In My Own Words Book

In My Own Words Book

by Nicholasa Mohr

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Susan DeRonne
This simply written autobiography tells the author's story from her first memories to age 14, when her mother died. Although some of her early memories stretch the imagination (can one have memory before speech?), Mohr paints an introspective picture of life as a poor Puerto Rican female child in 1940s Manhattan. She examines the important influences on her life: her extended family in cramped living quarters, her mother's strong religious beliefs, the inadequacy of the New York public schools, and her relationship with her father, brothers, and other significant males. She tells of prejudice and thwarted creativity, of disappointments and encouragements. YAs of similar heritage will find truth and comfort in the account; others will find it enlightening. The book includes an introduction, an epilogue, and a list of Mohr's published works.

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Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Publication date:
In My Own Words
Age Range:
11 - 13 Years

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