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In My Bath

In My Bath

5.0 10
by Beth Bence Reinke, Ginger Nielson (Illustrator)

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Bath time can be adventure time. Where else can a boy have fun with whales, dolphins, pelicans, and their friends?


Bath time can be adventure time. Where else can a boy have fun with whales, dolphins, pelicans, and their friends?

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Imagination and bath time come together in this delightful book which takes the reader on a fun adventure with a boy who imagines he is jumping waves, floating on the tide, jumping from lily pad to lily pad.

Product Details

4RV Publishing
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.06(d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Beth Bence Reinke writes children’s stories from her home in Pennsylvania.
Using her background as a registered dietitian, she also pens magazine articles about food, health and nutrition. In snippets of spare time, Beth enjoys reading, baking, watching NASCAR and football. Beth’s professional affiliations include the American Dietetic Association, Christian Writers Fellowship International and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is also a member of Indie-Debut 2010, a group of first-time authors who help promote each other’s books that hail from independent publishers.

Illustrator Ginger Nielson is a full time children’s book illustrator who lives at the top of a hill, near the edge of a forest in semi-rural part of New Hampshire. There is a magic wand on her desk and a dragon in her basement. Everything else is perfectly normal.

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In My Bath 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
dmcdine More than 1 year ago
The scrub, splatter, swish, and splash in the tub are enjoyed through a young boy's clever imagination as water loving animals join in and bring the tasks of cleanliness to enjoyable heights. How can bathing with animal's work one may ask? Find out while you dip your feet into the pages of In My Bath. Prepare yourself to be soaked with laughter as the joys of the imagination come to life. In My Bath is sure to become a nighttime ritual in preparing our young muses for the routines of bedtime.
Maranda_Russell More than 1 year ago
The picture book "In My Bath", written by Beth Bence Reinke and illustrated by Ginger Nielson, is a fun, imaginative story that will encourage even the most reluctant young bathers to take the plunge. The star of the book is a young boy with a big imagination. Even though the child is never actually named, you see him playing with a dolphin, swimming with a manatee and paddling along the river with a beaver. When I first picked up "In My Bath", my eyes were immediately drawn to the colorful, fun illustrations. Each page is filled with playful bubbles, beautiful scenery and animals of all kinds. I was most impressed with the artist's ability to bring the animals to life and give each its own unique personality. She also did an excellent job of choosing colors that blend together well, making each picture a work of art in its own right. Even though the art behind the story was what first caught my eye, once I read through the text, I found it very charming. I actually read through the book several times, because the story has a natural rhythm that is just plain fun to read. Although the story doesn't really rhyme, the author implemented several tricks that make the reading more pleasurable. First of all, she uses words that are rich with sensation. Words that make you feel that you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch exactly what is happening in the story. She also has employed some alliteration devices, in other words, she uses the same consonant sounds often, almost turning some phrases into tongue twisters. All in all, this is a great read to share with your young child. They will love the pictures and the fun, fanciful storyline, and you will love seeing them take a bath without an argument for once.
CassWesselCW More than 1 year ago
What a delightful little children's picture book. With an appropriate vocabulary for young children and wonderful full color pictures by Ginger Neilson, Beth Bence Reinke takes a tot on an imaginary journey into a sudsy wonderland filled with transformed tub toys. The child wallows in waves of suds as his mind plays with a variety of friendly animals. Older kids can easily read it to their younger brothers and sisters in mere minutes. Well worth buying for any young child's summer fun reading.
denise616 More than 1 year ago
In My Bath brought back such fun memories of watching my daughter play in her own bathtub. Beth Bence Reinke's wonderful imagination brings us into the world of a young boy's swimming, splashing, and diving adventures with a tub full of animal toys. Ginger Nielson's illustrations are colorful and nicely capture a young boy's adventurous and joyful expressions. This book is a pleasure and a treasure for young children and I plan on saving it to read to a very special child.
NA_Sharpe More than 1 year ago
This is a delightful story of a young boy with a very active imagination. Join the adventures and fun of frolicking through the waves and meeting many playful water-loving friends along the way. This book captures the fun of bath time and the many adventures that are only a splash away. Beth Reinke's story is one that children will beg to read over and over again. Ginger Nielson's illustrations are delightfully whimsical as she draws you in and whisks you away in this imaginative tale.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Bath time. Some kids love it. Other kids prefer dirt under their fingernails and mud between their toes. The hero of Beth Bence Reinke's new picture book, IN MY BATH, discovers that taking a bath can be an adventure, if you have the right friends. In his bath the unnamed boy jumps the waves, floats on the tide, and glides above the sea. He's a dolphin, a manatee, a seal, and a whale. He claps soap between his flippers and sneezes through his spout to make a fountain of foam. From beaver to alligator, from ducks to frogs, his imagination has no limits. So come along and see how exciting a bath can be. IN MY BATH has a satisfying ending. Oh, no. I'm not telling. However, children will never look at their bath time in quite the same way after reading this delightful book. In fact, don't be surprised, Mom and Dad, if they beg to take an extra long bath tonight. Ginger Nielson's playful illustrations complement the fun text. The animals are colorful and lively and will appeal to young readers or children being read to. The team of Reinke and Nielson have put together a winning book. I recommend it for kids 3-8 and for older folks to read to their little ones. I think I'll go take a bath now and see what might be waiting in my tub.
RenaJean More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wanted to dive like a pelican, or flap like a seal, or even snap like a crocodile? Beth Bence Reinke's picture book, IN MY BATH, lets you do all that and more. Follow a young boy as his imagination turns to the wild side. Children of all ages will enjoy this book about bathing, featuring over 15 water-loving animals, beautifully illustrated by Ginger Nielson. Kids will want to hear this story over and over, and bathtime will never be the same.
SallyPinkReviews More than 1 year ago
Reinke pens a clever, imaginative story with "In My Bath." A young boy takes a bath and lets his imagination help get him clean. The story is written to appeal to children between 4-8 years old. As the young boy suds up he sees fish, dolphins, penguins, pelicans, and beavers. It's fun to play with them as he gets clean. While the boy thinks of all the different animals that live in the water, there's always a bathtub rubber ducky to remind the boy he's in the tub. The message of the story is clear: left to their imaginations, young children will have fun in the tub and get clean. The book visually appeals to children. The illustrations will get their attention and hold it. For children who might be afraid of taking baths, this book would help them to realize all the fun to be had in the tub. "In My Bath" will soak you with smiles.
Cheskey4 More than 1 year ago
In My Bath is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book. The author takes your child out of the bathtub and into the wild with all the fun and frolicking water animals. Bathtime has never been more of an adventure. Your child will be giggling and splashing right along with the sweet little boy that comes to life in the brilliantly colored illustrations. This book is sure to be a favorite for little ones and their "captains".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago