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In Pursuit of Principle and Profit: Business Success through Social Responsibility

In Pursuit of Principle and Profit: Business Success through Social Responsibility

by Alan Reder

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Reder, no Quixote poking at windmills, here confronts substantive issues that trouble corporate leaders. ``How do we make a difference socially and still survive as a business? How do we minimize our impact on the environment and still make a profit?'' Tackling racial and gender discrimination, affirmative action, quotas, compensation systems, environmental matters and AIDS, the author (Investing From the Heart) calls on Americans to fulfill their obligations as citizens. Case histories (Mazda, 3M) enrich this stimulating, thoughtful study of contemporary ethical issues. (Sept.)
Library Journal
The success of such environmentally friendly companies such as Ben & Jerry's has proven to the business world that socially responsible businesses can also be profitable. Reder (coauthor, Investing from the Heart, LJ 2/1/92) argues that being socially responsible improves quality, customer relations, employee allegiance, and productivity, thus achieving long-term growth and profitability. The book covers both personnel issues, including discussion of such topics as workplace diversity and employee empowerment, and environmental practices. Reder also addresses corporate philanthropy, community involvement, and performing responsibly in areas such as marketing and advertising. This is one of the few works that provides a good overview of the many different social issues affecting businesses. The rhetoric is heavy in spots, but managers and small business owners will find this book interesting and useful. Recommended for general business collections.-Gary W. White, Pennsylvania State Univ., Harrisburg
Joseph Leonard
Reder successfully argues that profitability and social responsibility are not only compatible but that social responsibility is a prerequisite for profitability in the long term. He addresses recruiting, hiring, and promoting for diversity; developing policies supportive of families and women; rewarding employees; being environmentally responsible and fostering safety; providing leadership by example; and preparing business organizations for sustainability. The volume also explores how business leaders can help employees and lower-level managers and professionals find deeper personal fulfillment at work. The book's thesis and readability are greatly enhanced by its use of information from numerous interviews that come through as mini-case studies of such companies as Mazda, Reebok, Apple Computers, Lotus, AT&T, and 3M, as well as many other large and small companies. This book is recommended primarily for business leaders, members, and consultants who want clear examples of social responsibility; academics and advanced students should also find it useful.

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