In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 8: South Africa

In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 8: South Africa

by Richard Durand

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Disc 1

  1. My Sanctuary  -  First State
  2. Beautiful  - George Acosta
  3. The Violet Hour  -  Daigon
  4. Envy  - Kostya Veter
  5. As the Rain Falls  - Kerry Leva
  6. Never Alone  -  Craving
  7. There is Hope  - Rasmus Kellerman
  8. Pillars of the Earth  - Ben Preston
  9. Kiss of Life  - Wendel Kos
  10. Sydney  - Jorg Zimmer
  11. Introspection Attempts  - Avis Vox
  12. The Darkest Star  - Tom Cloud
  13. For No Reason

Disc 2

  1. Deltree  - Michael Badai
  2. Something For the Pain  - Renee Six
  3. September Rain  -  Jason van Wyk
  4. Kissed By the Sun  -  Therese
  5. Ocean Terrace  - Daniel Wanrooy
  6. The Emergency  - Andrew Bayer
  7. Jellyfish  - Alex O'Rion
  8. N.Y.C.
  9. Distant Motion  -  Hodel
  10. Par  -  Beltek
  11. Satellite of Love  -  Mazza
  12. We.Are  -
  13. With Me  - Hannah Ray

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Richard Durand   Primary Artist,DJ
BT   Vocals
Christian Burns   Background Vocals
Jes   Vocals
Therese Grankvist   Vocals
Rasmus Kellerman   Vocals
Alexandra Vokhmyanina   Vocals

Technical Credits

Dave Parkinson   Composer,Producer
Ron Wasserman   Composer,Producer,Writer
BT   Producer,String Arrangements
George Acosta   Composer,Producer,Writer
Ian Masterson   Composer,Writer
Peter Kim   Composer,Producer,Writer
Terry Ronald   Composer,Writer
Christian Burns   Composer,Writer
Bart Claessen   Composer,Producer,Writer
Sander Jongerius   Composer,Producer,Writer
Richard Robson   Composer,Writer
Jes Brieden   Composer,Writer
Pieter de Wagter   Mastering
Madelin Zero   Composer,Writer
John Andersson   Composer,Producer
Gerry Cueto   Composer,Producer,Writer
Therese Grankvist   Composer,Writer
Andrew Bayer   Composer,Programming,Writer,Additional Production
Richard Durand   Composer,Producer,Writer
Rasmus Kellerman   Composer,Writer
Francisco Pacheco   Executive Producer
Raz Nitzan   Composer,Producer,Writer
Beltek   Composer,Producer,Writer
Hugo de Graaf   Artwork
Jason van Wyk   Composer,Writer
Zaya Khanishan   Composer,Producer,Writer
Daniel Wanrooy   Composer,Producer,Writer
DJ Observer   Composer
Daniel Heatcliff   Composer
Ad Brown   Composer,Producer,Writer
Jonas Stenberg   Composer,Producer,Writer
Ben Preston   Composer,Producer,Writer
E.W. Kos   Composer,Producer,Writer
Jeremy Banks   Composer,Producer,Writer
Øistein Johan Eide   Programming
Jason Horvath   Composer,Producer,Writer
F. Carrara   Composer,Producer,Writer
O. Cossali   Composer,Producer,Writer
Thomas Blum   Composer,Producer,Writer
B. Transeau   Composer,Writer
Matt Lange   Composer,Producer,Writer
Sander Van Der Waal   Composer,Producer,Writer
Alexandra Vokhmyanina   Composer,Producer,Writer
A. Van Schooneveld   Composer,Producer,Writer
Ilya Karpov   Composer,Producer,Writer
Vitaly Khvaleev   Remixing,Additional Production
Kerry Leva   Composer,Producer,Writer
Michael Badai   Composer,Producer,Writer
Björn Hodel   Composer,Producer,Writer
Iwan De Kuijper   Licensing
Hannah Talbot   Composer,Writer
Denis Fedotov   Composer,Producer,Writer
Pavel Khavleev   Remixing,Additional Production
Padraig Lavery   Composer,Producer,Writer
Mark Meeuwissen   Licensing
Konstantin Ilyin   Composer,Producer,Writer
Teddy Carroll   Composer,Producer,Writer
Sue McLaren   Composer,Producer,Writer
Stephen Luke Massa   Composer,Producer,Writer
Kathy Fisher   Composer,Producer,Writer

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