scream left Karen's lips, reverberating into the early morning air. Karen stomped on the brakes and the BMW, unprepared for her sudden stop, darted ahead, just as she had anticipated.

What happened next, however, had not been part of Karen's plan.

She jerked the steering wheel sharply to the left and hit the gas. But instead of making a full U-turn, the Mustang headed off the road, straight toward a thin patch of bushes where a guardrail should have been.

Karen's hands flew to her face, barely muffling her futile screams.

For what seemed like minutes rather than seconds, the Mustang floated across the reddish-orange sky like a wonderfully woven magic carpet. After a moment of calm, Karen felt the sharp pull of gravity, then braced herself for a landing that turned daybreak into darkness.

"This case should be settled," barked the Honorable Frederick H. Sloan. The judge's demanding baritone required a response even though no question had been posed.

I looked over at Reggie Jenkins, my spineless opposing counsel, seated to my left in the judge's private chambers. The petrified expression on his face told me I would have to speak for the both of us.

"Your Honor," I began, knowing how much judges loved to hear that salutation, "we're just too far apart. My client is ready and willing to try this case."

Judge Sloan rolled up the sleeves of his crisp white shirt, revealing more of his flawless tan. Most of the federal judges who sat on the bench in California's Central District did not fit the typical stereotype of a jurist. Sloan was both tall and handsome and had probably hit the gym during the lunch hour. If it weren't for his lush gray hair, it would have been hard to tell that he had bypassed sixty a few years back.

"How about you, counselor?" The judge swiveled his chair away from me and zeroed in on my opponent. "Are you prepared to try this case, too?"

Jenkins inhaled and scratched the back of his neck. A chubby, middle-aged black man, he had chronically chapped lips and wore a short Afro that always looked uncombed. His beige linen suit needed a good pressing and his tie was as crooked as he was.

"Oh, no, Your Honor." Jenkins cracked the knuckles of his right hand against the palm of his left. "I don't like wasting the taxpayers' time and money."

I wanted to bop Reggie on the head with my purse. He settled all of his cases because he was too incompetent to go to trial.

Judge Sloan swung back to me and smiled heartily. "I've seen very few cases that were slam dunks. You sure you want to try this case, little lady?"

Little lady? I hated it when judges talked to me like I was some bimbo. After only eight years of practice, I had some pretty impressive stats on my Bar card. I was a senior associate at O'Reilly & Finney, one of the most respected trial firms in L.A. I had also won a five-million-dollar verdict in a race discrimination case and defended a high-profile murder case. But taking crap from judges was par for the course.

Before I could respond, the judge returned his focus to my rival.

"Mr. Jenkins, what's your client looking for?"

"Your Honor," I interrupted, "my client really wants to try this--"

Sloan held up a hand the size of a dinner plate, but did not look my way. "I'm talking to Mr. Jenkins right now." He grabbed a handful of roasted almonds from a crystal dish on the corner of his desk and tossed a couple into his mouth. "W-well, Your Honor," Jenkins stuttered, "my client, Henry Randle, was fired based on trumped-up charges of sexual harassment. He was really terminated because he's a black man and because he refused to turn a blind eye to the company's fraudulent billing practices. He--"

I couldn't contain myself. "That's not true. Your client was fired for grabbing Karen Carruthers in an elevator and trying to kiss her. And there's absolutely no evidence that--"

This time the judge cut me off with a raised hand and a stone-hard glare. "Ms....uh..."

"Henderson," I said, annoyed that he couldn't even remember my name. "Vernetta Henderson."

"Ms. Henderson, you will speak only when I ask you to." I locked my arms across my chest and slumped a little in my chair. When a federal judge called for order, he usually got it.

"Mr. Jenkins," the judge continued brusquely, "I know the facts. Let's cut to the chase. Make Ms. Henderson an offer."

Jenkins looked timidly in my direction and took a long moment before speaking. "I believe I could get my client to accept five hundred thousand," he nearly squeaked.

"Out of the question," I said, ignoring the judge's gag order.

Judge Sloan leaned forward and stroked his chin. "I'm afraid I would have to agree. Give us a more realistic number, Mr. Jenkins. What's your bottom line?"

Reggie looked down at his hands. "I...uh...I guess if my client received something in the neighborhood of thirty thousand, he might accept it."

Thirty thousand. I mindlessly doodled on the legal pad on my lap. That was a good offer. My client, Micronics Corporation, would easily spend ten times that in attorneys' fees by the time the trial was over. But Micronics's litigation philosophy mandated trying winnable cases, even when they could be settled for nuisance value. They firmly believed that if a plaintiff's attorney litigated a case for months or years and netted nothing for his efforts, he would think twice before suing the company a second time, knowing the battle that awaited him.

Truth be told, I was psyched about trying the case for reasons of my own. If everything remained on schedule, my anticipated victory in the Randle case would come about a week before my law firm's partnership vote. Having another big win under my belt days before the vote would cinch things for me. I would soon become O'Reilly & Finney's first African-American partner. I was not about to let Judge Sloan steal my thunder.

"Your Honor," I said, looking him fearlessly in the eyes, "my client isn't interested in settlement."

Sloan propped an elbow on the desk and pointed at me with a finger the size of a wiener. "You and your client are making a big mistake," he said with a controlled fury.

I swallowed hard and said nothing. Pissing off a judge, particularly a federal judge, would mean hell for me the next time I appeared in Sloan's courtroom. He could be as retaliatory as he wanted with no fear of repercussions. One of the many perks of having a job for life.

Sloan snatched a legal pad from his desk and started writing. "You want to try this case?" he said with a cruel smile, "then you've got it. I'm expediting the filing of the pretrial documents. I want the trial brief, the jury instructions and all motions filed by Monday morning. And I'd like to see you two back here Tuesday afternoon for another status report."

"Your Honor!" Jenkins whined, cracking the knuckles of both hands this time. "I'm a solo practitioner. There's no way I can get all those documents drafted in four days." He took a Chap Stick from his jacket pocket and nervously dotted his lips.

"That's not my problem, Mr. Jenkins. Perhaps you'll be able to talk some sense into Ms. Henderson before Monday morning." The judge grabbed another handful of almonds. "You can leave now."

As I followed Jenkins down a long hallway that led back to the main courtroom, a flutter of apprehension hit me. What if I didn't win?

Luckily, the flash of self-doubt did not linger. Reggie was a lousy attorney. Going up against him would be like trying a case against a first-year law student.

The Randle case was going to trial and I was going to win it.


Excerpted from In Firm Pursuit by Pamela Samuels-Young Copyright © 2007 by Pamela Samuels-Young. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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In Firm Pursuit 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the second novel I have read by Pamela Samuels- Young. It is a mystery which follows the career and personal life of L.A. attorney Vernetta Henderson. The author does a great job with her characters, who are very believable, and the story is fast-paced and keeps the reader interested with many twists and turns. I liked the fact that the book touches on contemporary issues through an exciting, compelling story and realistic but entertaining characters.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was excited to see that Pamela Samuels had written a second book since I enjoyed her first one so much. This one did not disappoint me and provided an excellent story from start to finish. Being a guy, I have leaned toward stories that haven't focused on a female lead character, but this was definitely not a 'chick' book! I can't wait for future books from this writer.
DarleneGinn-Hargrove More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this author...looking for more could be a tv series in thee making
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
In this not quite a sequel but more of a continuation to "Every Reasonable Doubt," author Pamela Samuels-Young returns with lawyer Vernetta Henderson. After a recent large success in the courtroom, Vernetta is on the fast track to a coveted partnership with O'Reilly and Finney, the first for an African American attorney. The only possible impediment is her current case. At first, the case appeared to be a slam dunk, but Vernetta quickly learns things are not as they seem and that someone will stop at nothing to get their way, up to and including murder. Samuels-Young again engages readers with the happenings of her heroine. IN FIRM PURSUIT convincingly establishes Vernetta as hardworking and determined yet sensitive and relatable. Samuels-Young delivers a suspense laden, well-paced story of murder, deceit and deadly ambitions. From its tense opening to the very last page, IN FIRM PURSUIT will entertain readers. Highly enjoyable. I recommend to anyone looking for a good read. Reviewed by: Toni
Guest More than 1 year ago
Pamela Samuels-Young's second novel is even better than her first. As an avid reader of mysteries and legal thrillers, I appreciate not only a good story, but also quality writing and character development. Pamela's characters are real, interesting people and she weaves a taut and original tale with them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a thrill ride from start to finish. Lots of suspense and uncertainty about what was going to happen. The writing style is easy to read, but not dumbed down. The author created an excellent story line full of greed, violence, backstabbing, loyalty, love and the law. This is or is not a contest with Grisham, but this author is a solid contender for his spot if her books get out there. My favorite genre is intrigue and mystery -- it's what I read. So I know what I'm talking about. *******
Guest More than 1 year ago
From the moment I opened In Firm Pursuit by Pamela Samuels-Young I was drawn to the legal novel. I love anything legal and this book was a legal mystery mixed with some personal issues. The main character, Vernetta Henderson is determined to make partner in her law firm, but her high-file case will make or break her career. In the midst of the law she has a husband who lives out of town and his indiscretions is up for discussion. Ms. Henderson also has a friend, Special she has to deal with. Special is something else. She wants to help Vernetta solve a mystery of a sexual harassment case that turns to a death, and the stakes are high this time when Special is almost murdered. Vernetta is in deep trouble and her survival is the key. Jefferson Henderson has a secret and her name is LaKeesha who is determined to have her man. She would do anything to make it happen, and she gets her way when she gives him sexual gratification and blackmails him when he informs her that their sexual imprudence can never happen again. He spends his time trying to keep the truth from his wife, Vernetta. Special finds out and she takes matters into her own hands. In Firm Pursuit is a page-turner and I enjoyed every page of it. I was on a mode of suspense waiting for what was going to happen when I turned the next page. I was enthralled in such a realistic legal novel, and enjoyed the aspects and details of the law. This book gets five stars (*****) and more for a job well-done. The characters are engaging and the length a law firm will go through to hide a scandal is unbelievable. This novel will make it to the best selling list, I guarantee.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Pamela Samuels book 'In Firm Pursuit' takes you from the struggles of a small hard working company to the wheeling and dealing of Corporate America. Murder suspense with plenty of surpries and twist. Love the way all characters tied together. The last couple of chapters will take your breath away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was one good suspenseful book, It had me gripping the book as I anticipated what was on the next page. I can hardly wait to see what Ms. Samuels-Young has in store for these characters next. An exciting page-turner.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Firm Pursuit a legal thriller by Pamela Samuels-Young. Vernetta Henderson, the intelligent young attorney from Every Reasonable Doubt, is back. This time she is in the midst of a sexual harassment suit that seems open and shut until mysterious things start to happen throughout her case. When the story begins, Vernetta has an opportunity to settle the case for little or nothing but refuses. She refused a little too soon because she discovers shocking information regarding her star witness and then is dealt another blow when her lackluster opponent switches strategy and bring in a high powered attorney to first chair. On a personal note, Vernetta is struggling because her husband Jefferson is working out of town and his visits have diminished. As in Every Reasonable Doubt, Jefferson feels that Vernetta puts too much of herself into her job and not enough time into them. With Jefferson¿s weird behavior and a little coaching from her best friend Special, doubt sinks in and has Vernetta and Jefferson fighting to save the love and sanctity of their marriage. This book was a joy from beginning to end. I immensely enjoyed the character Special and I hope that she gets a book of her own, hint-hint. With that said, Ms. Samuels-Young has once again delivered an outstanding read that ends way too soon. In Firm Pursuit is a top notch, fast paced legal thriller whose characters are so intriguing they refuse to be put down. This is definitely another home run for this master storyteller. Eleanor S. Shields, Black Butterfly Review