In High Places

In High Places

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by Tom Morrisey

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An intense and dramatic novel of the journey a father and son each take to come to grips with their loss in their own way.See more details below


An intense and dramatic novel of the journey a father and son each take to come to grips with their loss in their own way.

Editorial Reviews
Whether or not the reader is a Christian, In High Places will appeal to a wide audience, especially male readers, who will enjoy a father-son story where the male characters act with maturity and respect toward each other. Many young men would do well to model themselves upon the character of Patrick. This book would make a great gift for Father's Day or to a teenage or college-age boy. In High Places has made me want to read more of Morrisey's books.
—Tyler R. Tichelaar
In High Places is not an average coming of age story. It's a story of continued hope and faith made real by the fact that even years later the narrator continues to struggle with those events.... This book is one that will cause conflict in the reader's emotions; it will make him question what happens as surely as if it were his own life. From a personal standpoint, I thought that this book held an attraction for me because it took place only fifty miles or so from where I grew up, but now I know that Tom Morrisey's writing, with its honesty and liveliness, is what made it truly gripping. In High Places is my personal pick for best book of the year.
—David White
Morrisey's experiences as a travel-adventure writer make this a page turner, one that will leave you stunned. Some of the rock climbing terminology went over my head, but outdoorsy readers will love it. Especially satisfying is the ending, which offers readers a real-life glimmer of hope that transcends the realm of fiction.
—Heather Ivester
Tom Morrisey's best novel to date, In High Places, cost me a good night's sleep and a set of chewed-off fingernails. As a young boy's coming-of-age story, it is superb; as a suspense-filled cliffhanger (pardon the pun), it will keep you on the edge of your seat. I found I couldn't put it down until the very last page.
—Cindy Crosby
If it weren't for the detailed descriptions of rock climbing and its gear (and the name on the cover), I wouldn't have thought this was Tom Morrisey. His action sequences certainly come through as they always have, but there's a depth of character development here that's far greater than his previous books. I'm reminded strongly of Dale Cramer's novels and his ability to bring the reader down into the head and life of the main character. And the last page left my eyes somewhat damp.
I'm extraordinarily impressed. This is easily Morrissey's best work, and now I'm truly interested to see what he does next. Highly Recommended.
—Tim Frankovich
In High Places is a wonderfully written story full of colorful imagery, and realistic characters .... If you pick up In High Places, you will enjoy a well-told story, and might even learn something about yourself, or find a message you can hang on to.
—Laura V. Hilton

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