Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti

by Eros Ramazzotti

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eros Ramazzotti   Primary Artist,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Lance Ellington   Vocals
Maurizio Bassi   Keyboards
Amedeo Bianchi   Alto Saxophone
Felicia Bongiovanni   Vocals
Fernando Brusco   Trumpet
Candelo Cabezas   Percussion
Raffaella Casalini   Vocals
Piero Cassano   Vocals,Track Performer
Maurizio Cei   Vocals
Jimmy Chambers   Vocals
Alberto Garcia Demestres   Vocals
Giulia Fasolino   Vocals
Marco Ferradini   Vocals
Moreno Ferrara   Vocals
Marco Forni   Piano,Keyboards
Luciano Genovesi   Vocals
Paolo Gianolio   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
John Giblin   Bass
Naimy Hackett   Vocals
Jimmy Helms   Vocals
Luis Jardim   Percussion
Carol Kenyon   Vocals
Katie Kissoon   Vocals
Betty Maineri   Vocals
Antonella Melone   Vocals
Stefano Melone   Vocals
Gabriele Melotti   Percussion,Drums
Renzo Meneghinello   Vocals
Charlie Morgan   Drums
Tessa Niles   Vocals
Pino Palladino   Fretless Bass Guitar
Mauro Parodi   Trombone
Claudio Pascoli   Tenor Saxophone
Antonella Pepe   Vocals
Silvio Pozzoli   Vocals
Paride Sforza   Clarinet
David Srb   Vocals
Franco Testa   Contrabass Fiddle
Rudy Trevisi   Conga,Alto Saxophone
Celso Valli   Piano,Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Synthesizer Bass
Betty Villani   Vocals
Giorgio Cocilovo   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Antonella Bucci   Vocals,Track Performer
Jacopo Jacopetti   Alto Saxophone

Technical Credits

Eros Ramazzotti   Composer,Contributor,Vocal Samples
Maurizio Bassi   Arranger,Director,Programming,Contributor
Amedeo Bianchi   Contributor
Felicia Bongiovanni   Contributor
Fernando Brusco   Contributor
Candelo Cabezas   Contributor,Sound Design
Raffaella Casalini   Contributor
Piero Cassano   Composer,Producer
Maurizio Cei   Contributor
Jimmy Chambers   Contributor
Alberto Garcia Demestres   Contributor
Celso Ellington   Contributor
Giulia Fasolino   Contributor
Marco Ferradini   Contributor
Moreno Ferrara   Contributor
Marco Forni   Programming,Contributor
Luciano Genovesi   Contributor
Paolo Gianolio   Contributor
John Giblin   Contributor
Naimy Hackett   Contributor
Jimmy Helms   Contributor
Luis Jardim   Contributor
Mike Jarrett   Sound Design
Carol Kenyon   Contributor
Katie Kissoon   Contributor
Jürgen Koppers   Sound Design
Betty Maineri   Contributor
Antonella Melone   Contributor
Stefano Melone   Contributor
Gabriele Melotti   Contributor
Renzo Meneghinello   Contributor
Charlie Morgan   Contributor
Tessa Niles   Contributor
Pino Palladino   Contributor
Mauro Parodi   Contributor
Claudio Pascoli   Contributor
Antonella Pepe   Contributor
Silvio Pozzoli   Contributor
Paride Sforza   Contributor
David Srb   Contributor
Franco Testa   Contributor
Rudy Trevisi   Contributor
Celso Valli   Arranger,Director,Contributor
Betty Villani   Contributor
Giorgio Cocilovo   Contributor
Adelio Cogliati   Composer,Contributor
Maurizio Macchioni   Sound Design
Ruggero Pennazo   Sound Design
Uli Rudolph   Sound Design
Massimo Carpani   Sound Design

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