In Quiet Desperation: Understanding the Challenge of Same-Gender Attraction

In Quiet Desperation: Understanding the Challenge of Same-Gender Attraction

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by Fred Matis, Marilyn Matis, Ty Mansfield

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In Quiet Desperation: Understanding the Challenge of Same-Gender Attraction 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My son has SSA (Same Sex Attraction). He is one of the most wonderful people it has ever been my pleasure to know. This book has helped me understand the struggles he has faced as a young LDS man with these feelings. I am not LDS and I couldn't understand what the big deal was. I am a spiritual person that believes in the God and Goddess and I believe that they do not make mistakes so how could his feelings be a mistake? When he revealed his inclination to me, I wasn't surprised and made sure he understood that he is loved by me and by the God and Goddess. Reading this book is a must for parents to help them understand and accept their children. Just because someone is attracted to someone of the same sex doesn't mean that they're suddenly different people. They are still your children that you brought into this world and who's first word and first step was such a thrill. Accept your children for who they are and not what you want. This is not a mental defect or a choice, it's just how they are.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This Book in Quiet Desperation was good! I am an 18year old male seeking ways to help myself. I am Gay, and 5 of my closest friends know! I want to serve an Honorable full-time mission! The Story of Stuart is sad. I actually cried, but I also knew i was different at a young age, and all I can say is that I was Born this way. People need to understand that this book reveals that homosexuality in a struggle, not a choice, though there a a few people who can just wake up and be 'I Like girls/guys today'. I didnt choose this and why cant people understand that! It hurts me as much as anyone else, but some people yes are proud of their sexuality!I of course am not! I am ashamed and dont know why I was laid with this! So people out there understand that this book has helped explain to me that being a saint and gay is not a sin, but it is a sin if you act on it. Plus non-Lds people who read this book, I am aware that you believe that the lDS religion brainwashes no it does not...It is a bringer of more spirituality. I know that to be true! So research before you know what you say! I wanted to say that this book puts me in a place of comfort and discomfort all the same and I have devoured it! I know exactly where these people are coming from, being gay myself! I didnt chooses this! I am afraid of myself and am upset about my Same Gender Attraction! I will not tell my parents and I will not let a homosexual relationship occur within me, though one has! Well Thanks I hope you read this with goodness! I assure you, you willl devour this book if you have a problem with homosexuality or are just wondering on the mormon standviews of the entire subject, I am for it and against it all the same and will serve a mission! I Will No matter what! cause i have not sinned yet and dont count on it in the 1st place! thanks ! Cam---------------OUT!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been on the journey of healing my same-gender attraction for almost a year now. Through intensive therapy, men's weekends, and much prayer, I still felt there was a missing piece to my 'recovery'. Reading this book filled in the missing piece, and I now for the first time, feel that I am in control of my attractions, rather than being enslaved to them. Ty Mansfield's understanding of eternal principles changed my heart and my life. If you or anyone you know deals with Same-gender attraction, this book is a must-read. Though it isn't a therapeutic or psychological piece, I don't believe it's meant to be. Instead it is inspiring, educational, and spirit-building. I owe my life to the principles I learned in this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wish there were a spot for zero stars.I am a devoted member of the church (LDS),and have always been a christian.I think it is a terrible lesson that this book teaches.I cannot believe that someone would actually be shallow enough to suggest this.Homosexuality is not a disease, it is merely a preference.Although i myself am happily married i have friends who are gay. and i love them just the same.It is disgusting to see people twist the scriptures to however they see fit, in order to push their person prejudices on others. Maybe we should read the whole book and not just the parts we want to.Our heavenly father loves us all, isnt it our job as his children to love one another?